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How to Find Cheap Electricity in Dallas (2019 Update)

Looking for cheap electricity in Dallas? You are not alone. Dallas consumers always know how to look for a good deal. And searches for “best electricity company DFW,” “cheap electricity in Dallas” and “cheapest electricity near me” have been trending.

The fact is, when you shop for cheap energy for your home or business, you can have significant cost savings. So if you want to find cheap electricity in Dallas, here’s how to do it.

Why is it Hard to Find the Cheapest Electricity Rate?

Living in the Dallas metroplex area means that you have the power to choose from over 40 competing electricity providers.

But it’s hard to find cheap electricity in Dallas.

Why? It’s because all those providers offer multiple rates, contract lengths and discount offers. Plus, each provider has its own website designed to point you to the offers that are good for them, but may not be good for you. Offers have confusing EFL details, overlooked fine print, and introductory rates.

As a result, many customers are still tricked by offers. A rate may look great based on 1000 kWh a month or the advertised rate. But if you use more or less than that, your rate may be very different.

And just when you thought you found the best cheap electricity plan for your DFW home, you get your first bill. And you end up getting surprised by unexpected fees. You miss out on finding the best cheap electricity for your home.

That’s where we come in.

Finding the Cheapest Electricity in Dallas

Instead of shopping around all day and hopping from one provider site to another, a more logical approach to compare electric rates between multiple companies just makes sense. Using the electricity search tools at, you can quickly compare electricity rates and plans apples-to-apples.

When shopping for your electricity plan, be sure to review the Plan Details & Pricing section. That’s where we line out all the fine print for you. We break down the actual details behind the rates to find out how they’ll affect your electric bill.

Plus you can select different criteria when shopping with Electricity Plans. Choose from basic electricity plans, free electricity, or plans with tiered rates and bill credits. We walk through all the details and show you the fine print clearly.

Below are our picks for cheap electricity in Dallas.

Cheap Electricity Plans in Dallas (Oncor)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Smart 36 36 7.8 ¢
Frontier Utilities Straight Power 12 12 7.85 ¢
Pulse Power Texas Smart 12 12 8.3 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 8.3 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Premium 12 12 8.7 ¢
Think Energy Think Simple 6 6 8.9 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Generous Saver Plus 12 12 9.3 ¢
Chariot Energy Chariot Energy Solarize 6 6 9.4 ¢
Discount Power Wise Buy® Complete 12 12 9.4 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 36 36 9.5 ¢
TriEagle Energy Eagle 24 24 9.8 ¢
Think Energy Think Simple 24 24 9.8 ¢
TriEagle Energy Green Eagle 36 36 9.9 ¢

Shop Cheap Electricity Rates in Dallas (Oncor)

For most Dallas residents, finding the best electricity plan depends on two things: the desired contract length and estimated energy usage level every month or kWh used. Once you know those two figures, you’ll be able to find the electric rate that truly reflects the best savings for you.

How Does Contract Length Impact Cheap Electricity Rates?

Dallas energy providers offer a wide variety of contract lengths, from month-to-month variable versions to long-term fixed rate contracts that can last for years. (See Understanding Electricity Plan Types: Fixed, Variable, and Indexed for more.)

There is no single right contract that fits with every person’s lifestyle and budget. Choosing the type and length of your contract depends on how long you plan to stay in your home and your specific budget requirements.

Providers generally change their energy rates to reflect their own costs for procuring electricity. This means that electricity rates follow a predictable pattern of rising and falling according to the seasons. Of course, weather and other emergencies can change this. But electricity rates generally follow a predictable cycle.

By using tools such as rate price trend, you can easily see historical rate patterns to determine if electricity rates might rise or fall in the Oncor delivery area.

Electricity Rate Price Trend

If you moved into your home in the summer and you find yourself renewing your electricity plan every summer, you may be paying some of the highest rates offered for power all year long. It might be worth the expense to sign up for a short term plan as a stop gap measure until electricity rates are cheaper.

If you’re only going to be living in your current home or apartment for a short period of time, you may want to consider a 12 month plan.

But always consider a longer term contract to see if it’s a better deal. All energy providers purchase electricity on the wholesale market. Sometimes power prices are projected to drop in the future. If that’s the case, a long term electricity plan may be your cheapest one.

FAQ: What if I move during my contract term? No worries. f you move during the term of your contract, you have two options. You can take your plan with you to your new home (if it’s in the same utility ares). Or you can cancel your contract with no penalty. According to the rules of the Texas Public Utility Commission, your provider cannot charge you a cancellation fee if you provide proof of a change of address.

How Does Average Electricity Usage Impact my Rate?

If you’re searching for cheap electric plans in Dallas, you’ll probably notice that providers offer three different rates for each plan. These rates represent the average rate you would pay for 500, 1,000 or 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month.

In Texas, electricity providers are required to display these three rates for each electricity plan in order to give customers a general idea of the rates for a given usage level.

See Why Does Texas Have 3 Electricity Rates? for more.

Check your current bill for the last few months to find out your average monthly usage and base your rate search on that usage level. For most Dallas residents, 1,200 kWh is about the average usage.

The rates displayed for each plan include both energy rate and utility delivery charges. When you shop with, you can view the Plan Details and Pricing link next to each plan to determine how much you would pay for your electricity based on your actual usage for any given plan.

Electricity Plans Pricing Details

Once you determine the length of contract you need combined with your energy usage, you’ll be able to find the best electricity contract for your budget and lifestyle.

Shop & Compare Dallas Cheap Electricity Rates

At, we’re here to help you find the best electricity plan to fit your needs. We believe that competition and your power to choose electricity results in cheaper electric rates and better customer service.

We’ve done the homework for you. By shopping with us to compare electric rates, you can quickly find the features of a plan that are important with our advanced search capabilities. You can also calculate your actual electric bills within pennies. No surprises!

We represent the most respected, reputable retail electricity providers in Dallas. In other words? The best electricity companies. Our providers offer a wide variety of plans and maintain the highest levels of customer service.

To get started, enter your zip code to find cheap electricity rates in the Dallas metro area.

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