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Champion Energy Free Nights Review

For years, we recommended Champion Energy Free Nights as the best free nights electricity plan in Texas. But Champion Energy stopped marketing that plan in 2020. You can not longer get it.

And that’s why we now recommend Flagship Power Cruiser Free Nights as the best free nights electricity plan in Texas.

Why Flagship Power is the Best Free Nights Electricity Plan

We loved Champion Energy’s free nights plan because it was fair and balanced. If you used 36% of your power at night, your average price would be the same as their fixed rate plan.

Flagship Power’s free nights plan is structured the same way as Champion Energy’s free nights.

About Flagship Power’s Free Nights Electricity Plan:

  • Their free nights electricity plans are called Cruiser. All of Flagship’s plans are named after different types of boats. And with free nights, you can cruise around and make the most of nighttime!
  • Free electricity every night from 8pm to 5:59am
  • Assumes you’ll use 60% of your power during the day and 40% at night when it’s free
  • Reasonable price per kWh for electricity during the day (lower than other free nights plans!)
  • Delivery charges passed through at cost
  • Affordable rates, comparable to fixed rate plans (and cheaper than most fixed rates plans)

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