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Champion Energy Free Nights Review - Best Free Nights Electricity Plan in Texas

We admit it. We loved Champion Energy Free Nights. And we loved this plan so much that it’s been our featured “Free Electricity” plan since March 2019.

But all good things must come to an end. As of December 28, 2020, Champion Energy no longer offers Free Nights electricity plans.

Fear not, consumer. Because even though you came here looking for a Champion Energy Free Nights review, instead we’re going to tell you the best alternative to Champion Energy Free Nights.

And that is OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights. Here’s why.

Why OhmConnect Half Price Nights is the Best Alternative to Champion Energy Free Nights

The Champion Energy Free Nights Plan offered free electricity every night from 8pm to 6am. You still paid for delivery fees all day, even during the free time period.

What we liked about Champion Energy Free Nights was the pricing. The pricing worked out to be the same average price as their regular 12 month plan. If you used your daytime and nighttime energy the same as the “typical” consumer, with 35% at night and the rest during the day, you paid a fair and reasonable average price.

The OhmConnect plan is priced similarly. The Half Price Nights Plan is somewhat more expensive than their standard fixed price plan. However, the rate you pay during the full price period is reasonable, not crazy high like most of the free nights plans! Here are some of the highlights of OhmConnect Half Price Nights.

  • Half Price Electricity every night from 9pm to 5:59am
  • Reasonable price per kWh for electricity during the day
  • Opportunity to get rewarded for saving electricity during conservation events.
  • Delivery charges passed through at cost
  • Affordable rates, comparable to fixed rate plans.

Is a Free Nights Plan Right for Me?

We always emphasize how important it is to (1) understand your usage, and (2) read the Electricity Facts Label. 

By “understand your usage” we mean that you should understand how much power you use at night and how much you use during the day. For example, the Electricity Facts Label and average price calculation is based on using 31.4% of your power from 9pm to 6am each day. That’s based on their analysis of the average home in Texas.

If you use power like the typical Texas customer, you can benefit from the average rate that you see on the electricity facts label. And, if you can shift your electricity usage to off-peak hours, such as running the dishwasher and washing machine at night, you can save on your electricity.

By “read the Electricity Facts Label” we mean, understand what price you are paying and the other details of the free nights electricity plan. Many of the popular, heavily advertised free nights plans are super duper expensive during the daytime. So if you are not successful in shifting your electricity usage, you are going to pay a high price.

That’s why we love the OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights Plans. Their daytime electricity rate is totally reasonable!

If you are new to free nights, pick the shortest term Half Price Nights plan. That way you can really understand how you use power and work to change your usage habits.

OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights and Other Plans in Centerpoint (Houston Area)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 15.1 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 16.4 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 24 24 16.6 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 12 12 17.8 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 12 12 18.0 ¢ Details

OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights and Other Plans in Oncor (DFW Area)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 13.7 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 14.9 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 24 24 15.0 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 12 12 16.2 ¢ Details
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 12 12 16.4 ¢ Details

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Why OhmConnect is the Best Night Discount Electricity Plan

Unlike some other online shopping sites, at ElectricityPlans.com we don’t accept advertising dollars from any retail electric provider.

Featured plans are based on our review of plan details, company reputation and what we think is the best offer for the consumer. We featured Champion Energy Free Nights for over 18 months as the best free nights electricity plan in Texas. But now that their plan is no longer available…

OhmConnect Energy’s Half Price Nights is the best discounted electricity plan in Texas. You’ll get 50% off your energy charges every night.

Why? In addition to the info above, here’s our OhmConnect Half Price Nights review of why it’s the best free electricity plan in Texas.

  • Low Pricing. These are the lowest priced discount electricity plans around.
  • Electricity Usage Alerts. OhmConnect’s app keeps you up to date with your usage information.
  • Additional Discounts. When you enroll with OhmConnect you can participate in their Ohm Hours program. Conserve energy when asked to do so and you’ll get bill credits.

How to Make the Most of 50% off Your Night Electricity

Free electricity plans and half price discount electricity plans depend on consumer behavior to make it work.

In this case, OhmConnect assumes you will use 31.4% of usage will be at night. The other 68.6% of the time, you’ll be using your electricity during the day. And the daytime price is higher than any other plan they offer.

Here’s the trick: You can bet that the “typical” customer in Texas uses power exactly like this — 31.4% of power used between 9pm and 6am.

TIP: If you don’t make any changes in how you use energy, your average price per kilowatt hour will be around what they show on the Electricity Facts Label.

So, in order for you to get the best deal with half price electricity, and get a lower average rate than what they advertise, you want to shift your electricity usage to the electricity discount time period.

Here are some ways you can shift your usage to the discount electricity period:

  • Run the dishwasher, vacuum and washing machine after 8pm
  • Use ceiling fans to keep you cool vs. cranking up the A/C
  • Put electronics and chargers on a power strip, and turn them off when not in use.
  • Get a WiFi smart thermostat for your home, so you can manage your thermostat remotely. This can help you conserve energy.

What Time is OhmConnect Half Price Nights?

OhmConnect Energy’s Half Price Nights gives you 50% off your electricity charges from 9pm to 5:59am every night.

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