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Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Review

Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver is one of our favorite plans. We admit it. If you need electricity with no credit check or bad credit, SmarTricity is one of the best pre-paid plans out there. It’s maybe even THE best.

Why? Because it’s a fixed rate pre-paid plan. Nearly all other pre-paid plans that we’ve seen are month to month.

If you read nothing further, just know this:  If you use more than 500 kWh a month, sign up for SmarTricity Secure Saver and maintain a balance of $35 in your account at all times. You’ll get a fair rate, you’ll build an on-time payment history, and then you can get service from any other provider you want, regardless of your credit score, on a post-paid plan.

Below, you will find a Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver review. We’ll also review Payless Power’s month to month SmarTricity plan. And we’ll tell you how to compare Payless Power to plans from other retailers.

1) About the Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan

2) How to Make the Most of a Prepaid Plan

3) Is the Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan Right for Me?

4) How Does Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Compare to Other Payless Power Plans?

5) How to Compare Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver  vs. Plans from Other REPs

6) Can You Shop For Me? Of Course!

About the Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan

The Payless Power SmarTricity Plan gives you the security of a fixed rate plan with the convenience of pay-as-you go.

Most prepaid plans will show an attractive rate, but they are variable rate. And if you read the fine print, they can change the rate you pay after your first billing cycle. And then they can change it every month after that. You could quickly be paying a higher rate and not even notice it.

Now, the SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan does have some fine print too.

Here are the plan requirements to get the best rate:

  • Maintain a balance of $35 in your account. This gives you a 20% discount on the price.
  • Use at least 16 kWh of power each day. This waives a 99¢/day service fee. In any day that you don’t use 16 kWh you will incur this fee. Hint: If you use over 500 kWh a month, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Note that the rate that we show on our site assume that you WILL meet both of these requirements. We dig into that more below.

How to Use a Prepaid Electricity Plan to Build Your Credit

Pay as you go power is super convenient. You just have to understand the plan details to make sure you comply.

With other prepaid plans, you need to be on top of your rate, which can change every month, at the supplier’s discretion (read the fine print!). With Payless SmarTricity Secure Saver, you don’t have to worry about that. Your rate is fixed for the duration of your agreement. The only way it will change is if there are changes in delivery rates during your contract period, or if you don’t meet the plan requirements above.

We love that one of the plan requirements for Payless SmarTricity Secure Saver is to maintain a minimum balance of $35. This is a great way to build your credit.  Think about it — you get a 20% discount on electricity, and you don’t risk being disconnected. Your account will always be up to date.

And at the end of the year, you can request a Letter of Credit from Payless Power showing that you have perfect payment history. Then you can take that Letter of Credit to any other provider and get a waiver of deposit. Yup, Payless Power can help you build your credit.

Here are the ways to WIN at Prepaid Electricity:

  • Set up auto debit. Never worry about your balance again. Link your electricity account to your checking account, debit or credit card. When you hit a specific balance, your electricity company will simply “refill” your account with the amount of month you have specified. In this specific example of SmarTricity Secure Saver, you would set up to automatically transfer more money into your account when you hit a $40 balance.
  • Maintain a balance. Regardless of what prepaid plan you use, always monitor your account and maintain a balance so you avoid disconnection.
  • Check your usage. Just because you aren’t getting a bill, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be monitoring your usage and doing what you can to conserve. Payless Power lets you view your usage information online or via your phone.

Is the Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan Right for Me?

We always emphasize how important it is to (1) understand your usage, and (2) read the Electricity Facts Label.  The Payless SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan is no different.

As we stated above, there are 2 fine print requirements for this plan.  Maintain a $35 balance, and use more than 16 kWh a day to avoid a 99¢/day charge.

The chart below shows why that’s important.

In the left column, we show someone who maintains the $35 balance and receives the 20% discount.  In the right column, we show someone who does not maintain a $35 balance.

Payless Power SmarTricity Review
Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Centerpoint (Houston area) Feb 22 2019

As you see, this makes a huge difference in what you will pay. But remember, maintaining that balance… will also help you build your credit.

The other item that stands out is when you use less than 500 kWh.  In this example, we show someone using 250kWh a month, and paying $30 a month in minimum usage charges.  This is why it’s important to understand your usage.

How Does Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Compare to Other Payless Power Plans?

Payless Power’s other SmarTricity Plan is called SmarTricity Flex Saver.  We’re not going to put up another chart because… it would look exactly like the chart above. At least for the first month.

SmarTricity Flex Saver is a variable rate plan, where SmarTricity Secure Saver is a 1 year fixed rate plan.

Your rate with Flex Saver can change every month after that. So, while the plans look identically priced on our site, just remember that your rate with Flex Saver is only guaranteed that first month.

ElectricityPlans will always show a variety of Payless Power Plans, and the plans noted above may not always be available. We select plans to show based on the price offerings, product mix, and what other retailers are offering. We work to post the best electricity plans for your area.

To sign up for Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver, call: 1-866-934-3451 or enter your zip code at the top of this page to shop online.

How to Compare Payless Power SmarTricity Secure Saver Plan vs. Plans from Other REPs

There are three very important things to know when shopping for electricity:

  1. Know your usage
  2. Read the Electricity Facts Label.
  3. Understand Your Credit Score

Here’s why that’s important.

Know Your Usage.  It’s important to know your usage because it impacts your effective rate.  Your usage will be different month to month. And when folks guess their usage, they usually under or over estimate it. We recommend that you go online to your current account and download your usage history.

Read the Electricity Facts Label.  Once you know your usage, shopping is easy. You just need to review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The EFL will show you the average price at three usage levels — 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh. Always review the EFL details for the plan you are considering. This is especially important with plans that have tiered rates or that have a monthly bill credit or charge.

Understand Your Credit Score.  Most post-paid plans will require a deposit if your credit score is below 600. This deposit is 2 months worth of your estimated electricity bill. The average Texas electricity deposit is around $270. For a small apartment, your deposit could be $150-$170. You can read more about deposits and deposit waivers. But if you are concerned about money out of pocket to start your electricity service, pre-paid is a good option.

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Can You Shop for Me? Of Course!

Confused? Want help? We’ve got your back. With our free PlanScan service, we take the work out of shopping.

Unlike other shopping services that charge $10 a month to shop for your electricity ($120 a year! Yikes!), we will shop for you for free.

Just submit a copy of your most recent bill and tell us a little bit about what you are looking for.  Within 24 business hours, we’ll send back recommendations of plans that fit your usage. Easy!