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  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
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  • Looking for electricity rates options in Bristol Connecticut? Good call. You can lock in a fixed rate deal at a good price by shopping for a supplier.

    Residential Electricity Rates in Bristol CT

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Constellation 6 Month Home Power Plan 6 9.29 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 6 6 9.99 ¢
    Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan 12 11.39 ¢
    Constellation 24 Month Home Power Plan 24 11.59 ¢
    Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 11.99 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 24 24 12.49 ¢

    Eversource Connecticut residential electricity rate is 8.995¢ per kWh from July 1 – December 31, 2024.

    You can switch your electricity provider in Bristol, keep the same billing company you’ve always known, and cut your bill. And if the utility rate drops back down later? Switch back to your utility standard rate with no penalty.

    Compare Electricity Rates for 06010 Zip Code

    How to Find the Best Home Electricity Rate in Bristol CT

    The official state shopping site for competitive offers is called EnergizeCT. But another way to shop is with ElectricityPlans.

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How to find best cheap electricity rates in Bristol CT 06010

    1. Get a copy of your electricity bill.

      Get a copy of your bill before you shop. You’ll want to take a look at your usage. And you’ll need your account number to enroll.

    2. Search electricity rates by zip code.

    3. Sort results by “Sort Low to High” to have the cheapest electricity plan at the top.

    4. Review electricity plan details.

      Find the best electricity rate for your home compared to the utility standard offer and sign up. Shopping for electricity in Connecticut is very simple and favors you, the consumer. There is no early termination penalty allowed in Connecticut residential electricity. So it doesn’t matter if the plan you choose is 12, 24 or 36 months long. Just pick the lowest rate.

    5. Sign up for your new electricity supplier.

      Find the electricity plan that makes sense for your home, then click to enroll on the supplier’s website. You’ll notice your new supplier as a line item on your bill in 1-2 billing cycles.

    FAQs About Bristol CT Electricity Rates

    What happens after I switch electricity company in Bristol?

    Thanks to deregulation, you have choices for your electricity supplier in Connecticut. Your utility, Eversource, will continue to respond in emergencies, read your meter and issue your bill. Your supplier will coordinate with them to show your new electricity rate on your bill. You will keep paying Eversource for your electricity. So all that changes is a different rate!

    What’s the difference between Bristol electricity rates and Bristol electricity prices?

    There’s no difference between Bristol CT electricity rates vs. electricity prices. They both refer to the price you pay for every kilowatt hour you use. You may also hear people talk about shopping for a new electricity plan. An electricity plan is made up of an electricity rate, the term of your contract, the details of your contract.

    How do electricity rates in CT compare to rates across the US?

    According to EIA.gov, the average electricity price in Connecticut is 28.95¢ per kWh (October 2023). The average price of electricity across the USA is 16.21¢ per kWh.

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