Energy Efficiency

What’s the Best Thermostat Setting for Summer?

What’s the best air conditioner temperature setting in the summer? You want to keep your home cool, but also want to keep control of your electricity bills. Here are our best thermostat settings for summer to set your A/C when you’re home, away from home and sleeping. Plus the best thermostat setting when you’re away on vacation, and ways to keep your house cool without touching the thermostat.

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Business Energy Savings Tips

With these business electricity savings tips, you’ll save money on your electricity bill — a savings that can go right to your bottom line! We’ve grouped savings opportunities into categories — electronics, lighting, HVAC and electricity cost management. We’ve also identified the most common energy wasters at your business. Get ready to find some extra money in your business budget.

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7 Best Spring Cleaning Tips for A/C Maintenance

Ah, Springtime! It officially begins on March 20 this year. If you are tidying up and performing your traditional spring cleaning, don’t forget your A/C check-up. A little time and money spent now on an air conditioning tune-up can save you during the cooling season.

Our 7 best spring cleaning tips for your HVAC system will help you keep everything humming along. Plus, you may be eligible for a free A/C tune-up!

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7 Ways to Reduce Your Apartment Electric Bill

The thrill of getting a new apartment usually wears off as soon as the first electric bill comes. Who used all that electricity!? Don’t panic, you don’t have to live with sky-high power bills every month. Your energy habits impact your apartment electric bill. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to develop new habits and carve a chunk out of those bills. Learn about the best ways to reduce your apartment’s electric bill.

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