Energy Efficiency

Save Energy with Smart Home Technology

We still may not have our flying cars, but when it comes to home technologies, smart homes are fast turning stories into reality. Smart home automation is turning ordinary homes into super efficient showcases, designed to save labor and energy costs all at the same time.

Sure, having an electronic assistant that will turn on your oven and play your favorite songs is cool, but the best part about creating a smart home is the way you’ll lower your energy usage with every smart home addition you make. You don’t have to do a complete makeover in one massive renovation. Start with one piece of technology and add more when they fit your budget.

The savings you’ll realize with each addition will make it easier to speed the process in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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What Appliances Use The Most Electricity?

When it comes to energy usage, not all appliances are created equal.

It makes sense to think of smaller appliances like coffee makers using less power than refrigerators and air conditioners, but there are even differences between models of the same machine. The individual differences might be small, but using the more economical versions can create savings of hundreds of dollars each year.

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12 Ways to Reduce your Electricity Costs

Electricity customers should always be on the lookout for cheap electricity plans, but there are more ways to save money than to simply buy your electricity for less.

For most, a combination of lower electricity prices and smarter electricity usage leads to the lowest electricity bills overall. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help you save money and conserve electricity so you can make the most of your electricity plan.

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