Benefits of Shopping for Your Ohio Electric Company

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Why shop for an electric company in Ohio?

Electricity powers your life, but it shouldn’t take control of your wallet. When you choose an alternative supplier for your Ohio electricity, you take control of your electric supply.

With the utility, you pay whatever price they charge. When you shop for the best electric company, you can lock in price security. And you can choose renewable energy for a greener tomorrow. lets you easily compare OH electricity plans apples to apples.

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When it’s time to evaluate your Ohio energy choices for your home or business, we’re here with the best Ohio electric rates and plans.

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Ohio Electricity Shopping Explained

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Looking for a true “apples to apples” energy choice comparison?

Since Ohio deregulated in 2001, 4.8 million Ohio electricity customers have been able to shop for their electricity. Of those, around 50% have switched electric suppliers and saved an estimated $15 billion since 2011. Depending on where you live in Ohio, there are multiple retail electric suppliers vying for your business. But in the world of electricity suppliers, as in other places, one size does not fit all.

That’s why at we are focused on giving you the information and tools you need to make the best energy choices for your Ohio home or business. As your independent resource, we are here to help you quickly find the right plan for your needs.

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How to Shop for Electricity Rates, Plans & Suppliers in Ohio

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Questions About Ohio Electricity Plans or Suppliers?

At, we are here to guide and educate as you shop electricity rates and suppliers in Ohio. Our goal is to walk you through the process of electricity shopping from start to finish. New to electricity shopping? Here are some great places to start:

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