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  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich
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  • Toledo electricity plans are competitive! And with higher utility rates from Toledo Edison, it pays to shop electricity comparison sites in Ohio to find the best pricing.

    ElectricityPlans.com lets you compare rates from major providers to find the best plan for your home or business.

    What is the Electric Utility Company in Toledo Ohio?

    The electric utility company for Toledo Ohio is Toledo Edison.

    They are the company that delivers power to your home, responds in an emergency and send your monthly electricity bill.

    But under the Energy Choice Ohio program, you can choose your electricity supplier.

    You can pay the Standard Service Offer with Toledo Edison. Or you can choose one of the suppliers approved by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio.

    With the utility, you have a base electricity rate with quarterly adjustments.

    With a supplier, you can protect yourself against high electricity rates and lock in a fixed rate plan.

    Compare Electricity Prices in Toledo Ohio (Toledo Edison)

    Ohio Edison (FirstEnergy)’s residential Price to Compare for the generation supply portion of your bill is 9.29¢/kWh from June 1, 2024 – June 30, 2024. Compare that to the supplier rates below.
    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan 12 7.29 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed with Monthly Fee 12 5.39 ¢
    Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 7.99 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 15 15 6.99 ¢
    Public Power 6 Month Fixed 6 6.59 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 6 6 6.49 ¢
    Santanna Energy Services Preferred 12 Month 12 6.93 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 12 12 6.59 ¢
    Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 7.19 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 6 6 6.99 ¢
    Direct Energy Go Green Lights 24 24 9.19 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 7.69 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 7.09 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 6.69 ¢
    XOOM Energy SureLock 12 12 7.39 ¢
    XOOM Energy RescueLock 12 12 7.79 ¢
    XOOM Energy SimpleClean 12 12 7.69 ¢

    Shop for Best Residential Electricity Rates in Toledo Ohio

    Business Electricity Rates in Toledo Ohio

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    APG&E APG&E 12 Months 12 7.70 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 6 Months 6 7.83 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 18 Months 18 7.97 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 24 Months 24 7.98 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 48 Months 48 8.09 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 36 Months 36 8.18 ¢
    APG&E APG&E 60 Months 60 8.25 ¢
    ENGIE 12 Months 12 9.71 ¢
    ENGIE 6 Months 6 9.78 ¢
    ENGIE 18 Months 18 9.80 ¢
    ENGIE 24 Months 24 9.81 ¢
    ENGIE 36 Months 36 9.87 ¢
    ENGIE 48 Months 48 9.96 ¢
    ENGIE 60 Months 60 10.06 ¢

    Shop Business Electricity Rates in Toledo Ohio

    How to Find the Best Electricity Rates in Toledo

    If you haven’t shopped for an electricity rate in a while, that’s understood. For the last year, Toledo Edison had a great rate for electricity. And now they don’t. Here’s a refresher on how to find the best (cheapest) electricity price for your home in the your.

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How to shop for the Cheapest Electricity Price in Toledo

    1. Enter your zip code.

      Enter your zip code at ElectricityPlans.com.

    2. Compare the rate per kWh.

      The price per kWh (kilowatt hour) is the price you’ll pay for every unit of electricity you use.

    3. Read the details so you know what you’re getting.

      Review the plan information such as the contract term and termination fee. Suppliers can’t charge an early termination fee for residential electricity in Ohio.

    4. Select your plan and enroll.

      Once you find the best plan for you (usually the cheapest electricity rate), make the switch. You’ll just select your plan, then enter your information (including your electricity account number).

    What’s the Average Electricity Bill in Toledo Ohio?

    The average home in Toledo uses 750 kWh per month. Based on the Toledo Edison utility rate of 9.802¢ per kWh effective October 2023, the average electricity bill is $73.65.

    Your bill will vary based on the age and size of your home, number of occupants and your energy usage habits.

    To cut your electricity bill, you can shop for an alternative electricity supplier.

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