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Energy Harbor is both an energy supplier and a generation company focused on safety, reliability and sustainability. By generating their own electricity, they can provide long-term price protection against fluctuating energy prices.

About Energy Harbor

Energy Harbor is a company working to reinvent clean, affordable electricity for Ohio. Their carbon free electricity plans offer cheap electricity. Their rates and plans could help you save on your electricity bill compared to the local utility. Plus you’ll have price certainty — no more price fluctuations like you have with standard offer rates.

And here’s an added bonus. When you shop through ElectricityPlans.com you’ll get an exclusive offer. Rates are lower than the electricity prices offered directly from Energy Harbor. This discount electricity price is available without an Energy Harbor promo code. Just view rates and use our special enrollment links.

What is Carbon Free Electricity?

Energy Harbor is one of the largest generators of carbon free electricity in the country, avoiding the emissions of 46.3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide every year. That’s the equivalent of planting 964.5 million trees or taking 4.6 million cars off the road.

So what is carbon free electricity? Traditional energy is made from burning carbon products like coal or natural gas to produce electricity. Green energy is generated from a renewable resource like wind or solar. Carbon free electricity is generated by a power source that does not generate carbon emissions.

Energy Harbor’s carbon free electricity comes from 4 nuclear power plants in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Nuclear energy provides more than 55 percent of carbon-free electricity in the United States. And, according to The International Panel on Climate Change, nuclear energy is as clean as renewable energy.

Formerly First Energy Solutions (FES)

Haven’t heard of Energy Harbor? Perhaps you have heard of First Energy Solutions?

FES has served thousands of Ohioans through municipal aggregation programs. When FES got in financial hot water two years ago, a team of knowledgeable finance and energy experts saw an opportunity and purchased the company.

Energy Harbor has the financial strength of its investors, the energy knowledge of experts, plus the clean energy generation assets Ohio needs.

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