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Public Power Is An Experienced Electric Supplier Focusing On Competitive Electricity Rates and Excellent Service

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • A subsidiary of Crius Energy, Public Power provides electricity and natural gas to residential and commercial customers in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. Headquartered in Norwalk, CT and founded in 2008, they are part of the Crius Energy family of brands, which also includes TriEagle Energy and Crius Solar among others.

    Serving Competitive Electricity Rates to Ohio Customers

    Public Power prides itself on prides itself on building excellent customer relationships with Ohio residents looking for an electric supplier that truly cares. As a Crius Energy company, Public Power has behind it a parent company that is a market leader in the deregulated energy industry and has a proven track record of bringing energy savings to its customers.

    Public Power offers competitive fixed rates for Ohio customers. Whether you own or rent, residential or small commercial, Public Power’s fixed 12 month electricity rates provide potential energy savings for all Ohio customers who live in deregulated areas. Also, most Public Power electricity plans have no enrollment fees and no early termination fees.

    Public Power Rates for AEP Ohio

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed with Monthly Fee 12 5.99 ¢
    Public Power 6 Month Fixed 6 7.09 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 7.19 ¢

    Public Power Rates for Ohio Edison

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed with Monthly Fee 12 5.39 ¢
    Public Power 6 Month Fixed 6 6.59 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 6.69 ¢

    Public Power Rates for Duke

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed with Monthly Fee 12 6.59 ¢
    Public Power 6 Month Fixed 6 7.69 ¢
    Public Power 12 Month Fixed 12 7.69 ¢

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    Public Power Has Beneficial Rewards Programs

    As part of that commitment to customer service, Public Power offers their Power Perks program. Power Perks gives customers the opportunity to earn up to 40% cash back when shopping at partner stores. In addition, for every $25 earned, Power Perk participants receive a Double Up Reward that is redeemable for a shopping, dining and entertainment card, or a Visa® Prepaid Card.  Customers can also double the value of their reward up to $50 when redeemed for energy efficient products.

    Public Power also offers a customer referral program called Share the Power. For each customer referred, they offer the referring customer a choice of shopping or entertainment gift cards, Visa® Prepaid Cards, or an array of energy efficient products. If you choose energy efficient products, the rewards are automatically doubled. These loyalty rewards and referral programs can help you save more money on your electric bills.

    Focusing on Energy Savings

    Public Power offers several programs and features to help their customers conserve energy and reduce their energy expense. These include:

    • Monthly Energy Scorecards (coming soon), a free monthly digital energy audit through WeatherBug® Home. These Scorecards provide a customized energy audit that offers insight into your home’s energy efficiency to evaluate how well your home compares to similar homes. It also forecasts future energy usage for your home.
    • Weekly Usage Reports, showing a daily and weekly analysis of customer electricity usage trends.
    • Smart Thermostats. For a one-time purchase fee, they offer both ecobee Smart SI and ecobee3 models that automatically learn and adjust for your energy usage.

    Public Power, A Ohio Electricity Supplier Offering Affordability And Ease Of Use

    Public Power is committed to making energy easy to understand and manage for its Ohio-based customers.  From simplified enrollment to comprehensive usage tracking, they use a straightforward approach centered around simplicity and convenience. Ohio homes and businesses to choose their electric supplier based on customized factors that make sense for their families and businesses. This company wants its Ohio customers to know that switching electric suppliers is quick, easy, and cost-effective.

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