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Simple, Quality Electricity Plans

We’re here to do one thing – help you find the best electricity plan to fit your needs. To do this, we provide the most effective electricity plan shopping tools that allow you to easily compare the large variety of electricity rates, plans, and features available in your area. In addition, we blog about electricity shopping topics to help both beginners and experienced electricity shoppers find the best deals and save on energy.

Our Only Bias: Customer Choice

We are big advocates of electricity competition and customer choice. These concepts benefit electricity customers in deregulated areas by promoting competitive electricity rates and quality customer service. Unfortunately, it also leads to a lot of confusion and noise when shopping for electricity plans.

We simplify the process of selecting an electricity plan by curating the best plans from the most reputable electricity providers and explaining them in an easy to understand shopping experience.

You’ve most likely heard the ads for Power to Choose (Texas, New York), Apples to Apples (Ohio), Power Switch (Pennsylvania), and EnergizeCT (Connecticut) just to name a few. While the sites themselves are unbiased, customers often find them overwhelming because of the extensive number of electricity plans listed, many with teaser rates. Our goal is to simply and honestly present you with the best variety of electricity plans anywhere, and give you the tools to quickly choose the one that is most fitting for your budget and lifestyle.

One Stop (AND We’re Free)

We provide a one stop shop to easily compare multiple plans from multiple providers and help you select the best electricity plan for your needs. We do this without bias for any electricity provider and without any pressure. We are not an electricity provider, and the plans offered on our site are the same as those sold by each electricity provider directly. Our services are free to our customers, and we do not mark up any rates.

Electricity suppliers pay us a referral fee as an energy broker for sending them new customers. Because our customers are our livelihood, we will always keep our services free, and strive to make the electricity shopping process as simple and relevant as possible. Every time you need to shop for electricity, we want you to come back so we can help you find your lowest electric rate.

What Makes Us Better Than Other Electricity Sites?

No Teaser Rates – Accurate, Transparent Pricing

Some electricity providers assume you will shop on rate alone and won’t read the fine print. In Texas, this can be misleading since the average kWh pricing varies based on how much electricity you use. Unfortunately, it’s common practice for electric suppliers to advertise their highest usage-level pricing because it has the lowest rate. ElectricityPlans makes it easy to determine each plan’s actual price by displaying the details of the average kWh pricing calculations. By doing a quick calculation using your actual kWh usage, the plan pricing is transparent so you won’t suffer from electric bill shock when you open your monthly bill.

Vetted, Quality Providers & Plans

We want to earn your trust by partnering only with the most reputable electricity providers in the business. We display all plans in a logical, easy to read format that helps you quickly narrow down and select an electricity plan. Since retail electricity is deregulated, your choice of plans and providers is vast, and comparison can be difficult and time consuming. We do the leg work for you by thoroughly reviewing the details of every plan we offer and providing you with the tools to quickly compare and contrast plans without biased results.

Quality Educational Articles

We continuously write blog articles and references that are useful to both the beginning electricity shopper and advanced customers who want to dive into the mechanics of the deregulated retail electricity business. You won’t find filler ‘lifestyle’ blog posts here – only applicable, helpful posts to walk you through the electricity shopping process, give you ideas on how you can save on your energy costs, and keep you updated on the deregulated electricity market.

Advanced Shopping Tools

Find a plan that looks good? You can dive into it and quickly see if it’s the right match for you by using our advanced shopping tools:

1. Rate History by Plan

Electricity Rate Price Trend
Electricity Rate Price Trend

Curious to see if a plan’s price has gone up or down? For select plans, we show a spark line of the plan’s price history. This is important so you can decide if you should lock in the current price in a long-term contract or choose a month-to-month plan if electricity rates are falling.

2. Accurate Pricing Details (No More EFL Mysteries!)

Electricity Plan Pricing Details
Electricity Plan Pricing Details

Want to see exactly how a plan is priced? We comb through the details for you and show the exact pricing for each plan in an easy-to-read format.

You can use this information to accurately estimate your monthly bill by doing a simple calculation with your anticipated kWh usage.

3. Simple, Easy Plan Details (Including Popularity)

Electricity Plan Details Snapshot
Electricity Plan Details Snapshot

We clearly display each electricity plan’s quick facts in a simple, clean format for easy comparison. Curious to see how many other shoppers have chosen this plan? We display the plan’s popularity over the past 30 days. This allows us to prominently display more popular plans and let you know which plan other shoppers are choosing.

4. Compare Specific Plans and Providers

Want to compare all plans for 2 or more electricity providers? Our search engine allows you to multi-select electric suppliers so you can see how they compare. Also, need to see how specific plans compare? Simply choose the ‘Compare Plans’ checkbox on the plans you want to see side-by-side and our comparison shopping page handles the rest.

5. Unique Plan Searches

Electricity Plan Features
Electricity Plan Features

Our unique (and growing!) list of plan searches allows you to filter to the exact group of plans you’re looking for. Are you looking for Prepaid Electricity, Veterans & Active Military plans, or plans with incentives (rebates, gadgets, etc)? Want a 100% Green plan? Interested to see all plans that support charities? Use our Plan Features filters to quickly find what you’re looking for.

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