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Direct Energy Knows What Ohio Customers Need - Affordable, Flexible, Reliable Electricity Plans

Direct Energy is one of the largest residential energy retailers in North America serving almost five million customers.  Direct Energy offers a wide variety of natural gas and electricity plans as well as home services. Direct Energy invests in energy efficiency and innovation to enable customers to use less energy and improve their everyday life.

Direct Energy Proudly Serves Ohio Electricity Customers

Direct Energy serves not only Ohio, but 15 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and three Canadian provinces. The Direct Energy team prides itself on building trust-based customer relationships with Ohio residents looking for an energy provider that truly cares.

With a wide range of affordable, flexible electricity plan options — and using an approach that is innovative and never satisfied with the status quo — Direct Energy gives Ohio electricity customers the “apples to apples” approach to affordability and choices they need.

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Direct Energy Helps You Save On Electricity In Ohio

Direct Energy offers Ohio electricity customers a powerful combination of attention, expertise, and pricing to affect significant change in the everyday lives of everyone they service. When you allow Direct Energy into your Ohio business or home, you are saying “yes” to efficiency, to savings, to innovation in providing electricity, and much more.

Direct Energy seeks out innovation in all areas of energy efficiency and customer service. Direct Energy partners with green energy products and has account functionality like Direct Your Energy to help customers make smarter decisions about their energy use.

Ohio Direct Energy Powers The Way For Homes, Businesses

As you and other Ohio electricity customers know, deregulation allows Ohio homes and businesses to choose their electricity providers based on customized factors that make sense for their families, co-workers and even for the community. Direct Energy wants its Ohio customers to know that making the electricity supplier switch is quick, easy, and cost-effective.

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