Toledo Edison’s Easy-to-Understand Billing Helps Ohio Electricity Customers

Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Toledo Edison provides electricity transmission and distribution to the northwest Ohio region. Toledo Edison is operated by FirstEnergy Corp (NYSE: FE), one of the nation’s largest electricity operators with 6,000,000 customers. FirstEnergy is headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Consumers in the Toledo Edison area can choose a Certified Retail Electricity Supplier (CRES) for their electricity supply.

Areas Served By Toledo Edison

Toledo Edison serves an area of northwest Ohio along Lake Erie and the Ohio/Michigan border. Cities served include Toledo and surrounding suburbs, Bryan, Archbold, Wauseon, Delta, and Whitehouse.

Toledo Edison Price to Compare

Effective June 1, 2023, Toledo Edison’s price to compare for residential customers is 12.4065¢/kWh.

This is the rate you will pay for electric generation if you do not switch to an alternative electricity supplier. Refer to your most recent Toledo Edison utility bill to confirm your specific price to compare when shopping for an electricity supplier.

Remember, the price to compare changes periodically. By locking in a fixed rate with an alternative supplier, you get price protection.

Best Toledo Edison Certified Retail Electric Supplier Rates

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Public Power Electric 15 Month Fixed 15 6.39 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 13 13 6.49 ¢
Public Power Electric 12 Month Fixed 12 6.69 ¢
Public Power Electric 18 Month Fixed 18 6.79 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 14 14 6.89 ¢
Santanna Energy Services Preferred 12 Month 12 6.94 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 24 24 7.09 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 7.29 ¢
Energy Harbor Safe Harbor 36 36 7.29 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 7.39 ¢

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Toledo Edison History

With roots that to back as early as 1853 to Toledo Gas Light & Coke Co, Toledo Edison’s electricity operations began in 1881 when it incorporated Toledo Brush Electric & Power Co. and brought arc lighting to downtown Toledo. The name Toledo Edison first appeared in 1912 when various rail and electricity predecessors, including Toledo Railways & Light Co, merged.

Toledo Edison continued to acquire utilities and expand from the 1920s throughout the 20th century. They also began generating electricity with nuclear power, culminating in the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant in Oak Harbor in 1977. Toledo Edison (formerly NYSE: TED) was publicly traded until 1986 when it merged with The Illuminating Company to form Centerior Energy. Centerior merged with Ohio Edison in 1997 to form FirstEnergy.

Toledo Edison Awards and Recognition

FirstEnergy, Toledo Edison’s parent company, is highly recognized for its service, diversity, and economic development. Recent awards include:

  • Forbes 400 Best Big Companies and America’s Best Employers
  • Edison Electric Institute: Emergency Assistance Award — 2008-2015 and Outstanding Customer Service — 2014
  • Nuclear Energy Institute — Top Industry Practice Award — 2007-2012
  • J.D. Power — Top performer in Utility Website Evaluation Study and mobile-optimized website and app

Utility Highlights

In a deregulated electricity plan state like Ohio, having a well-designed and comprehensive bill is important. Toledo Edison provides clear, easy to read billing for their electricity customers that explain, in detail, each charge and what it’s for, from the electricity plan charges to the electricity utility charges. There’s a lot of information on these small bills, which makes them amazing tools to get you started saving a bundle.

Some of the most valuable items on a Toledo Edison bill include:

  • Your usage history. Perhaps the most important part of the billing, you’ll find it on the lower left of the page. This includes your monthly usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh), broken down by month, as well as a chart of your monthly usage so you can see the months in which you use the most electricity. They also include your average daily use, as well as the average daily temperature for the current month, and the same month a year prior, so you can see the effects of changes you’re making for the better.
  • Charges from your alternate supplier. If you’ve chosen an alternate supplier or provider, you’ll see that information near the middle of the right side of the page. The most important part of this section is the rate, since you can use this to compare to find a better plan. If your electricity plan seems unusually expensive, you may want to compare your current rate against other rates on the market to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere.
  • Price to compare. You have the right to choose another electricity plan in Ohio, but you can also stay with a local utility like Toledo Edison. If you choose to stay with your electricity utility, this “price to compare” section on the left of the page shows the price you’ll pay instead of the charge from your current supplier. It’s a useful number to help you see if you’re still really getting a good deal by buying an electricity plan.

Toledo Edison is an Ohio utility you can trust. Little things like well-designed electricity bills may seem insignificant until you don’t have them available. They want to ensure that its utility customers have all the information they need to make an informed decision about future electricity plans at their fingertips.

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