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ENGIE Resources: Fixed Rate Electricity in OH and Fast Enrollment Process

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges

  • ENGIE Resources is the retail electricity operation for ENGIE North America. They are a great option for Ohio business electricity.

    OH Business Electricity from ENGIE

    ENGIE is an excellent choice for business electricity in Ohio.

    Their commercial business electricity products, credit approval process, customer care and communications make them our number one recommendation for Ohio business electricity. You can shop ENGIE Ohio business rates online and easily complete your contract. We’ll contact you with any follow up.

    Need a business move-in for your new company? Moving locations? Call us at 844-214-5559. We’ll walk you through the move-in process, including how to establish your meter and any permitting required.

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    About ENGIE Resources

    ENGIE Resources currently provides electricity to commercial and industrial customers in 14 markets: Delaware, Texas, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Ohio.

    ENGIE has been providing electricity to customers since 2002. They serve customers of every size, from the small businesses that make up the US economy, to large industrial manufacturing businesses.

    Compare OH business rates online call us at 844-214-5559.

    Other Divisions of ENGIE

    ENGIE has a number of operating companies that provide support for ENGIE Resources.

    ENGIE North America Inc. manages the company’s electricity generation and cogeneration assets, plus natural gas and liquified natural gas.

    Parent company ENGIE Group is a global energy company with operations in 70 countries on 5 continents with approximately 150,000 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Paris, ENGIE is also the number one supplier of energy efficiency services in the world and the number one independent power producer in the world.

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