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Texas is Moving to Green Energy

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Texas is on the way to a greener energy future. In 2021, ERCOT expects that 35% of all power generated will be from renewable energy. And that means green energy is more affordable than ever.

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Options for Your Green Energy in Texas

100% Renewable Plans

100% Renewable Energy plans are electricity plans where your provider buys renewable energy certificates (RECs) to offset your electricity usage.

These plans help further renewable energy investment across the country. The RECs can be from wind, solar, biofuel or geothermal projects.

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Wind Energy Plans

Texas isWind Energy Plans are Texas electricity plans that are backed with wind RECs.

You can choose from 100% wind energy or a percentage from wind energy. You can also get 100% Texas Wind or a mix of Texas and National RECs. You can even get Local Wind to support wind projects in your area.

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Solar Energy Plans

Texas sure has a lot of sunshine! Solar Energy Plans are Texas electricity plans that are backed with Solar RECs.

Get solar without the investment of solar panels. Whether you choose a mix of solar energy, 100% Texas Solar, or Free Nights & Solar Days, you’re supporting the fastest growing type of renewable energy.

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Shop ElectricityPlans to Find the Best Green Energy Plan for Your Home

ElectricityPlans’ service is 100% free to use. There’s no membership fee required. Because you shouldn’t have to pay to get help shopping for electricity.

Shop green energy offers from top electricity providers. We review every plan and read the find print. Easily find the best green electricity plan for your home.

Enter your zip. Then enter your monthly average usage. See how much your bill will be. And pick the best green energy option for your home.

Electric Vehicle Charging

You’ve made the jump to an electric vehicle. You always were one of the early adopters, with a love of technology and an eye toward energy efficiency.

What’s the best way to charge your EV? Choose from plans specially designed for Electric Vehicles, Free Nights Electricity plans, or Fixed rate electricity plans if you work from home.

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Solar BuyBack Electricity Plans

Turn your solar panel investment into a money maker. You can sell power back to the grid through a solar buyback (net metering) electricity plan.

These electricity plans will pay you for your excess solar generation. And you’ll get a great price on renewable energy for times when the sun isn’t shining.

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