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  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Green Energy plans with 100% renewable energy are easy to find in Texas. And they are more affordable than ever. Review the companies and renewable options below. We’ll help you find the best green energy plan for your home.

    Texas 100% Green Electricity Plans

    It used to be that the only game in town was Green Mountain Energy. But Green Mountain isn’t the only option. Far from it! And green energy options in Texas are more affordable than ever.

    Most Texas electricity providers offer 100% Renewable Energy electricity plans. These are also known as Green Electricity, Renewable Content Energy or Green Energy. Here are a few of the top TX electricity companies that offer renewable plans that you should consider:

    • Gexa Energy has made all of their plans 100% green energy. Their parent company, NextEra Energy, is the world’s largest generator of solar and wind energy.
    • Rhythm is a Houston electricity company with a promise of making energy easy. Rhythm’s plans are backed by 100% Texas wind. You’ll also get a 30-day satisfaction guarantee — 30 days without an early termination penalty. Speaking of which, they’ll reimburse you up to $150 to break up with your current provider. And you can pick your due date. Just about everything you want in a green energy electricity provider.
    • Shell Energy, based in The Woodlands, is company that focuses all their efforts on renewable green energy for homes. They offer 100% renewable energy plans. Plus they offer EV Charging Plans and Solar Buyback electricity plans.

    All of these green electricity companies are energy companies based in Houston. Some of them have closer ties to green energy through their parent company. But they all purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to back your power usage.

    Here’s a list of the best green energy plans in Texas.

    Shop Cheap Renewable Energy Plans in Texas

    What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

    Electricity goes directly to the grid in real time. And the power is there even if there isn’t demand for electricity at that moment. To capture the value of that wind power, the industry created RECs.

    Every 1 MWh (1000 kWh) of power generated creates a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). Renewable energy generators can sell the REC separately from the power they generate.

    RECs are basically the currency of green energy. Electricity providers and corporations that want to reduce their carbon footprint can purchase RECs. And these certificates support the development of more renewable energy generation.

    Electricity Plans that are 100% renewable or 100% green energy are a mix of RECs. The energy source could be from Texas, or they could be national RECs. The RECs could be from wind, solar, biomass, or even geothermal.

    You also have the power to choose your specific renewable energy source. You can purchase Texas Wind Energy electricity plans that are backed by Texas Wind or national wind RECs. Or you can buy Texas Solar Energy electricity plans, which are Texas green electricity plans backed by Texas Solar RECs or by national solar RECs.

    How Does Renewable Energy Get to My Home?

    Renewable energy does not actually flow to your home. But the purchase of 100% renewable plans supports investment in green power for Texas.

    Providers purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind and solar generation facilities. When a customer enrolls in a green electricity plan, the provider retires the RECs for the corresponding amount of power that the customer uses.

    What Percentage of Texas Power is Green?

    Texas electricity generation is undergoing rapid change. In 2011, 80% of Texas power supply came from coal and natural gas fired power plants. Not anymore!

    In 2021 and 2022, most new Texas power generation capacity will be renewable. In 2021, 35% of Texas electricity will come from wind and solar, according to ERCOT projections.

    The changes come not only with clean air requirements, but also due to dropping costs of green initiative projects for wind and solar and utility-scale battery storage.

    Compare Green Power Electricity Plans

    At ElectricityPlans.com you can shop and compare green electricity plans from the most reputable providers in the state.

    You can get 100% renewable energy electricity plans in all major deregulated markets in Texas. Or you can shop for options for Texas Wind Energy electricity plans or Texas Solar Energy electricity plans.

    If you have an electric vehicle, you can shop for EV Charging Plans. And if you have solar panels on your home, you can choose a Solar Buyback Electricity Plan. You can make money selling power back to the grid.

    The future of Texas looks green!

    You can get renewable energy in any deregulated area of Texas. These include Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Killeen, Corpus Christi, Abilene, Round Rock, Katy, Galveston, and many more. Enter your zip code to shop for sustainable energy electricity plans in your area.

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