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Rhythm Energy: 100% Texas Renewable, Great Rates, Satisfaction Guarantee, Rewards

Rhythm wants to make your energy choice easy by offering great rates, 100% renewable energy and a satisfaction guarantee.

About Rhythm

Challenging the energy provider status quo, Rhythm Energy is a newcomer to the Texas electricity scene. They provide a fresh new take on the face of Texas renewable energy and making it easy for Texas electricity customers to access.

Basically, they looked at everything the big companies were doing — complicated plans, fees, gimmicks, bad service — and decided they would do it differently, redefining the customer experience. Rhythm is an electricity company based in Houston Texas.

ElectricityPlans.com always recommends fixed rate plans. And we believe straight-forward, basic electricity plans offer the best value for the consumer.

Rhythm Energy Rates

Rhythm only offers 100% renewable green energy plans. Use the information below to compare their electricity rates to other plans you may be considering. Rates shown below are for Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth area) and CenterPoint (Houston). Click the plan to enter your zip code and see their competitive electricity rates in your area.

Rhythm Electricity Plans – Dallas/Fort Worth

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Rhythm Simply Bright 8 8 14.5 ¢
Rhythm PowerShift EV Seasonal 12 12 14.7 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 36 36 14.8 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 24 24 14.9 ¢
Rhythm PowerShift Seasonal 12 12 15.0 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 12 12 15.2 ¢
Rhythm Solar BuyBack Select 12 12 15.2 ¢
Rhythm Simply Drive 12 12 15.6 ¢
Rhythm Texas Solar BuyBack 12 12 21.2 ¢

Rhythm Electricity Plans – Houston

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Rhythm Simply Bright 8 8 14.9 ¢
Rhythm PowerShift EV 12 12 15.1 ¢
Rhythm PowerShift 12 12 15.3 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 36 36 15.5 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 24 24 15.6 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 12 12 15.8 ¢
Rhythm Solar BuyBack Select 12 12 16.2 ¢
Rhythm Simply Drive 12 12 16.9 ¢
Rhythm Texas Solar BuyBack 12 12 22.1 ¢

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Texas Electricity Plans from Rhythm

Rhythm only offers electricity plans that are 100% renewable energy. The Simply Bright 12, Simply Bright 24 and Simply Bright 36 plans offer fixed rate green energy at different term lengths.

Got solar? Rhythm offers solar buy-back electricity plans. These are electricity plans specially designed for homeowners who have installed rooftop solar. You’ll get paid for your excess solar at a lower electricity rate than you pay for your power, up to the total kilowatt hours you use. (For unlimited solar buyback for your excess power generation at the same energy rate you pay, our recommendation is Chariot Energy.)

If you have an electric vehicle, they have an EV charging plan called Simply Drive. In addition to a great rate, you’ll get $100 in credit at EVgo charging stations.

Rhythm Energy Reviews

Consumer reviews of Rhythm and their Texas green electricity plans are positive. One online review site gives them 4.7 stars. And you can see reviews right on their own website.

Our review of this provider is based on our experience with multiple electricity companies. Here’s why we think you’ll like them:

  • Fair Pricing. Whether you’re a new customer or a renewing customer, you’ll have access to the same prices.
  • No Gimmicks. Straight-forward pricing for your electricity with no gimmicks or hidden fees.
  • Green. Rhythm Energy offers 100% renewable energy
  • Service. Houston Texas-based customer service, 7 days a week, via call, email, text or chat.
  • Usage Alerts. Get Smart Alerts to stay on top of your energy usage, save money and reduce your environmental impact.
  • Rhythm Rewards. Earn rewards for when you sign-up or enroll in ebill and auto-pay. That’s 1500 points ($15) toward your bill. Refer a friend and get 10,000 points ($100) toward your bill. Bank your rewards and redeem them toward your bill at any time.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. Rhythm offers the 30-Day Easy Energy Promise. Don’t like it? Changed your mind? Leave with no early termination penalty.
  • Pick Your Due Date. Wouldn’t it be great if paying your electricity bill was convenient for you? You can pick your bill due date with them.

Stuck in an electricity contract? Rhythm will even help you leave your old provider. They’ll reimburse you up to $150 toward an early termination fee with your current provider (exclusion: not including their solar buyback plans) through bill credits.

Rhythm Customer Service

Customer Service is based in Houston Texas. You can reach a live operator at 877-649-0354. Customer care is available 7 days a week. Hours Monday to Friday are 7am to 10pm. Rhythm customer service is open 9am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday.

New Enrollment? Sign up online or call 877-649-0354

Customer Login: You can review your bill, download usage history and pay your bill online. Login to your online account for Rhythm Energy.

Bill Pay Options

Pay your bill online via Rhythm MyAccount or call 888-7RHYTHM to pay by phone.

Receive Rewards if you set up your account on automatic payments. One less thing to think about!

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