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TriEagle Energy Is Texas Electricity Provider Focusing on Great Energy Rates and Quality Customer Service

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • TriEagle Energy is a Texas-based energy company with deep Texas roots. Founded in 2002, TriEagle Energy was acquired by Vistra Energy in 2019, making it part of one of the largest, most diverse retail energy providers of electricity in North America.

    By leveraging it’s well-known commercial electricity services, TriEagle’s residential electricity plans provide customers with low fixed rate electricity rates, simple electricity plan options, and friendly customer service.

    TriEagle Energy Offers Simple, Competitive Electricity Plans

    Deregulation has been a welcome change for many Texas electricity customers, especially those who welcome competition and are looking for a variety of electricity plan options.

    TriEagle Energy is a popular choice for Texas residential customers seeking quality electricity plans without hidden fees.

    Customers currently have the power to choose from among several types of electricity plans including 100% green energy, fixed rate plans and plans with value added extras, called SMART Electricity Plans.

    Offering a $30 bill credit with their Savvy Value 12 plan, TriEagle helps out with that electric bill. Customers receive the bill credit in any billing cycle where the customer uses more than 2000 kWh. They also offer Sure Value 12 which offers a $30 bill credit to customers when their monthly kWh usage exceeds 1000 kWh.

    TriEagle Energy’s SMART Electricity Plans

    TriEagle Energy’s SMART electricity plans come with tools to help homeowners better manage their energy usage. SMART plans include:

    • Ecobee smart thermostat. Manage your thermostat remotely; thermostat learns your habits over time to maintain your home temperature more efficiently
    • Energy ScoreCard. Tells you what’s driving your energy usage and how you could reduce your bill. Compares your home to similar homes in the same area.
    • Thermostat Optimization. Automatically optimizes your thermostat based on weather conditions and your home’s cooling and heating patterns.

    TriEagle Electricity Rates in Houston (CenterPoint)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    TriEagle Energy Savvy Value 12 12 14.9 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 36 36 15.5 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 24 24 15.9 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Sure Value 12 12 16.1 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 12 12 16.5 ¢

    TriEagle Electricity Rates in Dallas/Fort Worth (Oncor)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    TriEagle Energy Savvy Value 12 12 14.5 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 24 24 14.9 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 36 36 14.9 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 12 12 15.5 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Sure Value 12 12 15.7 ¢

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    An Electricity Company Focused On Customers

    TriEagle offers several programs and features to help their customers conserve energy and reduce their energy expense. These include:

    • TriEagle PrimeTime, a voluntary Demand Response program available to all Texas TriEagle customers who have a smart meter. PrimeTime gives customers the opportunity to earn credit on monthly statements by lowering electricity usage during Critical Power Events.
    • Weekly Usage Reports, showing a daily and weekly analysis of customer electricity usage trends.
    • Customer Referral Program, with credits redeemable as cash or toward energy efficiency products.

    A Texas Energy Provider Offering Choice, Affordability, And Ease Of Use

    TriEagle is committed to making energy easy to understand and manage for its Texas-based customers.

    With convenience and extensive customer benefits, TriEagle is a trustworthy electricity provider for all Texans. From simplified enrollment to comprehensive usage tracking to managing bill payments, TriEagle uses a straightforward approach centered around reliability and convenience.

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