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Payless Power Prepaid Electricity No Credit Check

  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Payless Power offers prepaid no credit check electricity to Texas electricity customers. Providing Texas electricity customers access to reliable and affordable electricity since 2005, makes them one of the original prepaid electricity providers in Texas.

    As a Texas based, family-owned company, Payless Power specializes in fixed rate prepaid electricity plans. Texas electricity customers can get cheap electricity without having to pay a deposit or sign a long-term contract.

    About Payless Power

    Texas customers benefit with cheap and easy prepaid electricity plans from Payless Power. And you can get a same day connection at no extra charge.

    Payless Power approves everyone with no deposit and no credit check for prepaid electricity plans.

    They provide access to electricity regardless of income level or credit history making it easy for everyone to get electric service.

    But the reason why they are the best prepaid electricity company? They offer a fixed rate prepaid electricity plan as options for customers that need that type of offer.

    No matter which prepaid plan you pick, it’s just $40 to start your service.

    Read our Payless Power plans review to find more details on these plans!

    Houston Prepaid No Credit Check Electricity Plans

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 16.1 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 16.3 ¢

    Dallas/Fort Worth Prepaid No Credit Check Electricity Plans

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 17.2 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 17.4 ¢

    Corpus Christi and South Texas Prepaid No Credit Check Electricity Plans

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 17.7 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 17.9 ¢

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    Benefits of Prepaid Electricity

    • Everyone is approved automatically
    • Same day service (when you sign up by 4pm)
    • No Credit Check
    • No ID required
    • No Deposit
    • Fixed rate plans available

    How Much Does it Cost to Start Electricity Service?

    New customers can establish electricity service with Payless Power for just $40. Same day service available in most cases.

    How to Use Payless Power Electricity Plan to Build Your Credit

    Pay as you go power is super convenient. But here’s the added bonus of being smart about managing your pre-paid electricity plan.

    Your account is on auto-pay, so you’ll avoid being disconnected for non-payment.

    Then, at the end of the year, you can request a Letter of Credit from Payless Power showing that you have perfect payment history. You can take that Letter of Credit to any other provider and get a waiver of deposit. Yup, Payless Power can help you build your credit.

    Here is how to WIN at Prepaid Electricity:

    • Set up auto debit. Never worry about your balance again. Link your electricity account to your checking account, debit or credit card. When you hit a specific balance, Payless Power will simply “refill” your account with the amount of money you have specified.
    • Maintain a balance. Regardless of what prepaid plan you use, always monitor your account and maintain a balance so you avoid disconnection.
    • Check your usage. Just because you aren’t getting a bill, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be monitoring your usage and doing what you can to conserve. Payless Power lets you view your usage information online or via your phone.

    How Do I Manage My Payless Power Prepaid Account?

    The Payless Power prepaid plans work like a reloadable calling card. Once your account is established, you put money into your account and as electricity is used, funds are deducted.

    You’ll receive a daily balance and usage notifications via text or email and a detailed end of month statement via email showing the average rate paid.

    And you’ll also receive low balance alerts via text or email 1 to 7 days before their account balance is expected to reach $0 so that customers have adequate time to fund their account without the worry of being disconnected.

    The best way to manage your prepaid account? Set up an automatic payment so it “refills” your account whenever you are below $20 on your account. That way you don’t have to worry about the lights going off.

    Payless Power Customer Service

    If you need help with your account, their customer service center is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Use their helpful customer service line: 1-866-934-3451 

    New customers enroll with a Payless Power prepaid plan. No credit check, no deposit, no hassle.

    Payless Power Bill Payment – Add Money To Your Account

    Customers can easily add money to their account at any time without extra fees in a true pay-as-you-go philosophy.

    Here’s how to add money to your Payless Power Account.

    • Pay online Through the customer portal, you can make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments to avoid missed payments. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express accepted.
    • Pay by phone through their automated system available 24 hours a day.
    • Pay in person at any Moneygram location.

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