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  • Prepaid electricity plans in Texas are a quick and easy way to get your lights on with no deposit. You’re automatically approved with no credit check and no deposit.

    What is Prepaid Electricity?

    Prepaid electricity means you pay in advance for your power. As you use power, you get alerts letting you know your balance and number of days remaining. You can add money as needed. Or set up automatic payments so your balance never gets too low.

    Prepaid electricity makes it easy to get your lights turned on. It’s no deposit electricity and comes with no credit check.

    Best Prepaid Electricity in Texas

    At ElectricityPlans.com you can shop and compare electricity plans from the most reputable electricity providers to find cheap prepaid electricity rates in Texas.

    The best prepaid electricity in Texas is Payless Power’s fixed rate electricity plan. Pricing is below, and you can read our Payless Power plans review for more details.

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    Prepaid Electricity in Houston

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 18.4 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 18.9 ¢

    Prepaid Electricity in Dallas

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 18.7 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 19.3 ¢

    Prepaid Electricity in Corpus Christi

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Payless Power 12 Month – Prepaid 12 19.3 ¢
    Payless Power 6 Month – Prepaid 6 19.8 ¢

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    How Does Prepaid Electricity Work?

    With a pay-as-you go power plan, you fund your account with money to pay for electricity before you use it. This is different from a traditional postpaid electricity plans. With postpaid, you receive a bill each month and pay for the electricity after you use it.

    Signing up for a prepaid electricity plan is simple. And, same day service available if you enroll by 4pm weekdays.

    Here’s how prepaid works, step by step:

    1. Shop for a prepaid electricity plan. Use an electricity plan shopping tool like ElectricityPlans.com to compare plans to find the best one for you.
    2. Select a plan and sign up with the electricity provider offering the plan. You can sign up online or call, and create your account without leaving home.
    3. Fund your account. You’ll need to establish a balance before the electricity provider establishes service. This payment is a connection balance not a deposit. Electricity providers may require between $40 and $75 to establish service.
    4. Get texts alerts on energy usage. Your electricity provider will provide you with current information regarding the amount of power you use and your remaining balance.
    5. Monitor your account. Watch for email or text message alerts when your account is running low.
    6. Add funds to your account to keep the power on. Your electricity company gives you several ways to add money to your account. You can pay online, call customer service or go to an authorized payment center.

    Pros and Cons of Prepaid Lights

    There are advantages and disadvantages to prepaid power. The right choice for you depends on your budget, your credit score and your lifestyle.

    What are the benefits of prepaid electricity?

    1. No deposit and no credit check.
    2. Tools to help you monitor your electricity usage, for budgeting.
    3. Electricity turned on the same day with as little as $40.
    4. Helps you establish good credit for future electricity service.

    What are the negatives of prepaid electricity?

    1. Automatic disconnection if your balance falls below required levels.
    2. Higher fees for disconnection or reconnection.
    3. Higher price per kilowatt hour compared to post-pay electricity.

    If you have bad credit, you should still consider applying for post-pay electricity. For example, Champion Energy will allow you to pay a non-refundable deposit alternative of around $150. And if you are low income and on assistance programs, you can qualify to pay your deposit in two installments. Post-pay plans can be significantly cheaper than prepaid plans.

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