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Whether you are moving to Killeen or already live there, you can easily find cheap electricity rates near you. Below are electricity rates for a typical home using 1,000 kWh a month.

Best Cheap Electricity Plans for Killeen Texas (Ft. Hood Area)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Pulse Power Texas Saver 12 12 6.6 ¢
Chariot Energy Chariot Energy GridEdge 12 12 7.0 ¢
Frontier Utilities Easy Bill 12 12 7.4 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Supreme 12 12 7.4 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver 12 12 7.5 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Free Energy 12 12 7.6 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Easy Saver 12 12 7.9 ¢
4Change Energy 4Change Energy Budget Saver 12 12 8.3 ¢
Gexa Energy Gexa Saver Select 12 12 8.9 ¢
Think Energy Think Simple 6 6 9.1 ¢

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Relocating to Killeen Texas – Set Up Electricity

Killeen, Texas is located in central Texas and is synonymous with the military and Fort Hood. Killeen is the location for the U.S. Army’s Fort Hood post. Many new residents move to Killeen every year from across the country to serve in the military.

If you are moving to Killeen, you may be confused about how to set up electricity for your new home. In Texas, electricity is deregulated. You must choose a retail electricity provider for the electricity in your home. The local utility company, Oncor, can not serve as your electricity supplier.

If you are moving in to an apartment, your apartment manager may recommend a provider to you. However, we find it’s always better to shop for your own electricity provider. The company your apartment manager recommends is seldom the cheapest electricity provider.

TIP: If you are moving in to a new home, select “move-in” during your enrollment process, then select the date you want to start service.

How to Shop for the Best Cheap Electricity Provider

As a military town, Killeen’s residents appreciate value, reliability,  and flexibility when needed.

You’ll find a wide variety of providers to choose from when you first start to research your affordable electricity choices. Finding the best electricity provider is more than just cheap electricity rates.

Other factors to keep in mind include:

  • What is the deposit amount?
  • Are there cancellation fees?
  • Are there special military rates?
  • What about customer service, in case anything goes wrong?

Finding the answer to these questions is a key part of choosing your perfect electricity plan.

Are there Military Discount Plans for Electricity?

Veteran Energy and Direct Energy are two companies that recognize our military by offering a military discount for active duty, veterans and reserve personnel. During enrollment, you will be asked to verify your service record.

While these military discounts are attractive, we find that you can get a better deal shopping traditional basic electricity plans.

You can shop for military discount plans by selecting that in our shopping section.

Shop Cheap Prepaid No Deposit Electricity in Killeen

If you have moved around a lot, you may have had trouble establishing your credit history. And if your credit score is under 600, you will likely have to pay a deposit for your electricity service. But we have the solution for you!

A prepaid electricity plan offers electricity with no deposit and no credit check. Simply pre-pay a portion of your electricity up front, as little at $29 to start. When you get to a certain level of money in your account (usually 3-5 days of service remaining) your service provider will charge a new “refill” to your credit card.

The best prepaid electricity plan in Killeen is Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12, a fixed price prepaid electricity plan. You’ll be protected from rate increases for a full year. And, you’ll be building your credit history. Sign up now by calling 1-866-934-3451, or shop all prepaid plans.

Best Business Electricity Rates in Killeen (Oncor Area)

Business owners can also shop for commercial electricity rates for their Killeen small business. Rates shown here are for electricity only, and there are additional rates available. See our business electricity center for more information.

Compare Business Electricity Rates in Killeen

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Veteran Energy Veteran Energy 48 Months 48 5.42 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 60 60 5.5 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 48 Months 48 5.50 ¢
Veteran Energy Veteran Energy 36 Months 36 5.64 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 48 48 5.7 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 36 Months 36 5.72 ¢
Reliant Energy Reliant Business Power Plus 36 36 5.9 ¢
Pulse Power Pulse Power 30 Months 30 5.99 ¢
Infinite Energy Infinite Energy 24 Months 24 6.02 ¢

How to Use ElectricityPlans to find the Best Plan for You.

With so many options available, choosing the best electricity plan can be a daunting task. That’s why ElectricityPlans.com is ready to help.

You’ll find blog posts and articles in our extensive library, as well as vetted information on all providers to give you results you can trust.

Whether you’re looking for the right prepaid plan with no deposit, electricity plans specially priced for veterans and active military personnel, or simply someone who’s looking for a better rate to fit in with your budget, ElectricityPlans can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

It takes a lot of digging to find information on all the electrical providers doing business in the Killeen area. ElectricityPlans.com has done the work for you. Choosing the right provider doesn’t have to be difficult. With ElectricityPlans.com to help, you can make a smart decision when looking for cheap electricity in Killeen

Power Outage in Killeen Texas — Who to Call

No matter who your electricity provider is, Oncor remains your local utility company. Oncor will respond in the case of any power outages or emergencies. To report a power outage, call Oncor at 888-313-4747.

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