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Electricity Plans for EV Charging

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are an increasingly popular choice for vehicle purchases. But what’s the best electricity plan for EV charging that won’t break the bank? Here’s the easy way to shop for an EV electricity plan. Plus, reviews of popular EV charging electricity plans.

Best Electricity Plan for an EV in Texas

There are a number of Texas providers that have specialized Electric Vehicle Plans. You can get an electricity plan for electric cars from Rhythm, Shell Energy or Chariot Energy.

Or we recommend simply buying the cheapest fixed rate plan or free nights and weekends electricity plan.

When you’re looking for the best electricity plan, it’s important to read the details, to find one that’s best for you. Check that the free or discounted electricity is when you would charge your car.

Compare Electric Vehicle Electricity Plans Near You

Electric vehicles will make up 20% of all new car purchases by 2025 according to forbes. Picture shows a white EV being charged.

Below, we review different EV electricity plans from top providers in Texas. For each of these plans, you’ll want to schedule your EV charging to take advantage of free or discounted electricity.

Shell Energy Review of Electric Vehicle Free Charging Plan

Shell Energy, (formerly MP2) was the first Texas retail electricity provider to offer a special plan for EV owners. Their plan, the Electric Vehicle Free Charging Plan, is literally that.

It’s free charging for your EV from 12am to 3am daily, weekdays or weekends. Shell Energy assumes that you’ll use 15% of your total household electricity during this time period, and the average price reflects this assumption.

It’s also backed by 100% renewable energy. So not only are you driving a carbon-neutral vehicle? You’re using carbon-free power at no cost to charge your EV.

Shell Energy thinks longer term than most providers. You can lock in your rate with their EV free charging program for 24 months. That can give you great long term value for your electricity. Plus budgeting capabilities if you’re thinking about buying an EV and want to know how much it will cost to charge an EV.

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Best Electric Vehicle Charging Plan When You Work From Home

If you work from home, like many of us do these days, you may want to consider something else entirely for charging your EV.

When you pick a free electricity plan, whether it’s a free nights plan or a special electric vehicle plan, one thing is always true. You’ll pay a higher rate per kWh on your electricity during the daytime. And if you’re working from home, that could be costly.

The best electric vehicle plan if you work from home is a fixed rate electricity plan. That way you’ll have cheap electricity at night to charge your car, and cheap electricity during the day to cool your home. Enter your zip code below to compare rates for no gimmicks, basic electricity plans.

Shop No Gimmicks Fixed Rate Electricity Plans

Tax Credit for At Home EV Chargers

If you plan to install a new at-home EV charger, you can qualify for a Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit. Chargers installed by the end of 2021 qualify. Plus it’s retroactive, so you can apply for the credit for installations back as far as 2018.

The tax credit for at-home EV chargers covers 30% of the costs of your EV charger hardware and installation costs, up to a maximum of $1000.

Note: Tax credits for at home EV chargers were not extended past the 12/31/2021 deadline. However, your purchase of an EV may be one that qualifies for a federal tax credit for all-electric vehicles.

Does Buc-ee’s Have EV Chargers?

Unfortunately, no, Bucc-ee’s does not have EV chargers at its locations in Texas.

Texas is a big state. You might even say we have miles and miles of Texas. And Texas road trips usually (always) involve a stop at Buc-ee’s, founded right here in Texas

Buc-ee’s is more than just a gas station. It’s Texas’ rest stop. Between the pristine potties, the mouth-watering pecans, the wall of jerky, and all the shopping, you’re easily there for half an hour. 

So why not add fast DC chargers for Electric Vehicles? With half an hour and a fast charger, EV owners could get a full charge and be on their way down the road to the next Buc-ee’s!

Buc-ee’s is adding EV chargers at it’s newest stations they are opening. Hopefully there will soon be EV chargers at Buc-ee’s in Texas!

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