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OhmConnect Energy Rates, Plans and Reviews

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges

  • Want to know how you can get paid to save energy? Sign up with OhmConnect Energy in Texas.  Get paid to save energy, and reliable, affordable electricity at a fixed rate.

    About OhmConnect

    ‍OhmConnect Energy is a totally new type of energy retailer in Texas. Their technology lets you save energy for cash rewards and help prevent power outages, all while lowering your bill.

    They offer affordable, straightforward electricity plans with a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t like your plan? Switch to another OhmConnect plan in the first 30 days with no early termination penalty.

    Plus, when you participate in their energy savings events, you’ll earn cash and other rewards for reducing your usage.  It’s simple – Save energy. Get Paid.

    Get Paid to Save Energy with OhmConnect Energy

    Companies like OhmConnect Energy play an important role in keeping the lights on in Texas. When the Texas grid operator, ERCOT, expects high electricity usage, they call on resources that can help reduce demand for power.

    During periods of high demand, OhmConnect Energy acts as one of those resources. They give customers the opportunity to reduce their energy usage and help reduce stress on the grid.  The power saved is then “sold” back to the grid, and the rewards are passed on to their customers.

    The grid stays balanced, the lights stay on, and customers get paid. That’s a smarter way to consume energy.

    How Does OhmConnect Work in Texas?

    OhmConnect pays consumers to conserve energy. When you sign up for electricity with them, you’ll get a fixed rate electricity plan for your home. Then, you’ll get notified via text, email or their app when it’s time to conserve electricity. And you’ll get rewarded when you do that.

    Here’s the step by step of how their offer works in Texas:

    1. Sign up: When you’re enrolled on a fixed-rate electricity plan with them, you’ll gain access to their rewards program and energy savings events called OhmHours.
    2. Get notified: ERCOT lets them know when a period of high demand is coming up. Then they will notify you about it via email or text message.
    3. Reduce: Conserve energy use by powering down energy-sucking appliances, adjusting your thermostat or saving your laundry loads for another time.
    4. Get Rewarded: You’ll earn “Watts” for reducing your energy usage during an OhmConnect Energy savings event.  Watts can be redeemed for cash or prizes or applied to your bill. The more you participate the more you’ll earn!

    Check out this video for a quick explanation.

    Shop OhmConnect Energy Electricity Rates in Texas

    Here are their rates that you can compare when you are shopping for electricity for your home. These rates are for the Dallas/Fort Worth (Oncor) area and Houston (CenterPoint). Click the plan link or enter your zip below to see their rates near you.

    OhmConnect Energy Rates & Plans in Dallas/Fort Worth

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 15.3 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 15.7 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 24 24 15.9 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy PoolConnect 24 24 15.9 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy EVConnect 24 24 16.0 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 12 12 16.7 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 12 12 16.9 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy GreenConnect 12 12 17.0 ¢

    OhmConnect Energy Rates & Plans in Houston

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 15.3 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 15.8 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 24 24 16.0 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy PoolConnect 24 24 16.0 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy EVConnect 24 24 16.1 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 12 12 17.0 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 12 12 17.2 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy GreenConnect 12 12 17.3 ¢

    Shop OhmConnect Energy Electricity Plans by Zip

    OhmConnect Energy Texas Electricity Plans

    OhmConnect’s Texas electricity plans are simple, straightforward fixed rate electricity plans. There are no gimmicks, gotchas or tiered rates here. Plus all plans will get you paid to save energy.

    Here are their Texas electricity plan offers:

    • TexasConnect plans are traditional energy plans. You’ll have a fixed rate for your electricity, offered with a 12, 24, or 36 month contract term. And you’ll be able to earn money when you reduce your electricity usage.
    • Half Price Nights plans give you a great discount electricity rate for your night usage from 9pm until 5:59am the next morning! Plus you’ll get a fair price for your daytime usage. (Most free nights electricity plans give you free electricity and a super high daytime rate.)

    Read our OhmConnect Energy plans review to compare TexasConnect, Half Price Nights and PoolConnect.

    Frequently Asked Questions About OhmConnect Energy in Texas

    How Much Money Can I Make with OhmConnect?

    How much money you can make depends on the size of your home and how well you save energy. The key to earning consistent rewards is to use connected devices, such as smart thermostats and smart plugs. OhmConnect says that customers who use a smart thermostat or two smart plugs are the ones who earn the most each month.

    You can make money with OhmConnect two ways. First, Texas customers who participate in energy savings events can lower their electric bill by 10-15% or more. But the savings potential is unlimited. Second, the more you reduce your usage during an OhmConnect energy savings event, the more cash rewards in your pocket.

    Does OhmConnect Control Your Thermostat?

    No, OhmConnect does not control your thermostat.

    As an OhmConnect member, you can participate in energy reduction events called OhmHours. You’ll get 24 hours notice of an OhmHour event. Don’t want to participate? You don’t have to.

    OhmConnect makes it easy to automate your participation in OhmsHours, which is probably why some people think they control your thermostat. You can connect your smart devices in the Ohm App, and turn on AutoOhms. Your devices will automatically turn off (or adjust the thermostat) during an energy savings event. Devices turn back on (or go back to their original setting) when the energy event is over.

    No matter how you set up your smart devices, you can always opt-out of an OhmHour power reduction event. You are always in control with OhmConnect.

    How Do I Opt-In/Out of OhmHours?

    With OhmConnect Energy, you are always in control of your own energy usage! To opt out, just click the “Opt in” or “Opt out” option on your preferred notification, (SMS, email, or app.) If you are automatically enrolled to opt in, they will still send you the option to opt out.

    Is OhmConnect Worth It?

    OhmConnect is worth it if you want to do your part to help the Texas grid. You’ll get paid to reduce your electricity usage when needed. This helps to maintain the reliability of the Texas electricity grid.

    How Does OhmConnect Help the Texas Grid?

    In Texas, we rely on the Texas power grids for our energy. The grids are, in general, a reliable source of energy. But as we’ve all experienced, when demand spikes, the grid can get overwhelmed and fail.

    That’s why OhmConnect Energy has been formed. By taking action and actively reducing energy usage during spikes, OhmConnect Energy will reward you for saving energy and helping to maintain the grid: a simple, rewarding, and effective solution to energy sustainability.

    OhmConnect Energy Reviews & Ratings

    OhmConnect Energy is a new Texas electricity company, but they have served customers in California since 2014. Many of the online reviews for this company are related to their work in California. But you can see that they have an excellent reputation!

    In Texas, OhmConnect Energy’s service is a little different. You’ll choose them as your retail electricity provider (REP). They’ll become your electricity company. They’ll send you your electricity bill, send you your electricity bill and pay you to save energy.

    We’ve created a full review of OhmConnect Energy plans. Read our review and compare the details of their plans.

    Customer Service

    You can get OhmConnect customer service through online chat, email and phone.

    • Customer Service Phone Number: 855-961-4646
    • Account Login: You can login to your OhmConnect account online

    Bill Pay Options

    You can pay your OhmConnect Texas electricity bill online or by phone. Of course, you can also send a check as payment or connect your bank information or credit card for recurring payment. And you can use quick pay on their website without setting up an online account.

    About Rebecca Bridges

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