Compare No Deposit, No Credit Check Electricity Rates in Texas

No Deposit, No Credit Check Electricity in Texas

An electricity deposit in Texas can cost you $300-$400 just to start light service. That’s money out of your pocket that you won’t get back for at least one year.

Instead, put that money toward prepaid electricity.

You can get your lights on same day for a fraction of what you would spend on a deposit!

Can I Get No Deposit Lights in Texas?

Yes, you can get no deposit electricity in Texas, including no deposit lights turned on the same day.

If you need lights on immediately with no deposit and no credit check, we recommend Payless Power.

That’s because they are one of the few companies that offer a prepaid fixed rate plan. You get electricity with no credit check, no ID and no deposit.

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Fixed Rate No Deposit Electricity

Most prepaid electricity plans are month to month. That gives you flexibility. But it also gives the electricity company to change your rate monthly, usually up!

Payless Power offers a fixed rate no deposit electricity plan.

Payless Power fixed rate electricity is our number one recommendation for prepaid electricity. You can sign up with Payless Power directly by calling 1-866-934-3451.

>Read our Payless Power plans review to find out more!

Benefits of prepaid fixed rate electricity include:

  • You’re instantly approved.
  • Same day service (when you sign up by 4pm)
  • No Credit Check, no ID and no deposit
  • Fixed rate plan (price protection)

FAQs About No Deposit Electricity in Texas

What’s the minimum credit score for electricity with no deposit in Texas?

Most Texas electricity companies require a credit score of 580-600 to waive your deposit. If your credit score is above 600 you can likely get no deposit electricity from any provider. If your credit score is below 600 or you don’t have a driver’s license or social security number, prepaid electricity is your best option.

How do I get a deposit waived for Texas electricity?

Every electricity company in Texas must offer no deposit electricity if you meet certain criteria. You can get a deposit waived if you (1) Meet minimum credit threshold, usually a 600+ credit score (2) Can provide a letter of credit from your current electricity company showing not more than 1 late payment in 12 months; (3) Are over 65 and can provide a copy of your ID and your most recent electricity bill with no past due balance or (4) Are a victim of family violence and can provide a certified letter for victim of family violence.

Is there low income assistance for electricity deposit?

If you are low income you may qualify for a split deposit. A split deposit lets you pay your deposit in two equal installments. You’ll pay the first half of the deposit up front. Then you’ll pay the second half of the deposit on your first bill. To qualify for a split deposit, you’ll need to send your electric company proof of eligibility, like a state-issued statement of benefits for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, Low-Income Medicare, Texas Aid to Needy Families or SNAP food benefits. As an alternative, you may want to consider a prepaid electricity no deposit electricity plan.

Do electricity companies waive deposit for active military?

Yes, some electricity companies waive deposits for active military in Texas. Houston-based Chariot Energy understands that military families move around a lot, which may affect their credit. Enroll online. If there’s a deposit due, just contact Chariot and provide information on your service. Chariot will waive your deposit!

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