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How to Get Same Day Electricity in Texas

Do you need same day electricity service? Whether you’re moving in to a new home or need electricity reconnected in a hurry, when you have lights out no service, you need electricity fast.

Here’s how to get same day electricity in Texas.

(Or, jump to our list of electricity providers and their cut-off time for same day electricity.)

How to Get Electricity Turned on Same Day in Texas

Whether you need same day electric service in Dallas, Houston, Corpus or somewhere in between, the process is the same. Here’s the how-to guide on how to get electricity turned on fast.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to get electricity turned on same day in Texas

  1. Compare electricity rates

    Shop online to find the best rate and plan for same day electricity connection. Use the chart below to find the cut-off time for same day power connection with each company

  2. Choose your electricity provider

  3. Enroll online or by phone

    Click to enroll online, or call your provider if you prefer to talk to someone.

  4. Request a “move-in” and pick today’s date.

    During your enrollment, you will be asked if you want a switch or a move-in. You want to pick Move-In, and specify today’s date.

  5. Turn on your lights!

    Once your order is complete, your electricity provider will send an electronic transaction to the local utility.

    Your lights will be turned on automatically once the order is processed, through your smart meter. No one from the utility company needs to come out to turn on your power.

    Your electricity provider won’t be able to guarantee a specific time your lights will be on. But as long as you make the cut-off time for your provider and pay any required deposit (if applicable), your lights will be turned on the same day.

    If you are not able to pay a deposit, you should consider prepaid electricity.

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What’s the Cut-off Time for Same Day Electricity in Texas?

Here’s the cut-off time to get same day power in Texas.

To get service the same day, you must complete your enrollment by the time listed below, including paying any deposit (if required) or prepaying your service (for prepaid electricity). Some REPs only offer same day power Monday through Friday. Others offer Saturday same day lights.

Retail Energy ProviderCut-Off TimeDays of WeekPhone Number
4Change Energy4pmMon-Sat844-395-4408
Champion Energy2pmMon-Sat855-307-8616
Cirro Energy5pmMon-Sat833-307-1139
Direct Energy3pmMon-Sat844-879-7711
Discount Power5pmMon-Sat833-307-1140
First Choice Power3pmMon-Sat844-879-7713
Frontier Utilities6pm
Gexa Energy2pmMon-Fri855-639-8057
Green Mountain Energy5pmMon-Sat833-307-1138
Payless Power6pmMon-Sat866-934-3451
Pulse Power2pmMon-Fri888-853-4218
TXU Energy6:30pmMon-Sat833-201-0058
Veteran Energy6pmMon-Fri855-780-5209

Download this chart for your apartment complex or realty office.

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Same Day Electricity No Deposit

If you need your lights on fast with no deposit and no credit check, you should consider prepaid electricity same day service.

The best prepaid electricity same day service is Payless Power.

Complete your enrollment by 6pm, including your prepayment, and your service will be on the same day. You can enroll online or enroll by phone at 866-934-3451.

There’s no deposit required. Just prepay the minimum payment of $75 depending on the plan you select.

We recommend the Payless Power SmarTricity AutoPay & Save Fixed as the best same day electricity no deposit plan in Texas. Why?

  • Fixed rate prepaid electricity
  • Lights on same day
  • No deposit
  • Excellent service reputation
  • $75 to start service and autopay makes it easy to manage!

Sign Up for Payless Power SmarTricity by Phone!

Can I Get Same Day Electricity Service in Texas on Saturday?

You can get same day electricity service on Saturday from certain electricity providers. Refer to the chart above to find those that offer same day electric connection Monday through Saturday.

Can I Get Same Day Electricity Service in Texas on Sunday or a Holiday?

No. You can not get same day electric service in Texas on Sunday or on a holiday.

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Same Day Electricity: Because moving in with no lights is no fun.

Same Day Electricity Connection for New House

Moving in to your new house and forgot to get the power turned on?

Contact your electricity provider of choice as soon as possible. If it’s after 2pm but before 6pm, Frontier Utilities is your best option. You can call them at 855-209-0714.

(Next time you are moving in to a new house, just know that you can set up your electricity service up to 60 days in advance with any of the electricity providers in Texas.)

Same Day Electricity from Frontier Utilities!

Same Day Electric Connection for New Apartment

Your apartment manager will likely want you to show proof of the electricity in your name before you move in.

Most apartment complexes will have the lights in their name in a vacant apartment. That’s so they can show the apartment to tenants. So, when you move in the lights will be on in your apartment.

But within a day or two your grace period will be over. The apartment complex will have scheduled a “move-out” of the electricity for the day you moved in (or for the next day.) And once that happens, your lights will go out.

When your lights are out, the best same day electricity connection for a new apartment is Payless Power.

Think of it this way. You’ve just spend a boat load of money on your apartment deposit, first month’s rent and a mover. If you don’t have good credit, you’ll have to pay a deposit up to $350 to get lights on fast.

Payless Power can get your lights on same day for just $45-$75 in prepaid electricity.

Their best plan is the Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12 plan. It’s a fixed rate plan, so your rate won’t fluctuate each month.

Sign Up for Payless Power SmarTricity by Phone!

Safety Net Electricity Service Connection

If you are out of time, or you want a certain provider but it’s past their cut off time, there’s one other option.

Call the Retail Electricity Provider you’ve selected and ask if you can have a “safety net” move-in.

They will know exactly what you’re talking about.

The reality is, meters in Texas are all smart meters. No one needs to roll the utility truck out to your neighborhood to turn on your power. And most retailers can submit a move-in request after their cut-off time. It just requires them to work a little harder.

A safety net electricity connection is a manual process that requires the REP to contact the utility directly. Think of this as the last ditch effort to get your lights on same day.

Same Day Electric Service for my Business

Do you need same day electricity service for your new business? This one is more complicated.

When you need service at a new location for your business, you are likely to need a permit for electricity service. This is the case if the electricity has been disconnected by the prior tenant.

Your best bet for business electricity is to shop as soon as you can to lock in the best rate and get your electricity service scheduled in advance. Call us at 844-214-5559. We can walk you through the process for a same day move-in and any necessary inspections. And we can set you up with an electricity provider that accepts personal guarantees for business credit.

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