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Looking for cheap electricity rates in Dallas? The best electricity companies in DFW are on our site and we make it easy for you find the cheapest electric rates. Dallas electricity rates are very competitive. But you can get your electricity bill under control by comparing energy providers and electricity companies.

We recommend that you switch your electricity company every time your contract expires. That’s how to get the best pricing for your energy bill and save money.

Below are our picks for cheap electricity in Dallas based on average monthly usage of 2000 kWh. These energy rates are also good for cities near Dallas. You should always shop based on your energy usage. After you enter your zip code, you can shop by energy usage of 500, 1000, 2000 or enter your actual average energy usage.

This list includes bill credit and tiered rate energy plans. And several of these providers give us an exclusive discount with promo code. We recommend that you check the rates carefully to ensure your electricity usage is a match. Or, just pick Plan Features = Basic Electricity after you enter your zip code below.

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Average Electricity Rate & Electric Bill in Dallas

  • Average electricity rate in Dallas : 13.58¢ per kWh
  • Average electricity usage per month: 937 kWh
  • Average electricity bill in Dallas : $127.24

There’s a lot of info here, so we’ve made it easy to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Finding the Cheapest Electricity in Dallas
  2. List of Electric Companies in Dallas
  3. Types of Electricity Plans in Dallas
  4. The Best Electricity Plans in Dallas
  5. FAQs on Dallas Electricity Prices
  6. Best Fixed Rate (No Gimmicks) Electricity Plans
  7. Best Free Nights & Weekends Electricity Plan in Dallas
  8. Best Renewable Energy 100% Green Energy Plan in Dallas
  9. Best Apartment Electricity Plans in Dallas
  10. Electric Companies in Dallas with No Deposit/No Credit Check
  11. Business Electricity in Dallas – Commercial Electricity Rates

Finding the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Dallas

ElectricityPlans.com lets you easily compare energy rates and electricity plans from the best electricity companies in Dallas. And when you compare electricity providers, you can find the cheapest electricity plans.

Use the advanced search tools at ElectricityPlans.com to quickly compare electricity rates.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Find the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Dallas

  1. Enter your zip code to search for electricity rates by zip.

    Your zip code helps determine what rates you are eligible for.

  2. Enter Your Average Usage

    View electricity rates by 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh a month. Or enter your average monthly electricity usage into our Electricity Bill Calculator Tool. You’ll be able to see the average price per kWh for your home and your estimated bill, based on your actual usage.

  3. Select Plan Type

    Pick your plan type, like basic (no gimmick) electricity, free nights and weekends electricity, 100% renewable energy or plans with bill credits / tiered rates.

  4. Review Plan Details to Find the Cheapest Electricity Rate

    We use the information on the energy plan’s Electricity Facts Label to calculate what you will pay based on your usage. We also summarize how the plan works, which is important if you are picking a flat bill or bill credit plan. Pick the basic electricity plan that gives you the lowest electricity bill.

Review the details on each plan to see the fine print. Because some of the cheapest electricity plans assume certain minimum kWh usage levels or have tiered rates. Also, if you want to see a chart of basic electricity rates, check out our no gimmicks Texas electricity rates chart.

The local utility company in the Dallas area is Oncor. Oncor is the transmission and distribution company. You’ll pick a Retail Electricity Provider to supply your electricity. The REP will bill your delivery charges on behalf of Oncor, so you have one simple bill.

Electric Companies in Dallas

When you are shopping for a new energy company, you want to make sure you consider all of your options. We carefully check each energy company before adding them to our site.

Looking for an electric energy company to power your home in the DFW Metroplex? Here is a list of Dallas TX electricity companies that are ElectricityPlans partners:

Electricity CompanyPhone Number
4Change Energy844-395-4408
Champion Energy855-307-8616
Chariot Energy877-917-3876
Cirro Energy833-307-1139
Direct Energy844-879-7711
Discount Power833-307-1140
Energy Texas833-452-1197
Flagship Power844-285-0231
Frontier Utilities855-209-0714
Gexa Energy855-639-8057
Green Mountain Energy833-307-1138
New Power Texas866-529-4931
OhmConnect EnergyOnline enrollment only.
Payless Power866-934-3451
Pulse Power888-853-4218
Reliant Energy833-302-3650
Shell Energy800-716-8807
TriEagle Energy877-649-0354
TXU Energy833-201-0058
Veteran Energy855-780-5209

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The Different Types of Electricity Plans in Dallas

You have a lot of options for your electricity plan in Dallas area, including fixed rate or variable-rate plans.

The different electricity plans available in Dallas are: 1. Fixed-rate plan: With this plan, your electricity rate will remain the same for the duration of your contract. This type of plan is ideal for customers who are on a budget and want to predict their energy costs. 2. Variable-rate plan: With this plan, your electricity rate will fluctuate with the market, so it could go up or down.

We recommend basic fixed rate electricity plans. These fit the needs of most consumers, as you won’t have to worry about using too much or too little.

Many electricity providers offer bill credit, tiered rate or flat bill plans. If you choose these, make sure you shop using your monthly electricity usage, instead of shopping based on 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh. Most of these plans have fine print on when the bill credit or low rate applies. If you use more or less than the plan specifies, you will pay a higher rate.

Green energy and renewable power plans are gaining in popularity. They are priced the same as traditional energy, and are sometimes the cheaper electricity options for DFW homes.

You can also pick from free nights electricity plans, or energy plans that pay you to conserve energy.

Below you’ll find our picks for best fixed rate, best free electricity and best apartment plans.

Note that all of these plans are also applicable in Dallas suburbs like Arlington Texas.

The Best Electricity Plans in Dallas

For most Dallas residents, finding the best electricity plan in Dallas depends on two things:

  1. The desired contract length
  2. Your monthly kWh usage.

Once you know those two figures? Then you’ll be able to find the energy plan that gives you the best electricity prices.

Is a Long Term or Short Term Plan Better?

If you moved into your home in the summer, you’ll likely find yourself renewing your electricity plan every summer. Summer (especially August) is the time of year when power prices are highest. It might be worth the expense to sign up for a short term plan or a month to month rate. And then you can commit to a longer term electricity plan when rates are cheaper in the spring or fall.

And if you’re only going to be living in your current home or apartment for a short period of time, you may want to consider a 12 month plan.

But always consider a longer term contract to see if it’s a better deal. All energy providers purchase electricity on the wholesale market. Sometimes power prices are projected to drop in the future. If that’s the case, a long term electricity plan may be your cheapest one.

FAQ: What if I move during my contract term? No worries. f you move during the term of your contract, you have two options. You can take your plan with you to your new home (if it’s in the same utility areas). Or you can cancel your contract with no penalty. According to the rules of the Texas Public Utility Commission, your provider cannot charge you a cancellation fee if you provide proof of a change of address.

How Does Average Monthly Electricity Usage Impact my Rate?

If you’re searching for cheap electric plans in your area you’ll probably notice that providers offer three different rates for each plan. These rates represent the average rate you would pay for 500, 1,000 or 2,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. But the average home in Texas uses 1,200 kWh a month. So those average prices may not even apply to you.

That’s why the best way to shop is to use your monthly kWh usage. First, check your recent electric bills to find your average usage. Then use our Electricity Bill Calculator from the advanced search.

We’ll automatically calculate rates based on your usage. You can view the average price for each electricity plan based on your home. And we’ll show you the estimated monthly bill for each plan.

shop for electricity based on usage

Dallas Electricity FAQs

Here are answers to some common questions in Dallas electricity.

How can I save money on my Dallas electricity bill?

You can save money on your Dallas electricity bill by (1) picking the cheapest energy plan for your home and (2) implementing energy conservation tips.

What are the major electricity providers in Dallas?

The main electricity providers in Dallas are TXU Energy, Direct Energy, and Reliant Energy. TXU Energy is the largest electricity provider in Dallas, serving over 1.5 million customers. Direct Energy is the second largest electricity provider in Dallas, serving over 1 million customers. Reliant Energy is the third largest electricity provider in Dallas, serving over 500,000 customers.
But there are many other providers you can pick from, like Cirro Energy and Champion Energy. You can review other options on this list of electricity companies in DFW.

What do I do if there’s a power outage in Dallas?

Dallas power outages are not that common. But if it happens you need to contact Oncor, your local electric energy utility company. You can view Oncor power outage map online, report an Oncor power outage online, or report an Oncor power outage by phone at 888-313-4747.

What are the most common causes of power outages in Dallas?

There are a variety of reasons why power outages can occur in Dallas. One of the most common reasons is severe weather. When high winds and/or thunderstorms move through the area, they can cause tree limbs and other debris to fall onto power lines, causing them to break and/or sparking a fire. This can lead to a loss of power for customers in the affected area.

What is the average electricity rate in Dallas ?

The average electricity rate in Dallas is 13.58¢ per kWh based on rates as of 03/24/2023. That's based on a typical home in Dallas using 937 kWh. The average monthly electricity bill in Dallas is $127.24.

Best Fixed Rate Electricity Plans (No Gimmicks)

Some plans with gimmicks are a great deal. By gimmicks, we’re referring to tiered rates, bill credits or flat bill plans that look amazing at exactly 1000 or 2000 kWh. These plans are great if you read our description, review the plan details, and use exactly within the plan’s usage parameters.

But for easy electricity shopping, we always recommend Basic Electricity fixed rate electricity plans. These plans charge the same rate per kWh of electricity, no matter how much you use. Delivery charges are passed through at cost and may impact your total cost per kWh each month. But your rate per kWh of electricity is fixed.

Here are the top 10 cheapest fixed rate plans in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Top 10 Cheapest Fixed Rate Electricity Plans in Dallas

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Monthly 1 7.1 ¢
Energy Texas Come and Take It 12 12 10.7 ¢
Energy Texas Bigger Than Texas 24 24 10.8 ¢
Energy Texas 36 Inflation Fix 36 10.9 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 12 12 11.1 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 24 24 11.1 ¢
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 22 22 11.2 ¢
OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 12 12 11.3 ¢
GoodCharlie GoodEnergy 36 36 11.3 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 16 16 11.4 ¢

Shop Basic Fixed Rate Plans in Dallas

Best Free Nights & Weekends Electricity Plans in Dallas

The best free nights and weekends electricity plans in Dallas are from Flagship Power. You’ll hear about TXU Free Pass and Direct Energy Twelve Hour Power on the TV and Radio. But Pulse Power offers the cheapest free electricity rates.

Sign up online or call Pulse Power directly at 888-853-4218. (This is a special rate with our Pulse Power promo code, eplans!)

Top 10 Free Time Electricity Plans in Dallas (Oncor)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Flagship Power Weekender 36 36 11.9 ¢
Flagship Power Cruiser 36 Free Nights 36 12.0 ¢
Flagship Power Cruiser 24 Free Nights 24 12.1 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 12 12 12.1 ¢
Champion Energy Services Free Weekends 24 24 12.2 ¢
Flagship Power Cruiser 12 Free Nights 12 12.3 ¢
OhmConnect Energy Half Price Nights 24 24 12.4 ¢
Pulse Power Free Energy Weekends 24 24 13.5 ¢
Rhythm Two Months Free 24 24 13.6 ¢
Pulse Power Free Energy Nights 12 12 15.0 ¢

Best Apartment Electricity Plans in Dallas

If you are moving into a new apartment, you may be looking for a short term electricity plan. Just know that if you move during your contract, your early termination fee is waived.

So you should shop for the cheapest electricity plan for your apartment. You don’t need your electricity contract to match your lease term.

If a long term electricity plan gives you the cheapest rate (like it does right now), feel free to pick that long term plan. When you move, you can cancel the contract, or take it with you to your next apartment.

These prices are shown based on 1000 kWh per month. You may use more or less than that depending on the size of your apartment and how new and energy efficient your apartment is.

10 Cheapest Apartment Electricity Plans in Dallas

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Monthly 1 7.5 ¢
Flagship Power Galleon1000 36 36 7.9 ¢
Flagship Power Galleon1000 12 12 8.3 ¢
4Change Energy Maxx Saver Select 24 24 8.9 ¢
Frontier Saver Plus 24 24 8.9 ¢
Gexa Eco Saver Plus 24 24 8.9 ¢
Frontier Saver Plus 12 12 9.0 ¢
Gexa Eco Saver Plus 12 12 9.0 ¢
4Change Energy Maxx Saver Select 12 12 9.0 ¢
Energy Texas Come and Take It 12 12 11.1 ¢

Best Renewable Energy 100% Green Electricity Plans in Dallas

Many electricity companies offer green energy. Here are some of them.

Gexa Energy offers 100% renewable on all of their plans. Their parent company invests in wind and solar projects in Texas. Or check out Rhythm or Energy Texas, both with excellent rates for 100% renewable wind energy! You can also find plans for 100% solar energy.

Top 10 Renewable Energy Plans in Dallas (Oncor)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Monthly 1 7.1 ¢
Energy Texas Come and Take It 12 12 10.7 ¢
Energy Texas Bigger Than Texas 24 24 10.8 ¢
Energy Texas 36 Inflation Fix 36 10.9 ¢
Gexa Eco Saver Premium 12 12 11.2 ¢
Gexa Eco Saver Premium 24 24 11.3 ¢
Rhythm Simply Bright 16 16 11.4 ¢
Shell Energy Solar Buyback 12 12 12.0 ¢
Shell Energy Electricity Plans 12 12 12.1 ¢
Shell Energy EV Free Charging Plan 12 12 12.2 ¢

Electric Companies in Dallas with No Deposit Electricity and No Credit Check

Most energy companies in Dallas will run a credit check before offering you service. If you don’t meet the minimum credit level, you would have to pay a deposit. Or you would have to show proof of good payment history, or qualify for a waiver. And that makes prepaid electricity your best option for no deposit/no credit check electricity in DFW.

Payless Power offers the best prepaid electricity in North Texas, including a fixed rate 12 month term offer. Call them as late as 6pm, Monday-Saturday and get same day electricity service: 866-934-3451.

Best No Credit Check Electricity Plans in Dallas (Oncor)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Payless Power Premier 12 12 16.1 ¢
Payless Power Simple 6 6 16.1 ¢

Most electricity companies run a credit check. But some providers may not have as high a credit requirement. So if you want an electric company in your area that has a lower credit requirement, we recommend that you try Pulse Power.

Business Electricity in Dallas – Commercial Electricity Rates

On ElectricityPlans.com, you can also shop for your business electricity in the DFW Metroplex area. Business energy plans are competitive and business owners should pick a plan based on their budgeting cycle and business needs.

Shop business electricity rates online if you are a small business that spends less than $2500 monthly. Or call us at 844-214-5559 Monday-Friday for a custom business electricity quote, same day electricity move-in or future start date commercial electricity rates.

Here are business electricity rates per kWh in Dallas. These are based on a low load factor customer, so these rates apply to most small businesses. You can also shop medium and high load factor commercial electricity rates online.

We also offer information on how to understand your business energy plan, cut your business energy costs and how to read commercial electricity bills.

Commercial Electricity Rates per kWh in Dallas

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
ENGIE 12 Months 12 7.55 ¢
ENGIE 24 Months 24 7.55 ¢
ENGIE 18 Months 18 7.55 ¢
ENGIE 36 Months 36 7.79 ¢
Constellation 24 Months 24 7.89 ¢
ENGIE 48 Months 48 7.90 ¢
Constellation 12 Months 12 7.91 ¢
ENGIE 60 Months 60 7.96 ¢
ENGIE 6 Months 6 8.01 ¢
Constellation 36 Months 36 8.04 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 24 Months 24 8.08 ¢
Constellation 60 Months 60 8.11 ¢
Constellation 48 Months 48 8.12 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 18 Months 18 8.16 ¢
SFE Energy 24 Months 24 8.21 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 36 Months 36 8.22 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 48 Months 48 8.27 ¢
SFE Energy 12 Months 12 8.31 ¢
SFE Energy 36 Months 36 8.31 ¢

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