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Moving Before Your Electricity Plan Expires?

Electricity providers in every deregulated market offer multiple types of contracts, from variable monthly plans to long-term plans that can last up to three years. The right length of contract for you can depend on where you live and how long you plan to stay there, as well as the time of year you sign up for your plan.

Your rate plan may have been the right one for you when you signed the contract, but what if something happens and you have to move before the contract ends? Unexpected things come up, and not everyone is able to stay where they live until the end of their electricity contract. What happens if you have to break your electricity contract?

Breaking Your Electricity Contract When You Move

Paying another fee when you’re trying to organize a move is the last thing that you need to worry about. If you must move in the middle of your electricity contract, no worries. Every state has provisions for this situation.

  • If you’re moving within the same utility delivery area, most electricity providers allow you to transfer your electricity contract to the new address without penalty.
  • In Texas, if you’re moving and can provide proof of a change of address, your electricity provider cannot charge you an early termination fee. It’s a Texas Public Utility Commission Rule. This exception is also written in the fine print on your Texas electricity contract.
  • In Ohio, if you’re moving outside of your electric supplier’s service area or to an area where your supplier charges a different price, you can terminate your electric supply contract without penalty according to the Ohio Administrative Code.
  • In Connecticut cancellation fees for residential electric supply contracts cannot exceed $50 according to Energize Connecticut.

Should I Take My Plan with Me?

Once you know when and where you are moving, you have a couple of choices.

If you’re moving within the same utility delivery area, then you can ask your provider about transferring your existing contract (if you’re happy with it) to the new address.

But, as we explained above, you also have the right to change plans and providers at this time without penalty in most cases.

Take a look at your current rate, compared to the latest offers in the market. If you have a lower rate than what’s offered in the market, keep it and take it with you. But is you can lock in a lower rate by switching to a new electricity plan go for it!

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Once you select a plan that you’re happy with, sign up and schedule the service to be turned on at your new address on a date that you select. Being able to schedule electricity service in advance is one less thing you’ll have to worry about on moving day.

TIP: Buying electricity for apartment in Texas? You don’t need to match your electricity contract to your lease. If you move, just tell your electricity provider you are moving to a new home. Under the law, they can’t charge you an early termination fee if you are moving.

Can I Have Electricity in Two Homes Under One Contract?

When you are moving, you may need to have electricity in two homes at the same time. Maybe you need to turn on power in your new apartment, but leave the power on in your old apartment for final cleaning. Or maybe your old home is still on the market.

Whatever the reason, you may be wondering, can I have electricity service in two homes under one contract? Yes, and here’s how.

Here’s how:

  • Contact your electricity provider.
  • Tell the representative that you want to schedule a move-in for your new address, under your current contract, and leave service in place in your current home.

See? Easy.

Alternately, you can set up electricity service for two homes under the same contract online.

  • Go online to your electricity company’s site.
  • Look for “Transfer My Service.”
  • Schedule a move-in for service for your new home.
  • Schedule a move-out for service for your old home, for a future date. You can always call and extend this date if it takes longer than you thought to sell your home.

There. Now you have service for two homes under the same electricity plan agreement.

Important note: Most providers will allow you to have two houses under the same electricity plan contract for up to 60 days. Make sure you discuss the timing of your move out with the representative.

You should also make sure to follow step one at the top of this article. If you have a mediocre electricity rate, or a plan that’s not working for you, there’s no reason to transfer the contract. Moving is an immediate out of your electricity contract. Take advantage of the opportunity to shop for a new electricity plan.

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