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Moving Before Your Electricity Plan Expires?

Written By: Kelly Bedrich

If you are moving before your electricity plan expires , you have options. You may have signed a long-term contract to get the best rate. But moving gives you options .

If you have to move before the contract ends? You have 2 options: you can take it or break it. That means you can take your electricity contract with you to your new home or break your contract with no penalty.

Should I Take My Electricity Plan with Me When I Move?

It’s easy to transfer your electricity service to your new home. But can you? And do you want to?

First, can you transfer your electricity plan to your new home when you move?

Yes, as long as you are moving within the same electric delivery area, you can transfer your electricity plan and rate to your new home. If you are moving to a different electric delivery area, you can’t transfer your current contract.

Second, do you want to take your electricity plan with you when you move?

Take a look at your current rate, compared to the latest offers in the market. If you have a lower rate than what’s offered in the market, keep your electricity plan and take it with you.

But if you can lock in a lower rate by switching to a new electricity plan go for it! Moving is the one time you can break your electricity contract with no penalty.


  • If your current rate is lower than the electricity rates currently being offered, take it with you, via a “transfer of service.” This is only available if you are moving within the same electric delivery area.
  • If your current rate is higher than electricity rates currently being offered, break your contract by submitting a “move-out” request with your current provider.

You can schedule a transfer of service or a move-out through your electricity company’s online account system. Or call them at the phone number listed on your bill.

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Breaking Your Electricity Contract When You Move – No Penalty

If you break your electricity contract in Texas, there’s no penalty if you are moving.

As long as you can provide proof of a change of address, your electricity provider cannot charge you an early termination fee. 

This is a Texas Public Utility Commission rule. You’ll also find this information on your electricity facts label for your electricity contract.

Can I Have Electricity in Two Houses While Moving?

When you are moving, you may need to have electricity in two homes at the same time. Maybe you need to turn on power in your new apartment, but leave the power on in your old apartment for final cleaning. Or maybe your old home is still on the market.

Whatever the reason, you may be wondering, can you have electricity service in your name at two residences? Absolutely yes.

Here’s how to have electricity in your name in two houses while moving in Texas:

  • Contact your electricity provider.
  • Tell the representative that you want to transfer your electricity contract to a new home.
  • Give them the start date for electricity in your new home, and the date for service to stop in your old home.
  • You will have the same electricity rate at both houses, under a single electricity contract.

See? Easy.

Alternately, you can set up electricity service for two homes under the same contract online.

  • Go online to your electricity company’s site.
  • Look for “Transfer My Service.”
  • Schedule a move-in for service for your new home.
  • Schedule a move-out for service for your old home, for a future date. You can always call and extend this date if it takes longer than you thought to sell your home.

There. Now you have service for two homes under the same electricity plan agreement.

Important note: Most providers will allow you to have two houses under the same electricity plan contract for up to 60 days. Make sure you discuss the timing of your move out with the representative.

You should also make sure to follow step one at the top of this article. If you have a mediocre electricity rate, or a plan that’s not working for you, there’s no reason to transfer the contract. Moving is an immediate out of your electricity contract. Take advantage of the opportunity to shop for a new electricity plan.

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