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Chariot Energy: Affordable 100% Solar Energy

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges

  • Chariot Energy gives you Texas solar energy without the rooftop panels. Their solar power 100% renewable energy plans let you go green at the same price as traditional energy. Go green without spending more green. And that’s a great choice.

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    About Chariot Energy

    Chariot Energy is committed to bringing affordable solar energy to the Texas market.

    They are a solar energy provider. But they are also the wholesaler, since they are part of 174 Power Global. 174 Power Global owns and operates solar farms across Texas. That means they generate solar power and send it to the grid. They bring the benefit of solar energy directly to the consumer.

    Green energy and 100% solar energy plans are usually at a premium price. Not so with Chariot Energy.

    Since they have connections to solar generation, they offer affordable solar power. And you get the peace of mind knowing the energy you’re consuming is made by the endless supply of the sun.

    Compare Chariot Energy Electricity Rates

    Compare their 100% solar energy rates below to other green electricity plans. These plans are 100% solar energy whereas other REPs may offer plans backed by a variety of green energy RECs. These rates are based on Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth) area. You can enter your zip code below or click the plan link to see rates in your area.

    Chariot Energy Plans in Dallas/Fort Worth (Oncor)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Chariot Energy EV Ride 24 24 14.0 ¢
    Chariot Energy Free Nights 36 36 14.0 ¢
    Chariot Energy Shine 36 (Solar Buy Back) 36 15.8 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 36 36 15.9 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 24 24 16.1 ¢
    Chariot Energy Shine 12 (Solar Buy Back) 12 16.8 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 12 12 16.9 ¢
    Chariot Energy Rise 36 (Solar Buy Back) 36 25.3 ¢

    Chariot Energy Plans in Houston (CenterPoint)

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Chariot Energy Free Nights 36 36 13.8 ¢
    Chariot Energy EV Ride 24 24 14.0 ¢
    Chariot Energy Free Nights 18 18 15.2 ¢
    Chariot Energy Shine 36 (Solar Buy Back) 36 15.7 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 36 36 15.9 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 24 24 16.1 ¢
    Chariot Energy Shine 12 (Solar Buy Back) 12 16.7 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 12 12 16.9 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 18 18 16.9 ¢
    Chariot Energy Rise 36 (Solar Buy Back) 36 25.7 ¢

    Shop Chariot Solar Energy Plans Near You

    Chariot Energy Electricity Plans

    Chariot Energy has two types of electricity plans. One is powered by 100% solar energy. The other is designed for people who have solar panels on their home.

    Chariot Energy Solarize is a 100% solar energy plan for customers without solar rooftop panels. You can purchase Solarize 12, Solarize 24 or Solarize 36, depending on how long a contract term you want. Read our Chariot Energy Solarize plan review.

    The Chariot Energy Rise Solar Buyback pays you the same price per kWh for the power you sell as the power you buy. This plan is for you if you are NOT a net exporter. It’s the plan for you if you generate around the same amount as you use. Read our Chariot Energy Rise plan review.

    The Chariot Energy Shine Solar Buyback is created for people who have large rooftop solar panel systems. If you are a net exporter, generating more power than you use annually, this is the plan for you. You’ll get a fixed rate for power you buy, and sell power back to the grid at the wholesale energy price (capped at 25 cents per kWh.) Read our Chariot Energy Shine plan review.

    Active Military Deposit Waiver for Texas Electricity

    Active military families get a deposit waiver for their Texas electricity from Chariot Energy. They understand that military families move around a lot, which may affect their credit. And, there are a lot of military bases in Texas, including in Killeen Texas.

    Apply for electricity service with Chariot Energy. If a deposit is required, contact the company and provide proof of your household’s active duty military service. Your deposit will be waived!

    Chariot Energy Reviews

    Our review of Chariot Energy is very positive. When you review Chariot Energy’s value proposition, it’s clear to see why this has been a popular choice for Texas customers.

    When you buy Chariot Energy 100% solar energy plans, you are giving your “vote” to support new solar generation in our state. By choosing these electricity plans, you help to ensure continued investment in solar farms in Texas, helping to power our future.

    Chariot Energy is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice affordability to get 100% renewable solar energy.

    Want to know about specific plans? Read our Chariot Energy plans review.

    Chariot Energy Customer Service

    Customer service is based in Texas. You can talk to a live operator, or use their simple website to manage your account.

    • Existing Customer Service Phone Number: You can call Chariot Energy customer service at 833-333-0765.
    • Email Chariot Energy: You can email at CustomerCare@mychariotenergy.com.
    • New Customer or New Service: To enroll, call new customer service at 833-333-0765.
    • Account Login: You can review your bill, download usage history and pay your bill online. Login to your Chariot Energy account online.

    Bill Pay Options

    You can pay your electricity bill online, over the phone or through the mail. They also offer Chariot Energy QuickPay, where you just need your account number and email address to make a payment.

    About Rebecca Bridges

    Rebecca Bridges has worked in deregulated energy markets since 2001. As chief marketing officer for ElectricityPlans, she focuses on helping consumers save on their electricity bills and find the best electricity plans. Outside of work, Rebecca uses her marketing experience to support dog rescue and can often be found hiking or biking local trails.

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