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Chariot Energy: Affordable 100% Solar Energy

Chariot Energy gives you Texas solar energy without the rooftop panels. Their solar power 100% renewable energy plans let you go green at the same price as traditional energy. Chariot Energy lets you go green without spending more green. And that’s a great choice.

About Chariot Energy

Chariot Energy is committed to bringing affordable solar energy to the Texas market.

Chariot Energy is a solar energy provider. But they are also the wholesaler, since they are part of 174 Power Global. 174 Power Global owns and operates solar farms across Texas. That means they generate solar power and send it to the grid. Chariot Energy brings the benefit of solar energy directly to the consumer.

Green energy and 100% solar energy plans are usually at a premium price. Not so with Chariot Energy.

Since they have connections to solar generation, they offer affordable solar power. And you get the peace of mind knowing the energy you’re consuming is made by the endless supply of the sun.

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How Does Chariot Energy Deliver Solar Energy to My Home?

Energy on the grid is a mix of power from multiple sources. But power from a specific solar panel, wind farm or power plant can’t be delivered directly to your home. So, it’s not possible for Chariot to deliver solar energy to your home.

However, they can do the next best thing through Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECS).

A Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) is created that corresponds to every 1MWh (1000 kWh) of power generated from the solar power facility. This certificate is sold to electricity providers separately from the power generated, making it a financial instrument.

Chariot Energy buys Solar Renewable Energy Certificates equivalent to the amount of power you use

Why We Recommend Chariot Energy

When you review Chariot Energy’s value, it’s clear to see why this has been a popular choice for Texas customers.

Renewable energy generated over 25% of Texas’ power needs in 2019. But only 2% of Texas power was from solar energy.

When you buy Chariot Energy 100% solar energy plans, you are giving your “vote” to support new solar generation in our state. By choosing Chariot Energy, you help to ensure continued investment in solar farms in Texas, helping to power our future.

Chariot Energy is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice affordability to get 100% renewable solar energy

Chariot Energy Solar Buy-Back Program

Do you have solar panels on your roof? The Chariot Energy Rise product line gives you the opportunity to cash in on your rooftop solar panels through their Solar Buy-Back plan.  Here are the details:

  • Chariot Energy will buy your excess energy for the same energy price at which they sell you grid power. (Delivery charges not included.)
  • Credits will appear on every month’s bill for solar energy Chariot purchased from you during that billing period.
  • If you have more credits than you use, the credits carry over to the next month.
  • Delivery charges will apply only to power you purchase from Chariot.

Sign up for Chariot Energy Solar Buy Back program online.

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