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Looking for a Power to Choose alternative? Power to Choose is the state-run electricity shopping website where any electricity provider can list their rates. And it’s the official electricity shopping site for the Public Utility Commission of Texas. But it’s hard to use, has a lot of gimmicky plans, and doesn’t have any quality screening.

Instead, use the best Power to Choose alternative to compare energy plan options: ElectricityPlans.

We read the fine print and highlight the information you need to know. You can shop based on your average monthly electricity usage.

And we’ll help you avoid the gimmicks to get the best price and the best provider. Read on to find out why we’re the best Power to Choose option and how to compare providers to find the best company.

In a hurry? Here are current prices for rates in Houston (Centerpoint) and Dallas (Oncor). Just enter your zip code to see electricity rates in your area. Or check our monthly list of the 3 cheapest electricity companies and the cheapest fixed rate offers.

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What is the PowertoChoose.org Website?

Texas Electric choice was the first Power to Choose Texas site in 2002, at the beginning of deregulation. The Public Utility Commission of Texas launched the PowertoChoose.org site in 2012.

The intentions of Power to Choose were good — help Texans shop for electricity. Unfortunately, the Power to Choose has become the Power to Confuse. Energy providers offers a bunch of teaser electricity rates, all hiding behind an average price per kWh that “looks” fair.

The most common mistake people make when using the power to choose is not understanding the three electricity rates shown on the Electricity Facts Label. That’s because people don’t understand how to read the EFL. Few customers understand the three rate structure. And they sign up thinking that those are the exact rates that they’ll be paying for a range of usage.

The truth is, on the Power to Choose site, there are a lot of plans look good at 1000 kWh. That’s the default usage level for the Power to Choose Texas site. But these are tiered rates or bill credit rates. They look good at a specific level of usage. But use more or less? And you’ll pay more than what you expected.

FAQ: How can I ensure that I am making the best choices with the power to choose?

PowertoChoose.org is the state-sponsored website that contains electricity plan listings from most electricity providers. But we recommend using a power to choose alternative instead. That way you have the tools to compare energy rates, review contracts and pick the best plan for your home. ElectricityPlans makes it easier to shop for electricity.

Best Alternative to Power to Choose – ElectricityPlans.com

That’s why we created ElectricityPlans.com as an alternative to Power to Choose. When you look at PowertoChoose vs. ElectricityPlans, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to shop for electricity.

You’ll find tools that let you:

  • Shop based on your unique monthly usage.
  • See both your price per kWh and your estimated monthly bill for every plan.
  • Use search tools to look for just the features you want, like fixed rate electricity plans or 100% Texas green energy plans.
  • Review one-line plan summaries and rates to see if it’s the plan for you
  • See the fine print highlighted for each electricity plan.
  • Sign up for electricity plan expiration reminders after you shop.

Residents can compare energy providers to find the energy plan to meet their needs. When you compare offers and find the cheapest plan, you save on your electricity bill!

shop for electricity
Shopping for electricity should be simple. ElectricityPlans.com is the best alternative to Power to Choose.

Choosing an Energy Provider – Tools That Make it Easy

It should be easy to shop for electricity, just like anything you buy online. ElectricityPlans.com is a simple alternative to Power to Choose and helps you find the best electricity plan for your home.

Instead of shopping based on 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh, you can shop using your monthly kWh usage. We’ll recalculate every rate for you! That way you can find the plan that’s best for you…not best for the person using 1000 kWh a month.

electricity bill calculator

We comb through the details for you and show the exact pricing for each plan in an easy-to-read format. Type in your average usage level and we’ll calculate what your bill will be whether you use 500 kWh, 5000 kWh, or something in between. That gives you the ability to choose the electricity plan that matches your usage.

Plan Details and Bill Calculator example for Electricity Plans.

For each plan, we have a one line description to help you decide. You can also check the full Pricing Details section where we break down the math in the Electricity Facts Label.

Make sure to sort by “Price: Low to High” to select a low price plan.

You can also choose by type of plan. We always recommend you select a basic electricity plan. This type of electricity plan gives you the same fixed rate per kilowatt hour regardless of your usage. Other plans have tiered rates or bill credits that may make you think you’re paying less than you actually do. You can also pick 100% renewable plans like solar or wind.

Compare companies to find energy plans that are right for you. That includes looking at contract length, differences between offers and special incentives.

And if you need more help shopping? Our PlanScan service will evaluate your bill and make recommendations based on your electricity usage patterns, at no charge.

Why Is There No Power to Choose for Commercial Electricity?

Businesses in deregulated areas of Texas have the power to choose their own electricity supplier. However, there is no power to choose Texas business site. You can search “powertochoose org commercial” and not find any information.

So, while businesses do have the power to choose electricity plans in Texas, it’s not easy.

It could be that the Public Utility Commission didn’t want to deal with all the variations in pricing. While residential electricity rates show energy + delivery and an average price, business rates are different. Power to choose business edition would have to deal with different delivery rates. Delivery rates change by your location and by how you use electricity, called your load factor and demand charges.

For consumers, it’s easy to shop and compare rates for their home. But for businesses, most electricity suppliers don’t publish their commercial rates online.

Business owners in Texas can use an energy broker to compare commercial electricity rates. ElectricityPlans.com is a Texas electricity broker that works with multiple business electricity suppliers.

You can shop online to compare commercial rates for your small business. Or if you spend over $2500 a month, you can call us at 844-214-5559 for a custom electricity price quote.

While there may not be a power to choose business site? You can still easily compare rates, review contracts and sign up for your business electricity using our online shopping tools.

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