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In Texas, most consumers have the power to choose their electricity provider. But that doesn’t mean you have to use the state’s PowertoChoose.org web site.

After all, for years, retail energy companies have used the Power to Choose site to trick consumers like you with confusing fine print.

The best way to use your power to choose is to choose an alternative, better shopping experience than the state-sponsored site.

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The Power to Choose = Fine Print, Gimmicks and Gotchas

The intentions of Power to Choose were good — help Texans shop for electricity. Unfortunately, the Power to Choose has become the Power to Confuse, with a mish-mash of gimmicks and gotchas, all hiding behind an average price per kWh that “looks” fair.

And Retail Energy Providers have gamed the Power to Choose site, tricking consumers with fine print, tiered rates, and confusing rate structures.

On the Power to Choose, all the plans look like a great deal at 1000 kWh per month. Then you read the details. Or you get your first bill and realize it’s not what you expected.

Who likes to be tricked? No one. Who likes to pay more than they expected? No one. That’s why the best way to shop for an electricity plan is to use a Power to Choose alternative shopping site, like ElectricityPlans.com.

Compare Electricity Rates in Texas and Shop for Electricity Plans

We carefully evaluate plans and we only show plans that are fair deals for the consumer, complete with transparency regarding bill calculations plus rate history. ElectricityPlans.com lets you easily compare electricity rates and plans

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ElectricityPlans is the Best Alternative to Power to Choose

It should be easy to shop for electricity, just like anything you buy online. Electricity Plans is a simple alternative to Power to Choose and helps you find the best electricity plan for your home. We only feature quality plans, and we help you understand the fine print. 

Want to see exactly how a plan is priced? We comb through the details for you and show the exact pricing for each plan in an easy-to-read format.

Here’s an example of the kind of detail you will find on our site.

Electricity Plan Pricing Details

You can use this information to accurately estimate your monthly bill by doing a simple calculation with your anticipated kWh usage.

Can Someone Help Me Choose the Best Electricity Plan?

Absolutely — use our PlanScan tool! No energy ogres, power wizards or scary energy monsters here — PlanScan is free to use.

Just fill in the PlanScan form and upload a copy of your bill. We’ll analyze your data using our proprietary tool to match your requirements to our database of hundreds of plans, some of which are unpublished! We’ll recommend the best TX electricity plan for your home and save you money.

And that is what the Power to Choose is all about.