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Find the Best 'Electricity Plus' Plans in Texas

Electricity providers are always coming up with new ways to add value to their plans. Bundling extra items with basic electricity is one way they accomplish this. The extra items are typically devices that promote energy efficiency or items that are useful in everyday life.

Electricity + Smart Gadgets

Several of these bonus electricity plans include smart gadgets like thermostats that customers can control remotely and that help save energy. Smart thermostats have a value of approximately $200 and advertise that they can save customers as much as 20% on their heating and cooling bills.

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and allow the customer to monitor and control the thermostat while at home or away with their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Some smart thermostats also learn from the customer’s habits and can automagically adjust based on those habits. Other thermostats predict how much heating or cooling your home will need based on the day’s weather forecast and adjust your thermostat accordingly. These features promote energy efficiency and ultimately energy savings for the customer.

The electricity + plans with the smart thermostat do cost a little more but the customer receives a device that potentially reduces their energy consumption and saves money as a result.

Electricity + Cool Extras

Other types of ‘extra stuff’ include plans that come with solar powered lights. These plans are really cool because not only will the customer get a solar powered light, but also the providers are partnering with non-profit organizations that will send a solar powered light to a family in need.

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