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Electricity providers are always coming up with new ways to add value to their plans. One way they do this? Bundling extra items with basic electricity — like Amazon Echo, Google Home Hub, a Nest Thermostat or an Ecobee Thermostat. These extra items are typically devices that promote energy efficiency or items that are useful in managing your everyday life.

Smart Thermostat Electricity Plans

It’s become popular for some bonus electricity plans to include smart energy saving gadgets like wifi thermostats that customers can control remotely and that help save energy.

Examples of this include the Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat. These are some of the best smart thermostats or best wifi thermostats on the market.

Smart thermostats have a value of approximately $200. Smart thermostats advertise that they can save customers as much as 20% on their heating and cooling bills.

Smart thermostats that are wifi thermostats allow you to monitor and control the thermostat while at home or away with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Some smart thermostats also learn from your habits and can automatically adjust based on those habits. Other thermostats predict how much heating or cooling your home will need based on the day’s weather forecast and adjust your thermostat accordingly. E

lectricity plans with smart thermostats tend to be a little more expensive, and require a longer term contract of 24 or 36 months.  However, these features promote energy efficiency and ultimately energy savings for your home.

In summary, the benefits of a Smart Thermostat include:

  • Auto Schedule – Learns what temps you like and programs itself
  • Auto Away – Turns itself down when no-one is home
  • Remote Control – Connects to WiFi to manage from your smartphone
  • Money Saving – Manages heating and cooling for you

Which electricity plans come with a Free Smart Thermostats from Nest, Ecobee or Honeywell? Right now, we are featuring plans from TriEagle Energy, a reputable electricity provider based in Houston.

Champion Energy thermostat rebate is also available, with a $50 VISA card when you enroll in a qualifying 24 month plan and submit a receipt for buying a Nest thermostat or other wifi thermostat. With this same plan, you’ll get Champion Energy free LED bulbs, up to $50 value.

Home Automation Electricity Plans

As home automation becomes more common, some electricity companies bundle Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Skills or Google Home Hub devices. These devices can make it easier to manage your household, plus they can become energy saving gadgets.

If you tie them to your smart thermostat, you can adjust the temperature using your voice. Or, you can tell your device to “go to sleep” and have it run an automation cycle for you, like shutting off lights, adjusting the thermostat and locking the door, if you have connected it to other wifi devices in the home.

Which electricity plans come with a Free Home Hub or Free Smart Speaker from Amazon or Google? Right now, we are featuring plans from Reliant Energy (Google Home Hub) and Direct Energy (Amazon Echo Dot). The electricity + plans with these gadgets do cost a little more but the customer receives a device on the cutting edge of home automation, and can use it to simplify household tasks or manage their home.

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