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Need apartment electricity? If you’re renting an apartment or house in Texas, you’ll need to pick an electricity plan and a provider to get electricity connected to your home.

You’ll need proof of electricity service in your name to move in to your apartment or rental house.

Pick your electricity plan for your new apartment, complete the enrollment process and you’ll get your new account number from your provider via email.

Show your apartment leasing office your confirmation and you are good to go!

Here are some of the best 12-month electricity plans for your apartment in the Houston or Dallas areas.

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How Much Electricity Does an Apartment Use?

Given the variety of electricity plans for apartments, how do you choose the best one?

The key to finding the best plan is to have an idea of how much electricity you use.

Some electricity plans are cheaper for lower energy usage customers, while other plans are designed with high usage customers in mind. The electricity plans shown here are based on 1000 kWh a month and great for most 1-2 bedroom apartments.

Here is approximate electricity usage for apartments in Texas:

  • Electricity usage for 1-bedroom apartment (750 sq feet) = 600-750 kWh/month
  • Electricity usage for 2-bedroom apartment (1000 sq feet) = 800-1000 kWh/month

Typical apartment plans are best for 500 – 1000 kWh usage per month. Have a bigger or smaller place? Pick your usage level or shop based on your usage.

Best Electricity Plan for Apartments

You may have scanned right by the best electricity plan for apartments in that list above. We know. It’s hard to know the right plan.

These charts show your average price per kWh based on 1000 kWh used each month. But many small apartments (or new apartments that are energy efficient) can use less than that, around 800-900 kWh.

Your utilities are the biggest expense for your apartment home other than your rent. And you may have a deposit for your electricity, just like you have a deposit for your apartment. So it pays to shop around, compare options and get the best rate.

The best way to shop for your apartment electricity is by shopping by zip code and usage. Ask your apartment manager what the average electricity usage is for an apartment your size. Use that to shop for your electricity plan.

When you shop you will see different types of electricity plans.

The best option is a fixed rate “basic electricity” plan. With this type of plan it doesn’t matter how much electricity you use. You’ll pay the same rate per kWh for your electricity.

TIP: If your credit score is below 600, you may have to pay a deposit of up to $300 or more for electricity. Consider an electricity plan with no deposit.

Does My Electricity Contract Term Have to Match My Apartment Lease?

No, your electricity contract term does not need to match your apartment lease term.

As a renter, you’re likely concerned about getting your electricity contract’s start and end dates to match your lease term as close as possible. In most cases, your electricity provider will offer flexible start dates and some even offer same-day connections.

So, the end date on your electricity contract and your apartment lease don’t have to match.

Instead of focusing on the term of the contract, it’s better to choose an electricity plan that’s the cheapest rate. And that may be one with a slightly longer contract term than your apartment lease.

If you move and provide proof of a change in address, your electricity provider cannot charge you an early termination fee. So you’re never stuck in a contract with your electricity provider. Moving is an automatic out for your early termination fee.

So your best bet is to get the electricity plan that gives you the best price per kWh based on usage.

TIP: Who decides how much each person in an apartment pays for electricity and other utilities? You do. If you have a roommate, consider drafting and both signing a roommate agreement. In it, specify how much rent each person is paying, and how you’ll split utility bills. That makes it easier to resolve any issues.

Do I Have to Pick the Electricity Company My Apartment Recommends?

No, you don’t have to pick the electricity company your apartment company recommends.

In most of Texas, you can choose your electricity provider. However, some apartment managers will give you a list of utility companies to pick from. They may not tell you that you can pick your electricity supplier for your apartment.

Big power companies make deals with your apartment company. Your leasing agent or apartment complex may get compensated when you sign up. And those electricity prices are usually higher than what you can get if you shop.

That’s why it’s important to shop around for the best electricity rate for your apartment.

Same Day Electricity for My Apartment

You can schedule your electricity service to make sure the lights are on before you move in to your new home. But here we are. It’s moving day and need to get lights turned on fast so you can move in to your apartment.

Each electricity company has a different cut-off time for same day electricity for your apartment. Some electricity companies can get your lights on same day up until 6:30pm.

Same Day Apartment Electricity from TXU Energy

TXU Energy offers special apartment electricity plans and expedited service when you need your electricity turned on the same day.

If you forgot to set up service for your move-in, don’t sweat it. Sign up with TXU Energy by 6:30pm and your lights will be on the same day.1

Plus TXU Energy’s True Fit Guarantee means you can change your plan any time, for any reason, with no early cancellation fee. Just sign up for a new 12 month plan when you switch. This is exclusively offered to customers who live in apartments.2

No Deposit Electricity for Apartments

When you are moving into a new place, costs add up fast. You may not have the money to pay a deposit for electricity. Shop no deposit electricity plans from Payless Power. There’s no credit check and no deposit. You can get lights on for your apartment with just $40 to start.

Utility Checklist for Apartments

When you move into your apartment, your apartment manager will will need to have proof that you have put all utilities in your name.

The includes the following items you need to check on:

  1. Electricity
  2. Water
  3. Sewage
  4. Natural Gas
  5. Cable
  6. Internet

When moving in to the apartment home, you will need to provide proof of utilities to your apartment manager for electricity, water, sewage and natural gas (if applicable).

Disclaimers for Same Day Apartment Electricity from TXU

1Same-day service available for customers with AMS meters who sign-up before 6:30 p.m. on the day service is requested.

2Just call TXU Energy and if you change plans, TXU Energy will waive any early cancellation fees. New plan must have a term equal to balance of existing term and no less than 12 months. Multifamily customers only. Cancellation fee applies if you switch providers. You remain responsible for any billed and un-billed charges.

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