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Reliant Energy Offers Innovative Electricity Plans to Texas Residential and Small Commercial Customers

As one of Texas’ largest electricity providers, more than 1.5 million Texas residential and commercial electricity customers have turned to Reliant Energy electricity. As a part of NRG Energy Inc. (NYSE: NRG), a Fortune 200 company, they are dedicated to providing high-value, innovative energy products that match changing customer needs to power homes and businesses throughout the state. Reliant electricity plans offer a variety of choices.

Reliant Energy Offers Innovation, Choice, And Value

By choosing Reliant Energy, Texas electricity customers choose more than just a competitive electricity plan. They are also choosing stability and experience from their electric company. Reliant is committed to empowering customers with innovative plans, products, and award-winning customer service. They know the needs of Texas electricity customers and leverages their experience to provide competitive rates and quality service.

Reliant’s energy solutions meet a wide range of customer need. Reliant’s energy solutions help your home operate as efficiently as possible. Choose from electricity plans with Google Home Hub, upgrade LED light bulbs, reorder air filters, and more using their trusted partners.

Best Reliant Energy Electricity Plans in Dallas – Fort Worth (Oncor)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Reliant Secure Advantage® 12 12 10.9 ¢ Details
Reliant Clear Flex 1 11.5 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free Weekends 12 12 13.9 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free Nights 12 12 13.9 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free 7 Days 12 12 13.9 ¢ Details

Best Reliant Energy Electricity Plans in Houston (CenterPoint)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Reliant Secure Advantage® 12 12 11.5 ¢ Details
Reliant Clear Flex 1 11.9 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free Weekends 12 12 14.5 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free Nights 12 12 14.5 ¢ Details
Reliant Truly Free 7 Days 12 12 14.5 ¢ Details

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Reliant Energy Offers a Variety of Plans

Reliant Energy is one of the largest electricity providers in Texas. They offer a variety of electricity plans at competitive rates.  They offer fixed, month-to-month, prepaid and renewable energy plans, all in a variety of lengths.

Pick Your Reliant Free Time: Truly Free Nights, Truly Free Weekends & Truly Free 7 Days

Reliant offers free time plans that include free weekends, free nights, and top 7 usage days free. These Reliant free time plans include energy saving gadgets like the Google Home Hub. Free electricity plans are among the most popular in Texas, and the Reliant Energy free electricity plans are no exception. Find out if they are for you by reading our reviews of the Reliant Truly Free Weekends or the Reliant Truly Free Nights plans.

Prepaid Electricity Plans

Reliant Energy Pay As You Go electricity is a well priced basic month to month prepaid electricity plan. With a low $30 activation payment, you can get same day electricity service for your home.

Reliant Energy Small and Medium Business Electricity Rates & Plans

Reliant offers a variety of excellent plans for small and medium business customers in Texas. The Reliant Stay & Save 36 plan offers a 10% discount on the energy rate year over year for staying with Reliant for 3 years.

Reliant Energy Small Business Electricity Rates in Dallas – Fort Worth (Oncor)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Reliant Business Power Plus 24 24 5.9 ¢ Details
Reliant Business Power Plus 12 12 6.1 ¢ Details

Reliant Energy Small Business Electricity Rates in Houston (CenterPoint)

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Reliant Business Power Plus 24 24 5.8 ¢ Details
Reliant Business Power Plus 12 12 6.0 ¢ Details

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Reliant Energy Supports The Community

Reliant Energy understands that by providing electricity, they are an integral part of the community. They work in the communities they serve by volunteering over 13,000 hours and donating over $2.5M annually to local charities and social agencies. Their community involvement spans charitable giving, environmental commitment, and sponsorships and grants in the Texas regional area. In addition, the NRG Retail Charitable Foundation focuses on community and economic development, education, environment and energy efficiency, health and well-being, and employee engagement.

Reliant Energy is Technology Driven to Keep Customers Informed

High customer satisfaction and quality customer service is core to their focus. One way it achieves this is through the use of customer-friendly technology:

  • Online account management allows customers to manage electricity usage, pay bills, track and compare usage over time, and receive alerts.
  • The Reliant Energy App allows mobile users to have access to account information, bill pay, usage history, customer support, and more.
  • The Reliant Energy Connect app gives full home control through their security and home automation services.
  • Smart meters in Texas homes allow Reliant the ability to provide electricity customers with weekly usage reports so they’re able to learn about their electricity usage and adjust their thermostats to fit their budget.
  • Home Energy Checkup and Home Energy Snapshot – customers can receive a free home energy checkup to make sure their homes stay as energy efficient as possible. The Home Energy Snapshot uses historical usage data to report average electricity usage over the past 12 months, send tips on improving your home’s energy efficiency, and establish a baseline for future energy comparison.

Reliant Energy is a company with experience, electricity choice, and quality customer service at its core. Their commitment to stability, renewable energy, innovation, and community involvement uniquely positions them as an established leader in the Texas retail market.

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