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Whether you are moving to Fort Worth or already live there, you can easily find cheap electricity rates near you. Below you’ll find information on:

  1. Cheapest Electricity Plans in Ft. Worth
  2. Best Electric Company in Fort Worth
  3. Moving to Ft. Worth? How to Find the Best Electricity Plan in Your Area
  4. Switching Providers in Ft Worth? Shop by Usage
  5. Best Fixed Rate (No Gimmicks) Electricity Plans in Fort Worth
  6. List of Electric Companies in Fort Worth
  7. Electric Companies in Fort Worth TX with No Deposit
  8. Best Electricity Plans for Ft. Worth Apartments
  9. Business Electricity Rates in Ft. Worth
  10. Utility (Oncor) Phone Number – Electricity Outage in Fort Worth

What is the average electricity rate in Fort Worth?

The average electricity rate in Fort Worth is 15.43¢ per kWh based on rates as of 09/22/2023. That's based on a typical home in Fort Worth using 937 kWh. The average monthly electricity bill in Fort Worth is $144.58.

These are some of the lowest electricity rates in Ft. Worth. Some of the plans shown as cheapest electricity plans in Ft. Worth, TX are tiered rate or bill credit plans.

Make sure to shop based on your electricity usage and read the plan details before you sign up with an electricity company.

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Best Electric Company in Fort Worth

The best electric company in Fort Worth is the one that’s best for you. Now, hear us out on this. There is no single best electric company in Ft. Worth Texas. There is only the best company for your usage, your family and your needs.

Here’s how to get the best electricity plan for your home: shop based on your electricity usage.

And here are the steps to find the best electric company in Fort Worth:

  • Enter your zip code to see electricity rates by zip.
  • Then use the Electricity Bill Calculator tool (under advanced search) to enter your own average monthly electricity usage.
  • We’ll calculate the average price per kWh for your home, based on your usage.
  • We’ll also calculate the estimated monthly electricity bill.
  • And, we’ll re-sort all the plans to show the cheapest electricity rate for your home.

Once you have that information, you can move on to find the best electricity plan for your Fort Worth home. You can look for electricity plans with free electricity at certain times. Or you can filter by contract term.

Find the Best Electric Company in Fort Worth

Average Electricity Rate & Electric Bill in Ft Worth

  • Average electricity rate in Fort Worth : 15.74¢ per kWh
  • Average electricity usage per month: 937 kWh
  • Average electricity bill in Fort Worth : $147.48

List of Fort Worth Electric Companies

There are over 40 Fort Worth electric companies to choose from. You want to make sure you review the best options, and don’t waste time with fly by night electricity companies.

That’s why it’s important to work with an independent electric company shopping site like ElectricityPlans.com. We carefully review electricity companies that have been approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas and talk directly to their management before adding them to our site.

So if you’re looking for a list of electricity providers in your area? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of electric company Ft. Worth Texas you’ll find on our site:

Electricity CompanyPhone Number
4Change Energy844-395-4408
Champion Energy855-307-8616
Chariot Energy877-917-3876
Cirro Energy833-307-1139
Direct Energy844-879-7711
Discount Power833-307-1140
Energy Texas833-452-1197
Flagship Power844-285-0231
Frontier Utilities855-209-0714
Gexa Energy855-639-8057
Green Mountain Energy833-307-1138
New Power Texas866-529-4931
OhmConnect Energy866-531-5945
Payless Power866-934-3451
Pulse Power888-853-4218
Reliant Energy833-302-3650
Shell Energy800-716-8807
TriEagle Energy877-649-0354
TXU Energy833-201-0058
Veteran Energy855-780-5209

Moving to Ft. Worth Texas – How to Set Up Electricity

Moving to Fort Worth? If so, you may be confused about how to set up electricity for your new home.

In Fort Worth Texas, electricity is deregulated. You must choose a retail electricity provider for the electricity in your home. The local utility company, Oncor, can not serve as your electricity supplier.

You can shop for electricity plans just by entering your zip code. Then filter for Basic Fixed Rate Plans. Stay away from free electricity, tiered rate and bill credit plans until you know your electricity usage pattern.

TIP: If you are moving in to a new home in Ft. Worth, select “move-in” during your enrollment process, then select the date you want to start service.

If you are moving in to an apartment, your apartment manager may recommend a provider to you. However, we find it’s always better to shop for your own electricity provider. The company your apartment manager recommends is seldom the cheapest electricity in Fort Worth.

If you are moving homes within the Fort Worth area, you can take your electricity plan with you (transfer of service) or you can shop for a new electricity plan. Your current electricity company can’t charge you an early termination fee if you provide proof of your move. You can get rid of your expensive electricity plan and get a lower electricity rate for your new Ft. Worth home.

Switching Electricity Companies in Ft. Worth Texas

When comparing electricity rates to find a new plan, it’s important to know your electricity usage. This helps make sure you are getting the cheapest electricity rates in Ft. Worth Texas.

Electricity plans are shown with rates based on 500, 1000 or 2000 kWh. That’s great… but the average electricity bill in Fort Worth is based on 1200 kWh a month. And plans with tiered rates and bill credits usually have discounts that only apply if you use exactly a certain amount of electricity.

The better way to find best electricity plan for your home is to shop based on your usage.

Our electricity bill calculator function helps you do just that. Enter your zip code, then enter your average electricity usage per month.

We’ll automatically calculate the average price per kWh to match your usage level. And we’ll show your estimated monthly electricity bill. Plus we’ll re-sort all the plans to show the cheapest electricity rate at the top.

Best Fixed (No Gimmicks) Electricity Rates in Ft. Worth

Sometimes, simple is best. There are many different types of electricity plans out there — tiered rate, bill credit, free electricity. But the easiest choice is a fixed rate plan.

With a fixed rate plan, you don’t have to worry about how much you are using, or what time of day you are using it. You pay the same price per kWh no matter how much you use.

Here are some of the best fixed rate no gimmicks electricity rates in Fort Worth:

Electric Companies in Fort Worth TX No Deposit

If your credit score is under 600, you will likely have to pay a deposit for your electricity service. But we have the solution for you!

Prepaid electricity is available in Fort Worth Texas. And the best no deposit prepaid electricity plan in Fort Worth is Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12, a fixed price prepaid electricity plan.

Most prepaid plans are month to month and they can raise your rate anytime. That’s why this plan is the best prepaid electricity. It’s a fixed rate for 12 months. And, you’ll be building your credit history. Sign up now by calling 1-866-934-3451.

Bonus Tip: If you look for no deposit / no credit check electricity? Don’t fall for a high-priced no credit check plan. You’ll pay way too much in the long run. And, you deserve better treatment than that!

Instead of paying a deposit, you can pay just $75 (or in some cases, $35) to get your lights on. These rates are higher than traditional plans. You may also want to consider Pulse Power and Champion Energy. Pulse Power just looks at your utility payments in their credit check. And Champion Energy offers a deposit alternative to get service for under $150 deposit.

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Payless Power Rate Lock 6 6 15.5 ¢
Payless Power Rate Lock 12 12 15.6 ¢

Best Electricity Plans for Fort Worth Apartments

Apartments and smaller houses can take advantage of different electricity plans. That’s because many Ft. Worth electric companies develop electricity plans specifically for 1000 kWh. And many apartments use 800-1000 kWh per month.

When you shop your apartment electricity plan, select 1000 kWh as your usage.

Shopping at that lower usage level will give you access to different rates. There are many tiered rates and bill credit rates that give a great price for usage around 1000 kWh.

We’ve made it easy — we summarize each rate plan in a one-line description. And we peel back the layers on the Electricity Facts Label to show you the details.

Business Electricity Rates in Ft. Worth TX

If you are a business owner in Fort Worth, you know how hard it is to shop for commercial electricity for your business. Business electricity just isn’t as easy as residential electricity.

Most electricity providers don’t publish their business rates. But, we work with multiple electric companies to get the best business electricity rates.

And you can shop commercial electricity rates online based on your zip code, load zone and load factor.

You can shop for business electricity in Ft. Worth Texas online. Or you can call our electricity experts at 844-214-5559. Here are some of the business electricity rates per kWh in Ft Worth:

Commercial Electricity Rates per kWh in Ft Worth

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Reliant Business Power Plus 36 Months 36 8.80 ¢
APG&E APG&E 60 Months 60 7.13 ¢
APG&E APG&E 60 Months 60 7.20 ¢
APG&E APG&E 48 Months 48 7.30 ¢
APG&E APG&E 48 Months 48 7.39 ¢
APG&E APG&E 36 Months 36 7.54 ¢
APG&E APG&E 36 Months 36 7.65 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 60 Months 60 7.82 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 60 Months 60 7.86 ¢
APG&E APG&E 24 Months 24 7.89 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 48 Months 48 7.99 ¢
APG&E APG&E 6 Months 6 8.01 ¢
APG&E APG&E 24 Months 24 8.02 ¢
APG&E APG&E 6 Months 6 8.03 ¢
APG&E APG&E 18 Months 18 8.05 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 48 Months 48 8.06 ¢
ENGIE 60 Months 60 8.16 ¢
APG&E APG&E 18 Months 18 8.19 ¢
Green Mountain Energy 36 Months 36 8.23 ¢
ENGIE 48 Months 48 8.31 ¢

Shop Business Electricity Rates by Zip Code

Phone Number to Call for Power Outage in Fort Worth Texas

No matter who your electricity provider is, Oncor remains your local utility company. Oncor will respond in the case of any power outages or emergencies. To report a power outage, call Oncor at 888-313-4747.

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