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  • Written By: Kelly Bedrich

  • Looking for 100% renewable energy in Texas? Green Mountain Energy is a top choice for Texans looking for a green energy option.

    About Green Mountain Energy

    Green Mountain Energy believes that cleaner energy means a cleaner world. Since 1997, this provider has been on a mission to use the power of consumer choice to change the way power is made. Serving Texas since 2002, they were the first retailer to offer alternative energy in the state.

    Since then, they have built quite a following of renewable energy supporters in Texas who have made a significant positive difference on the environment. For over 20 years, they’ve been using sun and wind to offer cleaner energy products that protect the environment.

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    Green Mountain Energy has temporarily suspended digital enrollments. If you are interested in this provider, please call customer service at 833-307-1138 or shop all green energy providers by entering your zip code below.

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    Electricity Plan Options

    Green Mountain Energy electricity plans are 100% renewable energy. When you purchase these plans, you help support their commitment to clean energy in the community.

    Go Local Solar 12 Preferred is a plan backed by 100% Texas solar energy, through renewable energy certificates. This invests in large solar farm operations in Texas.

    Pollution Free e-plus 24 Preferred is a plan backed by 100% renewable energy through wind. Wind farms are a big part of Texas’ transition to alternative energy.

    Green Mountain Energy Community Giving

    Green Mountain customers have the option to participate in the Sun Club®. Each month Sun Club® members contribute money that goes to a fund that provides long-term, sustainable solutions that focus on people and the planet. Since 2002, the Sun Club® has helped install more than 900 kW of solar power through 75 unique projects supporting more than 70 non-profit organizations.

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