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4Change Energy -- Low Prices, Satisfaction Guarantee and Community Donations

4Change Energy, headquartered in the Dallas area, offers retail electricity in Texas at very competitive rates by having a simplified business model with primarily online services. Their mission is to be known for their low prices, enrollment without hassle, easy service you can trust, and helping Texans in great need. They set out to make a difference in the communities they serve by contributing 4% of annual profits to the local chapters of four established non-profits:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Red Cross
  • Heroes for Children
  • Feeding Texas

When you sign up with 4Change for service, you not only get a great rate, but you also get to feel good about helping Texans in great need.

4Change Energy Electricity Plans in Texas

4Change Energy offers a variety of electricity plans in Texas. Most of their electricity plans are bill credit or tiered rate plans. Flat bill, bill credit and tiered rate electricity plans can help you save on your electricity bill if you pay attention to your usage information. Use our electricity bill calculator to see what you’ll pay at each month’s usage level.

Maxx Saver Select 24: This bill credit plan is great if your usage is consistently between 1000 and 2200 kWh. You’ll get a competitive energy rate for 2 years and a $100 bill credit when your monthly usage is over 1000 kWh.

Maxx Saver Select 12: This bill credit plan is great if your usage is consistently between 1000 and 2000 kWh. You’ll get a competitive energy rate for 1 years and a $100 bill credit when your monthly usage is over 1000 kWh.

4Change Energy also offers a fixed rate electricity plan called One Rate. You’ll pay the same price per kWh of electricity no matter how much you use. While this plan may look to be their most expensive offer, it could be their best rate, if you don’t want to worry about meeting usage requirements of their other plans.

4Change Energy Electricity Rates

Shop 4Change Energy electricity rates by entering your zip code. The rates shown here are for the Oncor (Dallas/Fort Worth) area. You can see 4Change Energy rates in your area by clicking the details button or entering your zip.

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
4Change Energy Maxx Saver Select 24 24 12.2 ¢ Details
4Change Energy Maxx Saver Select 12 12 12.3 ¢ Details
4Change Energy One Rate 24 24 16.9 ¢ Details
4Change Energy One Rate 12 12 17.9 ¢ Details

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4Change Energy Satisfaction Guarantee

At 4Change Energy, they understand that picking the right electricity plan can seem like a big commitment.  That’s why they offer the 4Change Energy Satisfaction Guarantee.

If your situation changes, or if you decide you’re not completely satisfied with your plan within 30 days of your enrollment, they’re prepared to make it right. They’ll work with you to resolve whatever you’re not happy about. Or they will find another 4Change Energy term plan that better fits your needs.

If they can’t find a plan that’s right for you, they’ll even let you out of your contract — penalty free — as long as you contact them by phone within 30 days of your enrollment.  Upon cancellation, you will be responsible for paying for the electricity you have used, but they’ll waive your early cancellation fee.

That’s their way of taking the worry out of choosing them as your electricity company.

4Change isn’t the only provider offering a satisfaction guarantee. Check our list of other electricity companies with satisfaction guarantee.

4Change Energy Reviews & Ratings

4Change Energy’s satisfaction guarantee may be one of the reasons why they have excellent customer reviews.

You can find 4Change Energy reviews online. Here are some of their ratings:

Yelp reviews for 4Change Energy are mediocre, with 2 out of 5 stars.

Google reviews for 4Change Energy are positive with a 4.2 out of 5.

BBB Rating for 4Change Energy . They are an A rated BBB member.

4Change Customer Service

You can get customer service from 4Change Energy through email and phone.

  • 4Change Energy Customer Service Phone Number: You can reach 4Change Energy operators at 888-365-0312, Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 5pm.
  • 4Change Energy New Customer or New Service: To enroll with 4Change Energy, call 888-365-0312.
  • Email 4Change Energy Customer Service: You can email 4Change Energy at service@4changeenergy.com.
  • 4Change Energy Login: You can review your bill, download usage history and pay your bill online. Login to your 4Change Energy account online.

4Change Energy Bill Pay

Want to pay your 4Change Energy bill?

You can pay by phone at 855-784-2426. You can pay your 4Change Energy bill online using Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express debit or credit cards.

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