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Texas Electricity Companies with a Satisfaction Guarantee

A satisfaction guarantee can go a long way toward making you feel confident in your choice of Texas electricity plan. After all, there are a lot of things to compare when you’re shopping for electricity. That’s why we like these electricity companies with a satisfaction guarantee.

Types of Texas Electricity Satisfaction Guarantee

There are two basic types of satisfaction guarantees for Texas electricity.

One type of satisfaction guarantee will allow you to switch to any of their other plans within a certain time period. This includes Pulse Power and Gexa Energy.

The second type of satisfaction guarantee allows you to switch away with no penalty within a certain time period if you can’t find a plan you like. This includes TXU, 4Change and Rhythm.

With all of these satisfaction guarantees, you are still responsible for paying for the electricity you have used. And, all of the guarantees are only for new customers.

But the reality is? We’ve found that most electricity companies will let you switch to a different plan, even if they don’t have a satisfaction guarantee.

Just give them a call and ask for help. It’s pretty likely that they will help you switch to a new plan, especially if it’s something like changing from free nights to a fixed rate plan. And if they say no? Well that’s something to consider when it’s time to renew. And a lesson learned for next time.

Here are some of the best satisfaction guarantees that we’ve found from Texas electricity companies.

4Change Energy Satisfaction Guarantee

With 4Change Energy, new customers have 30 days after enrollment to decide if they want to choose a different plan. 4Change will help you switch to another one of their plans that better fits your needs. This is very helpful because 4Change Energy offers a lot of tiered rate and bill credit plans that are complex.

And if you don’t like any of their other plan options, you can switch away. Just give them a call within 30 days of your enrollment to let them know, and they’ll waive any early termination fee.

Gexa Energy Happiness Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your new Gexa Energy residential plan, just call them within 60 days of your service activation date. You can change to another available Gexa Energy plan with no early termination fee.

Pulse Power Perfect Plan Guarantee

Don’t like your Pulse Power electricity plan? You can choose an alternative plan if you contact them within 90 days of your original enrollment.

The only catch? The plan has to have the same term length (number of months) but a different plan structure than the current energy plan. For example, you could switch from a free nights 24-month plan to a tiered rate 24 month plan.

Pulse Power makes it easy to change your plan, with a simple online form. They’ll evaluate your electricity usage and current plan, and make a recommendation for a plan that can give you a lower monthly electricity bill.

Rhythm Easy Energy Promise

Rhythm lets you try any electricity plan for 90 days and switch away with no early termination fee. They call it the Easy Energy Promise and it’s part of their approach to make electricity shopping easy.

And after 90 days they still make it easy if you want to leave. Their early termination fee is just $10 per month remaining in your contract.

TXU Total Satisfaction Guarantee

TXU Energy’s Total Satisfaction Guarantee gives you 60 days to change your mind on the plan you selected. If the plan isn’t the right fit, just contact them to change to a different plan. Still can’t find the right fit? You can switch away with no early termination penalty.

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