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Veteran Energy: Great Electricity Service for All Texans + Support for Veterans

Veteran Energy began in 2010 with the idea that an energy company could do more than just provide low electricity rates and exceptional customer care. The company wanted to give back to our country’s biggest heroes—our veterans, military members and their families.

Veteran Energy Texas Electricity Business Acquired by Value Based Brands

On November 4, 2020, the Texas retail electric customers of Veteran Energy were acquired by Value Based Brands. Value Based Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of a large and growing Fortune 500 company with decades of experience in the Texas retail electricity market. This acquisition is expected to be complete by the end of November 2020. Current Texas Veteran electricity customers’ accounts will be transferred to Value Based Brands at this time. The Veteran brand will be retained and customers’ contractual terms and rates will be honored.

Easier Than Your Average Electricity Provider

Throughout Texas, Veteran Energy customers enjoy great electricity rates and exceptional U.S.-based customer care. But signing on means you also get easy energy management that helps you save time and money.

Veteran Energy offers several convenient payment plans. And accessing your account online or through the company’s thoughtfully designed mobile app lets you pay your bill, tailor plans and services and view your account balance and usage reports at any time of the day or night. They offer paperless billing, too, which is great for the planet and keeping mailbox clutter down. And their autopay feature lets you relax and never have to think twice about ever missing a payment.

Veteran Energy Short and Long Term Plans

Along with great rates, unparalleled customer care and easy energy management, Veteran Energy offers a range of products and services designed to make your home or business save money. They offer the option for long term plans up to 60 months!

The Power to Give Back

As a part of Veteran Energy, you have a chance to help support veterans, military members and their families. Signing up means you get to choose which of our trusted Affinity Partners we give a portion of your monthly bill to. From supporting returning troops to supplying resources to the families of the deployed, these partners have proven track records of changing lives for the better.

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