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Cheapest Electricity Rates in Texas (July 2024)

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
  • Edited By: Shannon Bedrich
  • Finding the cheapest electricity rates in Texas doesn’t have to be hard. Every month we update our recommendation for the top 3 cheapest electricity companies in Texas, and our cheapest electricity rates for fixed rates plans. Here’s the July 2024 update.

    What You’ll Find in this Article

    Top 3 Cheapest Energy Companies in Texas Right Now

    Wondering who has the cheapest electricity rates in Texas? That changes often depending on how aggressive each company is with their pricing. And the cheapest electricity rate for you depends a lot on your usage and where you live.

    Here are the energy companies that currently have the cheapest electricity rates in Texas, as of July 2024.

    1. Rhythm Energy – Get 100% renewable energy at an affordable price, plus a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
    2. OhmConnect Energy – OhmConnect Energy offers traditional fixed rate plans and a Half Price Nights plan. Plus you can earn rewards by conserving energy.
    3. Champion Energy – This long-time player in the Texas market is getting aggressive this summer with pricing.

    These recommendations are for fixed rate electricity plans (no bill credits or tiered rates) and that’s also what we show below. These are straight-forward easy plans. If you are looking for bill credit or tiered rate plans, enter your zip code below to see all options.

    Strategies for Getting the Best Electricity Rate in the Summer

    We know. It’s miserable to shop for electricity during Texas summers. Here are three energy strategies to consider if your electricity contract expires in July or August. (PS – considering Texas just had a hurricane barrel through, rates actually aren’t that bad.)

    1. Go Long. Go long term with a 24 or 36 month plan. These offer cheaper rates than 12 month plans, since energy traders think energy supply will be better long term.
    2. Shift Your Shopping Date. Shopping for electricity in July and August is horrid, since prices are highest at this time of year. Consider a a 6 month or 14 month plan, which will shift your shopping cycle out of summer.
    3. Go Short. Do a combo deal. Consider a month to month electricity plan for July and August. Or check the variable rate history for your provider’s off-contract rate (info will be included in your renewal notice). Then set a shopping reminder for September, when rates typically drop.

    You can read more on how to shop for Houston cheap electricity rates or Cypress electricity rates. Or review info on the average electricity bill in Houston. The plans above are true fixed rate electricity plans, what we call basic electricity.

    But if you want to look at plans with tiered rates, bill credits, and free electricity plans, enter your zip code below.

    Compare Electricity Rates by Zip Code

    These are the TRUE fixed rate electricity plans, where you pay the same rate per kWh of electricity no matter how much or how little you use.

    You can check rates for all types of electricity plans, including tiered rates, bill credits and flat bill electricity plans.

    Just make sure you enter your average electricity usage after you enter your zip code below! That’s the best way to see if a rate plan is a good match for you. You can also learn more about how to shop cheap electricity in Dallas, and how much is the average Dallas electricity bill.

    Shop Electricity Rates by Zip Code

    How to Find the Lowest Electricity Rate in Texas

    Shopping for electricity doesn’t have to be hard. You can check our detailed “Definitive Guide to Shopping for Electricity in Texas” for a full version. But here’s a quickie version of steps to find cheap rates.

    1. Enter your zip code
    2. Enter your average monthly electricity usage. (Don’t know it? The average house in Texas uses 1200 kWh a month.)
    3. Sort by “Rates Low to High”
    4. Pick the cheapest price for electricity, either based on price per kWh or the estimated monthly bill.

    There are a lot of different options, but we suggest looking at Basic Electricity plans and just picking the cheapest rate. That’s how to get your lowest electricity bill.

    Need help? You can email us your questions and a copy of your bill by using our PlanScan service. We’ll send you the three cheapest electricity plans for your home.

    Not ready to lock in? Sign up for electricity shopping reminder service. We’ll send you reminders to come back and shop. And we’ll send you electricity price drop alerts when we find a good deal.

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