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Month to Month Electricity That’s Not Prepaid

Looking for a month-to-month cheap Texas electricity plan? You’ve found it!

Month-to-month electricity plans, also known as variable-rate plans, are subject to frequent rate changes but have no contract. This can be a convenient option for consumers that don’t want to commit or that need a short term solution for energy.

TIP: If you are moving soon, you don’t have to go month to month. You can get a fixed rate electricity plan instead. If you move before your contract expires, then your early termination fee is waived, as long a you provide a forwarding address as proof of your move.

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Texas Electricity Trends for 2020

Texas electricity rates in 2019 were relatively flat compared to the prior year. And if you were in a fixed rate contract throughout 2019, you had a secure price. But those who were on a variable rate or a wholesale index rate (i.e. Griddy Energy) had their rate explode in mid August when ERCOT hit a historic usage level.

So what will happen in 2020? It all depends. But indications are that market forces are driving up retail energy prices in the short term, and that long-term contracts might be the way to go this year.

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