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Bulb Energy – Month to Month Electricity That’s Not Prepaid

Looking for a month to month cheap Texas electricity plan? You’ve found it!

Bulb Energy is a variable rate month to month electricity plan. Your rate will change every month, based on the wholesale market rates.

Variable vs. Fixed Rate Texas Electricity Plans

We usually recommend fixed price plans for our customers. Because summer electricity pricing in Texas is risky business. Most of the electricity used at home is for your A/C. And when it gets hot in Texas, the electricity usage cranks up — and so do prices. A fixed rate plan gives you price certainty and protection against summer price increases.

But here’s the reality.

If you are willing to take a little bit of risk, you can get a lot of reward. That’s because wholesale prices in Texas are only really high in the summer, reflecting higher demand. The other eight months of the year, wholesale prices in Texas are low.

And with more solar and wind generation (and utility-scale battery storage) being built every day, wholesale prices may drop even lower in the off-season.

We give Bulb Energy a strong “two thumbs up” for Texas electricity providers. Especially if you’re tired of chasing the daily energy prices with Griddy.

Cheap Month to Month Electricity That’s Not Prepaid (Bulb Energy Review)

For consumers that want cheap month to month electricity that’s not prepaid, Bulb delivers. And, for the average Texas electricity consumer? It’s everything that Texas electricity customers have wanted.

  1. Wholesale pricing without the risk. This is a variable rate, and it will follow the wholesale market. Yes, when the wholesale energy costs go up, you’ll pay a higher price the next month. But when they come down (like they do 8 months out of the year) you’ll pay a lower price. And unlike other wholesale energy products, you won’t be chasing the rate all day long, trying to adjust your thermostat to reflect the 15-minute price of energy.
  2. No tricks electricity rates. Bulb only offers one plan. It’s a basic electricity plan with energy + delivery. No gimmicks, no hidden fees.
  3. No cancellation penalty. This is a variable rate plan. Each month you can log-in and check the next month’s rate. Don’t like it? Switch to a different company, usually within 1-3 days. Bulb has no cancellation penalty if you leave. Just pay your final bill and switch away if you find a better rate.
  4. 100% renewable energy. Bulb electricity is 100% renewable energy from Texas. You get 100% Texas solar and Texas wind. All for the same price or less than most other retailers charge for regular brown energy.
  5. With no contract. You get all these guarantees and benefits, with no commitment. Don’t like it? Leave anytime.
  6. Know next month’s rate. You can log in to your online account anytime to view the current rate you’re paying, and the rate that you’ll pay the next month.
  7. And, it’s not prepaid! Most month to month electricity plans are prepaid or pay-as-you-go electricity.

Bulb Energy is new to Texas, but they power 1.6 million homes in the UK, Spain and France. You can read more about Bulb Energy in our provider profile.

Oh, and there’s also this, if you want to switch to Bulb Energy:

Locked in a fixed rate contract? Bulb will reimburse you up to $100 if you have to pay an early termination fee. Just sign up, then contact Bulb with a copy of your final bill showing an ETF.

Shop Bulb Energy Texas Electricity

Shopping Bulb Energy is easy, because they only have one product. It’s a simple energy + delivery plan.

Enter your zip code to start shopping Bulb plans. You’ll quickly find that they are one of the cheapest electricity providers in Texas

What are the Requirements to Sign up for Bulb Energy?

Bulb Energy does have a few requirements that you will need to meet.

  • Pass a credit check (though from what we’ve seen, their credit score threshold is pretty reasonable.)
  • Agree to automatic credit card or debit card payments, or automatic bank draft
  • Agree to receive your bill via email

And if you don’t like Bulb and want to leave? No problem. There’s no cancellation fee, since it’s a month to month contract.

Compare Griddy Wholesale Energy vs. Bulb Energy

If you are interested in month to month wholesale energy pricing with no contract, you may have considered Griddy. How does Griddy compare vs. Bulb?

Griddy is a month to month wholesale energy plan where you pay a $9.95 monthly membership fee to get access to wholesale pricing. Your electricity cost will be whatever the wholesale electricity price is at that moment. .

Bulb doesn’t change your price every 15 minutes with the market changes. At the end of each month, their supply folks will get in a room and talk about the cost of power last month and the projections for next month. Then their marketing guys will chime in and say, hey folks! We can’t charge that much or everyone will leave. And with that interchange, the price for your next month will be set.

Why do we think that? We’ve been in similar rooms and had similar discussions. And we’re projecting that the marketing guys will win the discussion. Because Bulb is an aggressive marketer that wants to grow in the U.S., like they have in the U.K. and Spain.

That’s why we recommend Bulb instead of Griddy.

Bulb takes the pricing risk for you. Griddy passes all the pricing risk along to its customers

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