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Month to Month Electricity That’s Not Prepaid

Looking for a month to month cheap Texas electricity plan? You’ve found it!

Here are the best options we’ve found for month to month electricity plans that are not prepaid. With variable rate electricity your rate will change every month. But it’s a great option for consumers that don’t want to commit or that need a short term solution.

Variable vs. Fixed Rate Texas Electricity Plans

We usually recommend fixed price plans for our customers. Because summer electricity pricing in Texas is risky business. Most of the electricity used at home is for your A/C. And when it gets hot in Texas, the electricity usage cranks up — and so do prices. A fixed rate plan gives you price certainty and protection against summer price increases.

But here’s the reality.

If you are willing to take a little bit of risk, and not ready to commit, these plans can be a great option.

Especially if you need short term electricity for a project. These plans are great for move-in and move-out on a rental property. They are also great if you just need power for a few months. Or if you just like the flexibility of month to month.

Electricity companies must also publish the rate history for any variable rate electricity plan. So you’ll be able to review their rate history and see if you are comfortable with the price fluctuations you may experience.

Energy Texas offers the best prices for month to month electricity plans that are not prepaid.

In the lists below, we include standard (post paid) electricity plans from providers, plus we include a prepaid month to month plan from Payless Power. Prepaid electricity is great if you have a credit score below 600 and can’t pay a deposit.

Cheap Month to Month Electricity in Houston Area

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Energy Texas Monthly 1 12.5 ¢ Details
TXU Energy TXU Energy Flex Forward 1 16.5 ¢ Details
Payless Power Easy Choice 1 17.6 ¢ Details

Cheap Month to Month Electricity Plans in Fort Worth & Dallas

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Energy Texas Monthly 1 12.4 ¢ Details
TXU Energy TXU Energy Flex Forward 1 14.9 ¢ Details
Payless Power Easy Choice 1 17.3 ¢ Details

Month to Month Electricity Rates in Corpus Christi (AEP-Central)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Energy Texas Energy Texas Monthly 1 12.4 ¢ Details
TXU Energy TXU Energy Flex Forward 1 15.9 ¢ Details
Payless Power Easy Choice 1 17.7 ¢ Details

Shop Month to Month Electricity Rates in Texas

Rate History – Variable Electricity Rates

When you shop for a month to month electricity plan, you can also view the historical prices that their customers have paid on this electricity plan.

That offers you some reassurance on what rates you will pay after your first bill cycle.

Here’s what you must take into account with a variable rate electricity plan:

This price is the price that will be applied during your first billing cycle; this price may change in subsequent months at the sole discretion of <Company.>

So the bad part is, you can sign up for an attractive rate and have it go through the roof the next month. But the good thing is, you can easily find what your next month’s price will be. You can find the price for your next month of electricity just by logging in to your online account with your electricity company. Or just call them and ask.

Read the Electricity Facts Label for the plan. The EFL will show all of the details on how your price can change, where to find historical rates, and where to find your next month’s rate.

Here’s a list of where you can find variable rate history for major providers:

Direct Energy Variable Rate History

First Choice Power Variable Rate History

Green Mountain Energy Variable Rate History

Reliant Energy Variable Rate History

How do Variable and Fixed Rates Compare in Pricing?

Variable rates reflect the current market electricity pricing. Typically, retail electricity companies will look at the number of customers that they have on a variable rate. Their supply team will purchase, or hedge, a one month wholesale contract for that number of customers. That could mean that your rate is significantly higher in the summer.

Most variable rate electricity plans look comparable to fixed rate plans when you are signing up. But, that sign-up offer? That’s only good for the first month of your contract, or until your next meter read. Then you’ll transition onto their standard variable rate plan that could be significantly higher.

Fixed rate plans reflect the cost of a 12-month wholesale electricity contract. These contracts include both summer and winter months, and a risk premium. They could be higher or lower than a variable rate contract.

But again, the variable rate you sign up for is just for that first bill cycle. After that, the rate will change. You can learn more about the differences between Fixed, Variable and Index rates in our other articles.

Moving? Don’t Limit Yourself to Short-Term Electricity Plans

Some consumers think that they need to go on a short term electricity plan if they are moving soon. After all, why enter a contract that you will have to break?

Well go ahead and break your contract. That’s right. We said it.

If you are moving soon, you can sign up for any contract term you want. When you move, just give your electricity company proof of your move, such as a forwarding address for your last bill.

They will automatically waive your early termination penalty if you move. That’s the law.

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