Oncor Provides Electric Utility Service to 10 Million Texas Energy Customers

  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Oncor is the electric utility company that delivers power to over 10 million customers in north, central and west Texas. They are the utility company for 400+ cities in Texas. Headquartered in Dallas, they are the largest transmission and distribution utility in the state.

    Oncor Service Area

    With 120,000 miles of lines and 3 million electricity meters, Oncor provides electricity distribution and transmission services in central and west Texas. Cities served by Oncor electricity delivery include Dallas Fort Worth, Midland, Odessa, Killeen, Waco, Wichita Falls, and Tyler.

    Shop for a Retail Electricity Provider in Oncor

    Oncor is one of the deregulated electricity market areas in Texas. Oncor does not sell electricity, they only deliver it and maintain the poles and wires. When you live in the Oncor territory, you must select a retail electricity provider (REP). You can choose from many over 70 other reputable retail electricity providers that serve the Oncor utility delivery area.

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    Average Electricity Rate in Oncor Area

    • Average electricity rate in Oncor : 17.53¢ per kWh
    • Average electricity usage per month: 937 kWh
    • Average electricity bill in Oncor : $164.26

    Top Ten Best Dallas/Fort Worth Electric Rates for your Home – Oncor

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Champion Energy Services Champ Silver 24 24 15.9 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 36 36 16.0 ¢
    Champion Energy Services Champ Saver 24 24 16.0 ¢
    TriEagle Energy Simple Savings 36 36 16.2 ¢
    OhmConnect Energy TexasConnect 24 24 16.3 ¢
    Rhythm Energy Simply Select 24 24 16.4 ¢
    Frontier Budget Saver 24 24 16.4 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter Lite 24 24 16.5 ¢
    Chariot Energy Solarize 36 36 16.6 ¢
    Veteran Energy Select 24 24 16.6 ¢

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    Shop Oncor Electricity Rates Near You

    Oncor TDU Delivery Charges

    The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) regulates Oncor utility delivery fees. The residential delivery fees update on March 1st and September 1st of each year. These rates are comprised of numerous tariffs that are approved by the PUCT. These fees pay for the maintenance of the poles and wires and meters that service your home. And any system upgrade or repair expenses from storms. The Retail electricity providers (REPs) pass through these Transmission Delivery and Utility (TDU) charges to customers in the monthly electric bill. The charges are the same regardless of who supplies the electricity.

    Current & Historic Oncor TDU Delivery Rates
    Effective DateMonthly Charge$/kWh
    March 1, 2024$4.23$.045403
    September 1, 2023$4.23$.050339
    May 1, 2023 (rate case update)$4.23$.038498
    March 1, 2023$3.42$.035899
    September 1, 2022$3.42$.044076
    March 1, 2022$3.42$.038907
    September 1, 2021$3.42$.041543
    March 1, 2021$3.42$.034928
    September 1, 2020$3.42$.039220
    March 1, 2020$3.42$.035448
    September 1, 2019$3.42$.038447
    March 1, 2019$3.42$.031350
    September 1, 2018$3.49$.038271
    March 1, 2018$5.25$.034556
    September 1, 2017$5.25$.036513
    March 1, 2017$5.25$.032860

    Oncor History

    With roots in Dallas Power & Light (DP&L), Texas Electric Service Company (TESCO), and Texas Power & Light (TP&L), Oncor was created in 2007 when Energy Future Holdings (EFH) purchased a majority stake in TXU and separated Oncor from its other holdings by a ‘Ring-Fence’. This structure was meant to protect Oncor customers from bankruptcy in other EFH holdings. They were privately held by EFH, which declared bankruptcy in April 2014. Most recently, Sempra Energy completed its acquisition of EFH in March 2018. This transaction included EFH’s approximate 80-percent indirect ownership interest in Oncor. The close of the transaction creates a utility holding company with the largest U.S. customer base.

    On November 9, 2017, Oncor and Sharyland closed a significant asset swap agreement. For details on the agreement, read The Oncor/Sharyland Deal: How Customers Will Benefit. For customers, this means that all 54,000 retail Texas Sharyland customers are transitioning to Oncor in early 2018 and will get to take advantage of more favorable electricity delivery rates. This includes the cities of Midland, Big Spring, Stanton, Brady, Celeste, McAllen, and Greenville. All customers were transitioned in January 2018 and received their last electric bill with Sharyland rates. Going forward, customers will see Oncor delivery rates on their bills.

    Oncor Awards and Recognition

    Oncor is a leader in smart grid implementation. Awards include Greentech Media’s Top Ten Utility Smart Grid Deployments in North America, Texas Environmental Excellence Award, and ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence Award.

    Utility Highlights

    As a utility, Oncor Electric is doing everything it can to ensure that electricity customers are experiencing more uptime and less power interruption than ever before. It is also working hard with Retail Electric Providers (REPs) to lower the prices that electricity customers pay each and every month. By implementing more big data ideas into electricity service, Oncor makes it possible for customers everywhere to shrink their electric bills.

    Striving for better efficiency and a lower environmental impact is a huge part of what this utility does every single day. Smarter thinking and better planning are what have made it possible for them to reliably bring power to the Texas State Fair without neglecting the homes of the electricity customers who attend it.

    Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

    Here are some ways Oncor is working to be a better Texas electricity utility:

    • Installation of Advanced Metering Systems. Oncor customers are able to get real-time data on their energy usage. This is a great first step toward making big changes. With tools like Advanced Metering Systems, customers can easily see how much energy they consume. Electricity customers can alter their power usage and create an instant impact on their electric bill with this information.
    • Wildlife rehabilitation. Birds can be a huge burden for electricity utilities, but this utility has a solution. Instead of destroying nesting birds when they find them in or near equipment, they’ve partnered with Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Now they can safely remove, rehabilitate and relocate nesting birds and chicks. Since this partnership began, this utility has saved hundreds of at-risk eggs and chicks.
    • Energy efficiency education. With its “Take a Load Off, Texas” program, Oncor is working diligently to help educate its electricity customers about ways to increase their energy efficiency. Not only does the program provide ample amounts of online education, but customers can also arrange for testing of the real efficiency of their homes. This includes measuring the amount of insulation in attics, verifying that air ducts are properly sealed and that weather-stripping is intact.

    Oncor is a Texas electricity utility with a forward-looking plan for its customers. The Texas company also offers support and incentives for solar panel systems and other types of green energy if that’s in your future.

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