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Payless Power plans are prepaid, no deposit, no credit check electricity plans. Here’s the spoiler alert:

Payless Power fixed rate plan is the best prepaid no deposit electricity plan in Texas.

Basics of No Deposit No Credit Check Electricity

If you want electricity with no deposit, prepaid electricity is the way to go. Especially if your credit score is below 600 or you don’t have ID.

To start service, you’ll pay a small fee into your pre-paid account. That will go toward your electricity usage. When you use up that amount of electricity, your provide automatically recharges your account using your credit card on file.

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Payless Power Plan Review – Fixed Rate Prepaid

The Payless Power’s fixed rate plan gives you the security of a fixed price plan with the convenience of pay-as-you and no credit check. It’s our number one recommendation for no deposit, no credit check electricity.

Having a fixed price for your electricity is a huge bonus for pay-as-you-go power. 

Most prepaid plans will show an attractive rate up front, but they’re month-to-month variable rates. That means the rate changes constantly, usually going higher.

Not so with Payless Power’s fixed rate plans. Whether you pick a 6 month or 12 month plan, your energy rate will stay the same for your whole contract.

Payless Power’s fixed price plan has a simple structure:

  • Daily flat charge under $2/day
  • Fixed price per kWh energy charge
  • Delivery fees passed through at cost from local utility company (flat fee and per kWh charge)
  • Bill credit of $24 in months where you use less than 500 kWh in a 30 day cycle

Payless Power Plan Review – Month to Month Prepaid

Payless Month to Month plan offers the same structure as their fixed rate plan with the same amount up front to start your plan.

After your first bill cycle you could quickly be paying a higher rate and not even notice it, since you won’t receive a monthly bill.

Payless may or may not have the prepaid month to month plan available.

And that’s a good thing. Because we think having a fixed rate prepaid plan is a much better deal for the consumer. So even if you do see a month to month plan offered below? We will always recommend the fixed rate plan from Payless Power.

Payless Power Electricity Rates in Houston Area

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Payless Power Rate Lock 6 6 16.3 ¢
Payless Power Rate Lock 12 12 16.5 ¢

Payless Power Electricity Rates in Dallas Area

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Payless Power Rate Lock 6 6 15.5 ¢
Payless Power Rate Lock 12 12 15.6 ¢

To sign up with Payless Power call: 1-866-934-3451 or enter your zip code to shop for prepaid electricity plans in your area.

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