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Payless Power Offers the Best No Credit Check Electricity Plans in Texas

If you need electricity with no credit check and no deposit, Payless Power is the way to go. Payless Power offers two types of pay as you go power. You can choose from a fixed price 12 month contract, or a month-to-month plan for the most flexibility.

In this article, we’ll compare plans and review Payless Power offers.

Spoiler alert: Payless Power’s fixed price plan, SmarTricity Premier 12, is the best prepaid electricity plan in Texas.

1) About the Payless Power Fixed Price Plan

2) About the Payless Power Month-to-Month Plan

3) Compare Payless Power Fixed Price vs. Month-to-Month Plans

4) How to Use a Prepaid Plan to Build Credit

5) How to Compare Payless Power vs. Plans from Other REPs

Payless Power Fixed Price No Deposit/No Credit Check Prepaid Electricity Plan

The Payless Power SmarTricity Premier 12 plan gives you the security of a fixed price plan with the convenience of pay-as-you and no credit check. We’re glad they called it “Premier” because it’s our number one recommendation for no deposit, no credit check electricity.

Having a fixed price for your electricity is a huge bonus for pay-as-you-go power. Because most prepaid plans will show an attractive rate up front, but they are month-to-month variable rates. And if you read the fine print, you’ll find out they can change your price per kWh after your first billing cycle. You could quickly be paying a higher rate and not even notice it, since you won’t receive a monthly bill.

Payless Power’s fixed price plan has a simple structure:

  • Daily flat rate charge covers your first 17 kWh per day.
  • After the first 17 kWh each day, you’ll pay a fixed price per kWh energy charge. That charge includes your energy charges per kWh plus your delivery charges per kWh.

That fixed price per kWh will say the same for the term of your agreement. That’s rare in no-deposit electricity plans. In fact, we don’t know of another retail energy provider that offers a fixed rate pre-paid plan.

To start service, you’ll pay $69 into your pre-paid account. When you use up that amount of electricity, Payless Power automatically recharges your account using your credit card on file.

Now, the $69 to start service might scare off some people. Why pay that much when other no deposit plans are just $25 or $30 to start service? Believe us — the fixed rate plan and low price per kWh are worth the extra $40 up front. And, it’s not like it’s a deposit — it’s money that goes toward the power you are going to pay for anyway!

Next, we’ll review Payless Power’s month to month plan. (Or just skip over this, since you’ve already got our recommendation!)

Payless Power Month-to-Month No Deposit / No Credit Check Prepaid Electricity Plan

Payless Power’s month-to-month plan, SmarTricity Easy Choice, offers the benefit of no cancellation fee, and a lower minimum account activation payment ($29 minimum pre-payment) compared to their Premier plan.

If you want flexibility and are short on cash right now, this is the best prepaid plan for month-to-month no deposit electricity, to get your lights on right away.

The structure of the month-to-month plan is very similar to their fixed rate plan. You will pay a flat charge per day for your first 17 kWh. And you will pay a charge per kWh for your energy and delivery over 17 kWh.

But, your charge per kWh is higher than with the Premier 12 plan. And, after your first meter read billing cycle, your rate per kWh can change “at the sole discretion of Payless Power.” Translation: they can charge you whatever you want.

So, while this might be might be called the Easy Choice, we think the better choice is the Premier 12 Plan.

Compare Payless Power Fixed Rate vs. Month-to-Month Prepaid Plans

Here are the numbers that prove our point. You can immediately see that the Premier 12 plan is the more affordable option.

Monthly kWhPayless Power Premier 12
Payless Power Easy Choice
Comparison of Payless Power Premier 12 vs. Payless Power Easy Choice CenterPoint (Houston area) October 23, 2019

Locking in that low fixed price per kWh is worth the extra $40 pre-payment ($69 minimum pre-payment for Premier 12 vs. $29 for Easy Choice). And again, it’s not like you are just giving away an extra $40. It’s going into your pre-paid account, to pay for your electricity.

To sign up for either plan with Payless Power call: 1-866-934-3451 or enter your zip code.

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How to Use a Prepaid Electricity Plan to Build Your Credit

Pay as you go power is super convenient. And with a fixed rate plan from Payless Power, you don’t have to worry about your electricity company raising your price every month.

But here’s the added bonus of being smart about managing your pre-paid electricity plan.

Set up your “refills” for your electricity plan to make sure you never get to a zero balance. Then, at the end of the year, you can request a Letter of Credit from Payless Power showing that you have perfect payment history. You can take that Letter of Credit to any other provider and get a waiver of deposit. Yup, Payless Power can help you build your credit.

Here is how to WIN at Prepaid Electricity:

  • Set up auto debit. Never worry about your balance again. Link your electricity account to your checking account, debit or credit card. When you hit a specific balance, your Payless Powery will simply “refill” your account with the amount of month you have specified.
  • Maintain a balance. Regardless of what prepaid plan you use, always monitor your account and maintain a balance so you avoid disconnection.
  • Check your usage. Just because you aren’t getting a bill, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be monitoring your usage and doing what you can to conserve. Payless Power lets you view your usage information online or via your phone.

How to Compare Plans vs. Other REPs

When you compare Payless Power plans to plans from other REPs, it helps to be aware of these three things:

  1. Know your usage
  2. Read the Electricity Facts Label.
  3. Understand Your Credit Score

Here’s why that’s important.

Know Your Usage.  It’s important to know your usage because it impacts your effective rate.  Your usage will be different month to month. And when folks guess their usage, they usually under or over estimate it. We recommend that you go online to your current account and download your usage history.

Read the Electricity Facts Label.  Once you know your usage, shopping is easy. You just need to review the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The EFL will show you the average price at three usage levels — 500, 1000 and 2000 kWh. Always review the EFL details for the plan you are considering. This is especially important with plans that have tiered rates or that have a monthly bill credit or charge.

Understand Your Credit Score.  Most post-paid plans will require a deposit if your credit score is below 600. This deposit is 2 months worth of your estimated electricity bill. The average Texas electricity deposit is around $270. For a small apartment, your deposit could be $150-$170. You can read more about deposits and deposit waivers. If you are concerned about money out of pocket to start your electricity service, pre-paid is a good option.

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