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Rhythm Energy Plan Review

  • Written By: Rebecca Bridges
  • Edited By: Shannon Bedrich

  • Rhythm Energy based in Houston Texas is a great option for your Texas electricity.

    They are out-of-the-box thinkers in a cookie-cutter industry. You can pick your due date, get 100% renewable energy and have satisfaction guaranteed.

    Rhythm Energy Plans Review

    Rhythm Energy Review – Why We Like Rhythm Energy

    We like Rhythm Energy because they have an innovative approach. Here are the four reasons why we recommend Rhythm Energy, whether you pick Two Months Free or one of their other plans.

    1. Their satisfaction guarantee lets you switch away after 30 days if you change your mind, with no penalty.
    2. They’ll pay up to $150 in early termination fees when you switch to them and have to break a contract to switch.
    3. They have pick-your-own-due-date for ultimate flexibility with your budget.
    4. All plans are 100% renewable energy.

    Rhythm Energy PowerShift Plan Review

    Rhythm Energy promotes their PowerShift plan as having “the cheapest daytime rate in Texas.” So what does that mean exactly? It means an opportunity to cash in big-time on shifting your power usage.

    Some electricity companies offer free electricity at certain times, usually nights or weekends. Rhythm took a different approach, and stepped out of the copycat mentality.

    They looked at the reality of the ERCOT wholesale electricity market. Fact is, we have a ton of power during the day, thanks to solar and wind energy. But once the sun goes down, power prices spike.

    Rhythm’s Powershift matches what the ERCOT power grid really does.

    Bottom line? You can get rewarded big time if you pay attention.

    About Rhythm Energy PowerShift

    • Off-Peak power rate gives you the lowest energy rate you’ll find in Texas.
    • On-Peak power is significantly higher priced and runs from 6pm to 10pm.
    • “Seasonal” version of PowerShift, offered in the Oncor market, also includes an On-Peak Seasonal rate to encourage conservation from 6am to 9am in the winter.
    • $9.95 monthly base charge makes this plan more economical for large users.

    Complicated? Absolutely. Easy to follow? Nope. Do they give you the tools to manage it? Yup. You’ll have access to reports that show you how you are using power, and get tips on shifting usage.

    You’ll find a full summary of the plan details on, so you can understand how it works before you sign up.

    Is Rhythm Energy PowerShift Worth It?

    Absolutely. This may be the best time of use plan we’ve seen on the market. As long as you pay attention to how you use power, you can get a great average rate.

    The average price per kWh calculation is based on what time of day the typical consumer uses power. But you can get a better price if you actively shift your usage away from that 4 (or 6) hour period of On-Peak power.

    The biggest way to make this plan worth it? Use your high tech thermostat to pre-cool or pre-warm your house before you get home.

    TIP: Rhythm Energy PowerShift is a great plan if you work from home! Take advantage of a super low daytime rate, and pre-cool your home in the afternoon before the higher rate kicks in.

    Rhythm Energy Electricity Plans in Houston

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Rhythm Simply Select 24 24 16.2 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 36 36 16.4 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 14 14 16.6 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift EV 12 12 17.0 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 12 12 17.1 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift 12 12 17.3 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift Solar Buyback 12 12 19.2 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 6 6 19.6 ¢

    Rhythm Energy Electricity Plans in Dallas

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Rhythm Simply Select 24 24 16.1 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 36 36 16.5 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 14 14 16.6 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift EV Seasonal 12 12 16.7 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 12 12 16.8 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift Seasonal 12 12 17.0 ¢
    Rhythm PowerShift Solar Buyback 12 12 19.1 ¢
    Rhythm Simply Select 6 6 19.8 ¢

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    Rhythm Energy Simply Bright Plan Review

    We always say that sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. That’s the case with Rhythm Energy plans as well.

    Rhythm’s fixed rate plans, called Simply Bright, give you the best pricing. No need to shift your electricity usage or do fancy calculations.

    This is a basic fixed rate electricity plan. There’s no base charge or minimum use fee from Rhythm Energy. You’ll pay the same price per kWh of power that you use, with delivery charges passed through at cost.

    It’s a great way to try Rhythm Energy’s service, which has a 4.8 rating on Google.

    Rhythm Energy Solar Buyback Review

    Rhythm Energy offers a solar buyback plan for homes that are not net-exporters more than 6 months out of the year.

    (Most rooftop solar systems are designed to produce an amount equivalent to the annual usage. You’ll generate less in the winter and more in the summer, but overall it evens out. But if you installed a larger system, you’ll consistently generate more power than you use. If you are a net exporter, it means that your home generates more power that it uses on an annual basis.)

    About Rhythm Solar Buyback Plans

    • Fixed rate for power you sell to the grid.
    • Different rate for power purchased vs. power sold.
    • Solar Buyback Select is for smaller more efficient systems that don’t overproduce more than 6 months out of the year. You pay a reasonable price for the power you use, but get a lower price for what you sell to the grid.

    Is Rhythm Solar Buyback Worth It?

    Rhythm is one of the few electricity providers in Texas that still gives you a fixed rate per kwh to sell power back to the grid.

    (Most of the other retailers have decided the market risk of buying and selling solar power isn’t worth it. They only offer to pay you the market price of electricity.)

    And we love that they have pick your due date and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    Make sure to read the full details to see the price you pay vs. the price you get. And, compare Rhythm solar buyback plans to other solar buyback electricity plans to make sure it’s the best solar buyback plan.

    Rhythm Energy Two Months Free Review

    Note: As of November 2023, Rhythm Energy no longer offers Two Months Free. This review is for historical purposes only. )

    Two Months Free is the plan you’ve heard about from Rhythm Energy. It’s the one on billboards across Texas. And it’s a free electricity plan that’s easy to understand. It’s a 2 year plan. During that 2 years, you will get 2 months of your bills free, 1 per year.

    About Rhythm Two Months Free Plan

    • Free electricity and delivery one month per year during the 2-year contract
    • Your free month is based on your November bill and applied in December.
    • The two months free is not included in the average rate calculation. That means your annualized effective rate will be lower than the advertised price.

    How much free power is Rhythm Energy Two Months Free? Rhythm bases your free month on your November usage. Most consumers use about 5% of their annual power in November. And if you’re like most Texans, you use 14,112 kWh annually, which means you’ll get around 700 kWh free energy and delivery each year.

    Is Rhythm Two Months Free Plan Worth It?

    Whether Two Months Free is worth it depends very much on Rhythm’s pricing strategy.

    If it’s priced in the same ballpark as their fixed rate 24 month plan, it’s a go. Sign up for Two Months Free and enjoy that free month of electricity every year.

    But if it’s priced more than 1/2 a cent higher than their fixed rate plan? Go with their fixed rate.

    Here’s why.

    The average rate for the Two Months Free plan doesn’t include the free month as part of the calculation.

    Sure, they could have done some fancy math to calculate the weighted average reduction in cost on a monthly basis. And then showed some sort of monthly discount in their average rate, to account for the two free months of power. But that’s the kind of thing the Public Utility Commission doesn’t like.

    So if Two Months Free is priced the same as their fixed rate plan, sign up, knowing that your average rate will be lower than advertised, once you include the free power.

    But if it’s more expensive? That free power for one month won’t make up for paying a higher price for the other 11 months.

    Compare this plan to other free electricity plans to make sure it’s the plan for you!

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