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Bethel CT electricity rates are climbing because of recent increases from your local electric utility, Eversource. Your utility rates jumped by 100% from December 2022 to January 2023.

Thanks to deregulation, you don’t have to be a rate payer. You can choose your electricity supplier in Connecticut. Here are the basics on deregulation and cheap electricity rates for Bethel CT.

Connecticut Electricity Choice

Consumers in Connecticut have the ability to choose their electricity supplier. In Bethel, your utility is Eversource. They deliver electricity to your home, handle power emergencies and send your bill. But with deregulation, electricity supply and delivery are separate.

You can choose to buy your power from Eversource. Or you can choose one of the electricity suppliers licensed by the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Agency.

Eversource rates went up dramatically in January 2023. Here’s what you’re paying for your electricity if you don’t shop.

  • Eversource Connecticut residential electricity rates climbed from 12.050¢/kWh to 24.172¢/kWh on January 1, 2023, over a 100% increase.
  • Eversource Conecticut small commercial electricity rates went from 12.250¢/kWh to 23.032¢/kWhon January 1, 2023.

Here are supplier electricity rates for zip code 06801 and the surrounding area.

Residential Electricity Rates in Bethel CT

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Direct Energy Live Brighter 8 8 10.49 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 12.79 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 36 36 12.99 ¢
XOOM Energy SureLock 12 12 13.19 ¢
XOOM Energy SureLock 24 24 13.39 ¢
XOOM Energy RescueLock 12 12 13.89 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 14.09 ¢
Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 15.99 ¢

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TIP: You can cancel any of these contracts with no early termination penalty. Sign up for the cheapest electricity rate. Then check Eversource’s new rates in July 2023. If their prices have dropped below your supplier rate? Switch back to the utility rate with no penalty.

Small business owners in Connecticut can also choose their electricity supplier.

Small business contracts may have an early termination penalty if you cancel early. One option is to look for a short-term electricity plan like 3 or 6 months. Then review the new Eversource rates in July 2023 to see if you can save by switching back.

Business Electricity Rates in Bethel CT

Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
ENGIE 6 Months 6 14.49 ¢
ENGIE 48 Months 48 16.34 ¢
ENGIE 18 Months 18 16.39 ¢
ENGIE 60 Months 60 16.48 ¢
ENGIE 36 Months 36 16.59 ¢
ENGIE 24 Months 24 17.09 ¢
ENGIE 12 Months 12 17.41 ¢

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FAQs About Shopping for Electricity in Bethel CT

What if I change my mind after I switch electricity supplier in Connecticut?

Consumer protection laws in Connecticut are in your favor. If you switch to a competitive electricity supplier and change your mind, you can switch away or go back to the utility without penalty. This protection applies to residential electricity in Connecticut. If you are a business owner, read the details of your contract agreement to find any potential early termination penalty.

How do I pick an electricity supplier in CT?

Picking an electricity supplier in Connecticut is simple. You’ll want to get a copy of your most recent electricity bill or know your account number. Then visit EnergizeCT or a shopping site like ElectricityPlans. Enter your zip code to view available plans. Pick the lowest rate available and enroll your home.

Do I need to tell Eversource Connecticut that I’m switching my electricity to a supplier?

Breaking up with your utility company is easy in Connecticut! When you choose an alternative electricity supplier in CT you don’t need to notify the utility. The switching authority in your area, ISO New England, will handle that. Your electricity switch doesn’t require anyone to come to your home. Your new supplier will be a line item on your utility bill.

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