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Direct Energy Offers Connecticut Businesses & Residents Great Electricity Options, Tools & Plans

Direct Energy is one of the largest electricity, natural gas, and home services providers in North America serving nearly five million customers. Direct Energy is committed to providing Connecticut electricity customers with innovative electricity plan offerings and useful tools to improve energy efficiency.

Why Choose Direct Energy For Electricity Plans In Connecticut

As a Connecticut resident or business, you have the right to shop electricity suppliers to find the plan and provider that’s just right for your home or business. In its full-on effort to energize Connecticut, Direct Energy caters to the specific needs of Connecticut electricity customers, with products and solutions that make sense for your lifestyle, your budget and much more.

As a Connecticut electricity customer, managing your electricity plan costs and choices is easier when you are looking at a provider like Direct Energy. With helpful tools like Direct Your Energy, customers are able to tell what appliances use the most energy and make better decisions about the energy they use.

In addition to offering a wide variety of products and services, Direct Energy gives its Connecticut electricity customers the information and insight they need to make the best energy buying decision for their homes, businesses and the communities in which they live.

Variety of Electricity Plans

As you may know, Connecticut is mostly a deregulated state when it comes to electricity service. This is great news for your home or business, as it means that you have a choice of Connecticut electricity providers, plans and pricing options. Direct Energy Connecticut is a reliable, customer-oriented electric supplier.

Direct Energy offers their Live Brighter family of plans, which is a traditional mix of energy from multiple generation sources. Or pick their “Go Green” plan and get 100% renewable energy.

Comparing Connecticut Electricity Plans From Direct Energy

Direct Energy offers competitive electricity rates. Here are their current plans:

Direct Energy Electricity Plans (Eversource Area)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Direct Energy Live Brighter 8 8 7.39 ¢
Direct Energy Military Live Brighter 18 18 8.19 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 8.39 ¢
Direct Energy Military Live Brighter 12 12 8.59 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 12 8.79 ¢

Direct Energy Electricity Plans (United Illuminating)

Provider Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
Direct Energy Live Brighter 8 8 7.79 ¢
Direct Energy Military Live Brighter 18 18 8.59 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 18 18 8.79 ¢
Direct Energy Military Live Brighter 12 12 8.99 ¢
Direct Energy Live Brighter 36 36 9.09 ¢

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Direct Energy was licensed as a Connecticut electric supplier under Docket No. 06-03-06. Final Decision dated 6/07/06.

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