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  • Written By: Shannon Bedrich
  • Edited By: Rebecca Bridges

  • With deregulation, you don’t have to pay utility rates. You can compare electricity suppliers to get the best electricity rates in Stamford. Thanks to electricity choice in your state, you can shop for the best CT electricity supplier for your home or business energy rates..

    When you compare electricity suppliers in CT, there are certain providers that rise to the top. ElectricityPlans works with a select number of brand name CT energy suppliers.

    Compare Residential Electricity Rates in Stamford

    Plan Name Term Rate/kWh
    Constellation 6 Month Home Power Plan 6 9.59 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 6 6 10.89 ¢
    Constellation 12 Month Home Power Plan 12 11.69 ¢
    Constellation 24 Month Home Power Plan 24 11.99 ¢
    Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan 36 12.29 ¢
    Direct Energy Live Brighter 24 24 13.29 ¢

    Compare this to the current United Illuminating standard offer rate. For Rate R, the most common residential rates, the standard offer rate from July 1 to December 31, 2024 is 11.9101¢ per kWh.

    That rate changes twice a year on January 1st and July 1st. We can’t project where rates are going, but you can take a look at the United Illuminating historic and current Standard Service Rates to see where rates have been.

    A fixed rate plan gives you the benefit of price certainty and stability.

    Shop Stamford CT Residential Electricity Rates

    How to Find the Best Home Electricity Rate in Stamford CT

    The state shopping site, EnergizeCT, shows rates from all energy suppliers in CT. But using ElectricityPlans.com makes it easy to shop for your electricity. Here’s a step by step process to find the best electricity rate for your home.

    There is no early termination penalty allowed for your residential electricity contact in CT. Look for the best rate, no matter the contract term either from the utility or an alternative electricity supplier.

    Time needed: 10 minutes

    How to find best electricity rates in Connecticut

    1. Get a copy of your electricity bill.

      You’ll need your account number from your bill to enroll with a new supplier.

    2. Search electricity rates by zip code.

      Enter your zip code to see CT electricity prices in your area.

    3. Sort results by “Sort Low to High” to have the cheapest electricity plan at the top.

    4. Review electricity plan details.

      Plan details include the rate, the type of plan and the term of the plan. The electricity rate is the price per kWh. For type of plan, you will look for a fixed rate plan. And the term doesn’t matter, since there’s no termination penalty for residential electricity plans.

    5. Enroll with the lowest rate electricity plan for your home.

      We recommend enrolling with the best electricity rate you find. UI will continue to issue your bill, respond in an emergency and answer the phone when you call. So it’s really all about the lowest rate.

    FAQs About Stamford CT Electricity Rates

    What’s the difference between a Stamford electricity supplier and a Stamford electricity provider?

    In Stamford CT, you have a choice of getting your electricity from your utility, United Illuminating, or from an electricity supplier licensed by the state of Connecticut. Electricity supplier and electricity provider mean the same thing. It means that you are choosing to get your power from a source other than the utility. Whether you get power from the utility or a supplier/provider, your utility still bills for service.

    Is there a difference in reliability when I switch to CT energy supplier?

    Simple answer: no, there is no difference in electrical reliability whether you get your supply from the local utility or from an energy supplier. Your local utility company will still roll their trucks if the lights go out in your neighborhood. They don’t pick and choose whose power they restore. You will continue to call the local utility if you have a billing or service question. The only difference is in your bill. Your electricity bill will have

    How do electricity rates in Stamford CT compare to rates across the US?

    According to EIA.gov, the average electricity price in Connecticut is 28.95¢ per kWh (October 2023). The average price of electricity across the USA is 16.21¢ per kWh.

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