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LED Christmas Lights: How Much Will You Save In Energy Costs?

Ho, Ho, Oh No! Use LED Christmas lights this year to keep your electric bill from becoming the ghost of Christmas past come January.

Whether you prefer a light touch or are the next Clark Griswold, holiday lights are a part of our traditions.

For most people, once they start the tradition it continues to grow, year after year. After all, who can pass up the deep discounts at those after-Christmas sales? The only problem with an ever-growing collection of bright holiday cheeriness is that your electric bill will grow right along with your collection of lights.

It’s time to toss out your old strings of lights and other electric decorations. Today’s newer LED Christmas lights cost next to nothing for shining through the holiday season. With LED Christmas lights, you’ll shine through the holidays for a fraction of the cost.

How Much Can I Save By Switching To LED Christmas Lights?

Switching your traditional Christmas lights out with newer LED Christmas lights can save you a surprising amount of money.

If you have a typical modest Christmas display on your home, your energy costs would be approximately $10-$15 for incandescent lights, or around $2 for LEDs for the holiday season. The savings improve with every addition to your holiday display.

For heavy usage where people slow down to see your house, the typical energy costs would be approximately $115 for traditional lights versus $15-$20 for LED lights.

For a jaw-dropping display where people actually make your house a destination to admire your holiday cheer, the costs could be well over $300 with traditional lighting versus a modest $40-$50 with LEDs.

The energy savings on your bills all point toward switching to LED Christmas lights.

They consume 80 to 90 percent less power than compared to incandescent lights, plus they last up to 100,000 hours (around 10 years!). Considering the 3,000 hour average lifespan for incandescent Christmas lights, you’ll save even more by not having to replace your decorations as often.

Tip: Curious to know more about Christmas light bulb types, bulb count by tree height, and LED vs incandescent bulb costs? See the Christmas Lights Guide From Personal Creations for answers to these questions and more!

Other Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

It’s clear that LED holiday lights are the front runner in the competition for economical Christmas decorations, but that’s not the only benefit they have.

For instance:

  • With traditional lights, you can only connect four or five strings of lights together on one outlet, limiting the amount of lights you can safely use in one area. With LED lights you can safely connect 20 plus light strings together. If the ultimate decorations are your holiday dream, LED lights are definitely the safer solution.
  • LED Christmas lights come in a wider range of colors, are generally brighter than incandescent light strings, and even come in strings connected to dimmers for different lighting effects. Look for warm white to recreate the look of incandescent bulbs.
  • LED Christmas lights don’t produce any heat, unlike incandescent bulbs. This means they’re safe for use within reach of children and pets, and pose almost no fire danger in case you have dry trees or grass in your landscape. This is especially true when considering LED bulbs for indoor use on natural trees and decorations also.
  • LED light sets are generally rated to last decades, not just a season or two, meaning you can keep adding to your holiday collection each year instead of merely replacing burned out old versions of the same lights year after year.

The bottom line is that LED Christmas lights are a much improved version of your old holiday light collections, for both inside and out.

Want to save even more on your electricity bill this holiday season? Check your bill and make sure you aren’t paying too much for your electricity. Use our guide to shopping for cheap power for more information.

Best LED Christmas Lights for 2019

The holiday season is always busy. So here’s our wrap up of the top 3 best LED Christmas Lights for 2019, with easy purchase links on Amazon. (As an Amazon Associate, ElectricityPlans.com will earn from qualifying purchases.)

Retro big bulb LED Lights. Want to recreate that look you remember from childhood? Go with big colored outdoor bulbs from GE Energy Smart for your outdoor Christmas decorations. 

Retro big bulb Christmas LED lights C-0 by GE

White LED Lights. White lights are the classic look for your front yard, wrapped around greenery or on your tree. The GE Energy Smart Miniature LED lights have been awarded “best holiday string lights” by The Wirecutter, which reviewed over 100 brands. The warm white light is closest in color to traditional incandescent bulbs lights.

White LED holiday light string miniture lights GE

Fun Snowflake LED Lights. If you’re in a southern climate like us, you make your own snow when you can. These fun snowflake fairy lights are LED, programmable and have 8 different light settings. (They’re in our cart right now. Get your own.)

Snowflake twinkle lights LED christmas lights

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