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CT Electricity Choice – Can You Save on Electricity?

The Connecticut Office of Consumer Counsel recently called for the end of electricity choice in Connecticut. The OCC says electricity choice doesn’t save money. Retailers say you can save. But what’s the reality?

We’ll give you both sides of the argument. We’ll tell you why Connecticut electricity rates are so high. And we’ll show how you really can save on your United Illuminating or Eversource bill when you switch suppliers.

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Business Electricity Basics – Power Up Your Business!

You’re looking for a business electricity plan for your Texas business. But first you need to understand what you’re shopping for and how to compare electricity plans for your business. It helps to know the basics — how to tell a KW from a kWh, delivery fees vs. energy costs, and what are demand charges?  In this article, we’ll demystify the mysteries of business electricity, so you can shop business electricity rates and make the best choice for your commercial electricity plan.

This article assumes that you are familiar with electricity shopping from purchasing it for your home. Need a refresher? Check out What is deregulation? Shopping for business electricity rates is a breeze once you understand a few specific things about business electricity in Texas.

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Power to Choose Alternatives Grow as PUCT Tries New Fixes

Electricity customers in Texas are searching for a Power to Choose alternative. And it’s no wonder. The Texas Power to Choose site has long been called the Power to Confuse. There are hundreds of plans to choose from, multiple rate structures to decipher, and fine print gotchas in most plans. The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) is not happy with the games that retail energy providers are playing. They have publicly blasted electricity providers for taking advantage of consumers. Now they are taking action to address these issues.

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How to Shop for an Electric Supplier in Connecticut

If you’re wondering how to shop for a CT electric supplier, and looking for CT electricity info, you’ve come to the right place!  You can find the best CT electric rates, you just have to know how to shop. We’ll teach you how to compare electricity rates so you can get the benefits of CT electricity deregulation.

When you switch your electric supplier in CT, you’ll benefit from savings versus the standard service rate. You’ll also have the stability of a fixed rate plan over the life of your contract. You can even choose from plans that have green energy, free stuff, or that support a charity.

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Understanding Ohio’s Price To Compare

To promote energy choice in Ohio, the Ohio PUC requires that all utility bills include a Price To Compare disclosure. The intent of including this rate on electric bills is to give electricity shoppers a reference point to determine if an offer from an alternative supplier is a good deal or not. Sounds pretty straight-forward, but have you ever wondered how your Price to Compare is actually calculated and how can you use that information to save money? Read on to learn more about what the Price To Compare number is (and also what it isn’t) so that you can accurately compare apples to apples electricity rates. 

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Electricity Plans: More Than The Best Electric Rate

When you’re shopping for a new or better deal on electricity, your goal is naturally to find the cheapest electricity rate available. Easy enough, right? Actually, there’s more.

Electric suppliers offer many choices when it comes to your electricity options. Customers must consider not only the rate, but also additional features and incentives that go along with the rate. You’re really shopping for an electricity plan. Learning about all of the features included in an electricity plan can help you save on your energy usage, earn rewards, and ultimately save you money.

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What is deregulation?

Efficiency, renewable energy, and deregulation are among the most pressing concerns for utility customers across the country.

Although energy efficiency and using renewable electricity sources are well-understood concepts, electricity deregulation is still cloaked in a great deal of mystery despite having its modern roots in legislation from the early 1990s.

When people talk about electricity deregulation, what they’re really discussing is a process where the electricity generator and the electricity distributor are uncoupled and customers are given the power to choose their own electricity providers. Your local utility will always be the same, even in a deregulated area, but your electricity provider can be anyone certified by your state who offers electricity plans to your city or town.

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