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Smart Home Technology Saves You Money

The Internet of Things (IOT) is not just a buzz word or “millennial thing” anymore. Smart home technology and the IOT is now mainstream. It’s time to put it to work to save money around your home. In this article, we explain what the IOT is. We also highlight three key ways to save money with smart thermostats, smart hubs, and smart lighting.

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7 Tips To Keep Your Electric Bill Off The Naughty List

The holidays are coming and, for most people, that means your electricity usage will go up. This likely means that your holiday electric bills will go up as well.

Between late night festivities, holiday decorations, house guests, and lots of extra activity, utility bills go up almost every holiday season. That doesn’t have to happen, though, if you follow some helpful hints for cutting down on your power usage during these coming holiday weeks.

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9 Cool New Energy Saving Gadgets That Every Smart Home Needs

Tech-savvy homeowners can realize true energy savings by adding smart gadgets that save electricity to their homes.

By upgrading and integrating your home’s smart capabilities, these gadgets allow HVAC, lighting, water, and security systems to use energy more efficiently. Small investments can save you big money. The newest batch of gadgets on the market look good and make your life easier.

Learn more about some of the coolest smart home energy saving gadgets available today. (As an Amazon Associate, will earn from qualifying purchases.)

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Save Energy with Smart Home Technology

We still may not have our flying cars, but when it comes to home technologies, smart homes are fast turning stories into reality. Smart home automation is turning ordinary homes into super efficient showcases, designed to save labor and energy costs all at the same time.

Sure, having an electronic assistant that will turn on your oven and play your favorite songs is cool, but the best part about creating a smart home is the way you’ll lower your energy usage with every smart home addition you make. You don’t have to do a complete makeover in one massive renovation. Start with one piece of technology and add more when they fit your budget.

The savings you’ll realize with each addition will make it easier to speed the process in a surprisingly short amount of time.

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6 Tips For Raising Energy-Smart Kids

You’re aware of the importance of having a small carbon footprint, and do all you can to leave this world a little cleaner while saving money in the process. But what about the next generation? Are you doing all you can to raise your kids in an energy-smart way?

Making your kids energy aware takes more than just nagging them to turn out the lights when they leave the room. Teaching kids to be conscious of the environment will instill good habits that last a lifetime. Try these tips to make saving energy a more fun and natural part of their day.

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12 Ways to Reduce Electricity Costs (2021 Update)

Looking for ways to reduce your electricity costs? Electricity customers should always be on the lookout for cheap electricity plans, but there are more ways to save money than to simply buy your electricity for less.

For most, a combination of lower electricity prices and smarter electricity usage leads to the lowest electricity bills overall. We’ve come up with a list of updated tips (2021 update) to help you save money and conserve electricity so you can make the most of your electricity plan.

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