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Lower Electricity Bill for Pool Owners in TX

Written By: Kelly Bedrich

A backyard pool can be your staycation oasis. But it can also have a big impact on your electricity bill, since pools are energy intensive. There are many ways to reduce the energy use of your pool but the most impactful is how you’re filtering water in your pool and cleaning it. Save money in your backyard this summer by switching to a variable speed pool pump.

How Much Electricity Does a Pool Use?

Wondering how having a pool impacts your electricity bill? Data shows that same-size houses with a pool use 42% more electricity! So the number of watts your pool pump uses is key to cutting your electricity bill as a pool owner.

The amount of electricity your pool pump uses depends on (1) the type of pool pump (2) pool pump watts and (3) length of time running each day.

How much electricity does a standard pool pump use?

A standard pool pump uses between 1500 and 2500 Watts of energy. And it typically runs a minimum of 8 hours a day to circulate and clean water. Assuming a 2000 Watt (approximately 2.5 horsepower) motor running 8 hours a day you will use 480 kWh a month. Here’s the math.

Appliance: Standard Pool Pump (single speed)

Number of Watts:  2000 watts

Hours used per day:  8 hours

2000 watts X 8 hours = 16,000 watt-hours per day

16000 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 16 kWh per day

16 kWh per day * 30 days in a month = 480 kWh per month

How much electricity does a variable speed pool pump use?

You’ll want to switch to a pool pump that gives you water circulation at the lowest wattage level and shortest run time. A variable speed pump uses around 300 watts. Assuming it runs for 8 hours a day, you’ll use just 72 kWh per month with a variable speed pool pump.

Appliance: Variable Speed Pool Pump

Number of Watts:  300 watts

Hours used per day:  8 hours

300 watts X 8 hours = 2,400 watt-hours per day

2,400 watt-hours per day / 1000 = 2.4 kWh per day

2.4 kWh per day * 30 days in a month = 72 kWh per month

How much electricity does a variable speed pool pump save?

Changing from a 2000 watt standard pool pump to 300 watt variable speed pool pump can cut your pool’s electricity usage by 80%. And you can cut your usage even more from there, with some small operating adjustments that we discuss below.

TIP: The folks at Energy.gov recommend reducing your pool filtration time to 6 hours a day versus the standard 8 hours. If the water appears cloudy, bump up your filtration time in 1/2 hour increments until you get it right.

How Variable Speed Pool Pumps Lower Your Electricity Bill

The benefits of variable speed pool pumps include increased energy efficiency, lower electricity bills, and quieter operation. They also tend to last longer than standard pumps, around 12-15 years according to one source, so you’ll save money in the long run as well.

There are three ways a variable speed pool pump lowers your electricity bill.

First, variable speed pumps operate at a lower speed most of the time, which uses less energy. They can ramp up to a higher speed when necessary, such as when you need to backwash your filter or run your pool cleaner.

Second, variable speed pumps use a smaller amount of energy (watts) to maintain the desired flow rate. This means that variable speed pumps are much more efficient than traditional pumps, which often use more energy than necessary.

Third, variable speed pumps usually have multiple programmable speeds and a built in timer. This lets you customize your pool pump’s run time, speed of circulation and the time of day when you run it.

This is especially important if you have a free nights electricity plan or an electricity plan for pool owners, like OhmConnect PoolConnect electricity plan. You can schedule your pool filtration when electricity is free or discounted.

What’s the Best Electricity Plan for Pool Owners?

The biggest way to save on your electricity bill when you have a pool? Pick the best electricity plan.

Our friends at OhmConnect have created the perfect electricity plan for pool owners in Texas: PoolConnect 12.

This plan gives you half price energy charge from 6am to 1:59pm every day.

Run your pool pump for 6-8 hours every morning at a lower electricity price. That gives you real savings on your electricity bill for pool owners.

Shop TX Electricity Plans for Pool Owners

How to Switch from Standard to Variable Speed Pool Pump

The process of switching your pool pump from a standard pool pump to a variable speed pool pump is not a DIY project (unless you have electrical experience). It requires finding a pool professional.

According to Homeadvisor, it will cost between $700 to $1500 to install a new variable speed pool pump. That’s in addition to the cost itself, which ranges from $750 to $2000.

The installer will not only install the new pump, they’ll also calibrate the new pool pump to circulate water at the lowest speed possible. That will help ensure your pool pump operates efficiently.

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